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BlackaxeItem 25

Unique Artifact Cursed Evocation Primal 
Source Bestiary pg. 313
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 2
Base Weapon Greataxe
This potent weapon used by Treerazer is a +4 greater corrosive major striking obsidian greataxe that grants a +4 item bonus to attack rolls, deals an extra 2d6 damage to plants, and has the properties of adamantine.

Activate (divination, scrying); Requirements You aren't wielding Blackaxe and you are its true owner. ; Effect You sense the world around Blackaxe as though you were in its location and can use any of your innate spells through the link as if it were the source of the spell. If another creature is wielding Blackaxe, it must succeed at a DC 50 Will save or be slowed 2 until it relinquishes the weapon.

Activate command (conjuration, teleportation); Requirements You aren't wielding Blackaxe and you are its true owner.; Effect Blackaxe appears in your hands, teleporting instantly from its prior location.

Activate command (death, healing, necromancy); Frequency once per minute; Effect Make a Strike against a living tree with Blackaxe. If it hits, the tree withers to ash and you heal 250 Hit Points and gain the benefit of restoration (6th) and restore senses.