Source Core Rulebook pg. 636 4.0
An effect with the sonic trait functions only if it makes sound, meaning it has no effect in an area of silence or in a vacuum. This is different from an auditory spell, which is effective only if the target can hear it. A sonic effect might deal sonic damage. A creature with this trait has a magical connection to powerful sound.


Batsbreath Cane, Horn of Blasting, Popdust, Resonant Guitar, Resonating Ammunition, Resonating Fork, Roaring Potion, Shatterstone, Sonic Tuning Mace, Thunderblast Slippers, Thundering, Thunderstone, Wand of Thundering Echoes


Cross the Final Horizon, Discordant Voice, Heaven's Thunder, Skyseeker, Spirit's Anguish, Storm Spiral, Thunder Clap

Focus Spells

Cry of Destruction, Pied Piping, Thunderburst, Thunderous Strike, Victory Cry


Buzzing Latch Rune, Phantom Bells, Shattering Rune


Biting Words, Concordant Choir, Dirge of Remembrance, Echoing Weapon, Haunting Hymn, Ignite Fireworks, Painful Vibrations, Percussive Impact, Phantom Orchestra, Seashell of Stolen Sound, Shatter, Signal Skyrocket, Sonata Span, Sound Burst