Source Core Rulebook pg. 635 4.0
This magic comes from the primal tradition, connecting to the natural world and instinct. Anything with this trait is magical.


Change Shape, Energy Emanation




Arboreal Staff, Barding of the Zephyr, Barkskin Potion, Berserker's Cloak, Blackaxe, Boastful Hunter, Bower Fruit, Broken Tusk Pendant, Chaos Collar, Cloak of Gnawing Leaves, Cloak of the False Foe, Collar of Empathy, Collar of Inconspicuousness, Druid's Crown, Druid's Vestments, Elder Seed, Fleshgem, Horseshoes of Speed, Hosteling Statuette, Mantle of the Grogrisant, Panacea Fruit, Phoenix Cinder, Primeval Mistletoe, Raven Band, Ring of the Tiger, Rowan Rifle, Scale of Igroon, Shadewither Key, Shadowed Scale, the Jungle Secret, Swarmform Collar, Swiftmount Saddle, Tiger's Claw, Tome of Scintillating Sleet, Toshigami Blossom, Ursine Avenger Hood, Verdant Branch, Waverider Barding, Wildwood Ink, Wolfjaw Armor


Animal Rage, Animal Skin, Aquatic Adaptation, Bear Empathy, Beastmaster Bond, Beastmaster's Call, Blazing Aura, Call Ursine Ally, Curse of the Saumen Kar, Dragon Transformation, Dragon's Rage Wings, Eerie Proclamation, Energize Wings, Fey Life, Fey's Trickery, Frostbite Runes, Giant's Stature, Glory and Valor!, Hydraulic Deflection, Hydraulic Maneuvers, Implement's Flight, Invoke the Elements, Long-Nosed Form, Morphic Manipulation, Pact of Fey Glamour, Primal Evolution, Project Persona, Rat Form, Rehydration, Ritual Reversion, Root to Life, Scion Transformation, Sheltering Cave, Soaring Flight, Tidal Shield, Unbreakable Bond, Ursine Avenger Form, Water Strider, Wings of Air


Mogaru's Breath


Grisantian Lion , Grogrisant


Mother's Blessing