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Source Monster Core pg. 216
Leshies are intelligent plant creatures who guard areas of primeval wilderness or earthly power. Originally created by powerful fey, they manifest when a skilled practitioner of primal magic—typically a druid— combines a nature spirit with a body carefully grown and crafted from local vegetation. The rites and materials required to create a leshy vary depending on the type of leshy. They are typically given life in an area of great natural significance, such as an arboreal's grove, a druidic circle, a fairy ring, or a great natural wonder.


Fungus Leshy (Creature 2), Gourd Leshy (Creature 1), Leaf Leshy (Creature 0)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Dead Leshies

When a leshy dies, their body explodes in a wave of vegetation as their spirit returns to the natural world. Though leshy spirits called into new bodies after death typically keep only vague recollections of their pasts, they retain many of the values and habits of their former life.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Friends in the Forest

Because of their relative frailty, leaf leshies frequently act as liaisons and call upon more powerful forest guardians when their domains are threatened. Nymphs, sprites, and other goodly fey may respond to the call of a leaf leshy, as may arboreals and other plant creatures.