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PFS StandardAbsorb Toxin Feat 9

Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 121 2.0
Prerequisites You are not immune to diseases or poisons
Trigger You attempt a saving throw against a disease or poison effect that affects an area.

Your skin readily absorbs poison and can consciously draw toxins into your body to spare others. Attempt a counteract check against the triggering effect; your counteract level equals half your level (rounded up), and for the roll use either your class DC –10 or your spellcasting ability modifier plus your spellcasting proficiency bonus. If you counteract the triggering effect, you end the effect for all other creatures in the area; however, you must still save against the effect with a –2 penalty to the initial save.



Gripplis are a family of frog-like humanoids. Gripplis craft and use these weapons.