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Appendix 2: Kingdoms / Running a Kingdom / Upkeep Phase

Step 4: Pay Consumption

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 538
Your settlements and armies require a certain amount of provisions, supplies, and funding, as well as all the basic necessities of life.

On your first Kingdom turn, your kingdom's Consumption score is 0; skip to the next step. On all other turns, calculate your kingdom's Consumption score. This is the total of your settlements' Consumption scores plus your armies' Consumption scores minus the number of Farmland hexes you have within influence range of your settlements, plus any modifiers from kingdom events.

Kingdom Consumption = settlement Consumption total + army Consumption total – Farmland hexes influenced by settlements + modifiers from kingdom events

Spend Food Commodities equal to your kingdom's Consumption. If you can't or choose not to spend this Commodity cost, you can either spend 5 RP per point of unpaid Consumption or increase Unrest by 1d4.