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Chapter 3: Classes / Reading Class Entries

Key Attribute

Source Player Core pg. 91
This is the attribute modifier that a member of your class cares about the most. Many of your most useful and powerful abilities are tied to this attribute in some way.

For instance, this is the attribute modifier you'll use to determine the Difficulty Class (DC) associated with your character's class features and feats. This is called your class DC. If your character is a member of a spellcasting class, this key attribute is used to calculate spell DCs and similar values.

Most classes are associated with one key attribute modifier, but some allow you to choose from two options. For instance, if you're a fighter, you can choose either Strength or Dexterity as your key attribute. A fighter who chooses Strength will excel in hand?to?hand combat, while those who choose Dexterity prefer ranged or finesse weapons.

Additionally, when you choose your character's class, they gain an attribute boost to their key attribute modifier, increasing that attribute modifier by 2. For more about attribute boosts, see page 19.