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PFS StandardChirurgeon

Legacy Content

Source Core Rulebook pg. 73 4.0
You concentrate on healing others with alchemy. You start with the formulas for two common 1st-level alchemical elixirs with the healing trait (like lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, or minor elixir of life), in addition to your other formulas.

You can use your proficiency rank in Crafting for anything that requires a proficiency rank in Medicine (such as prerequisites), and use your Crafting modifier in place of your Medicine modifier for all Medicine checks.

Field DiscoveryLevel 5

When using advanced alchemy to make elixirs with the healing trait during your daily preparations, you can create three elixirs with each batch of reagents instead of two.

Perpetual InfusionsLevel 7

Choose two 1st-level elixirs with the healing trait. If a creature heals Hit Points from a perpetual infusion, that creature is temporarily immune to healing Hit Points from subsequent perpetual infusions for 10 minutes (but not immune to any other effects of those infusions).

Perpetual PotencyLevel 11

Choose two 6th-level or lower elixirs with the healing trait.

Greater Field DiscoveryLevel 13

When you use Quick Alchemy to create any type of elixir of life, the creature drinking the elixir gains the maximum Hit Points possible for that elixir, instead of rolling to determine the number of Hit Points regained.

Perpetual PerfectionLevel 17

Choose two 11th-level or lower elixirs with the healing trait.