Source Core Rulebook pg. 550 4.0
An injury poison is activated by applying it to a weapon or ammunition, and it affects the target of the first Strike made using the poisoned item. If that Strike is a success and deals piercing or slashing damage, the target must attempt a saving throw against the poison. On a failed Strike, the target is unaffected, but the poison remains on the weapon and you can try again. On a critical failure, or if the Strike fails to deal slashing or piercing damage for some other reason, the poison is spent but the target is unaffected.


Achaekek's Kiss, Antipode Oil, Black Adder Venom, Black Smear Poison, Blisterwort, Brightshade, Cerulean Scourge, Choleric Contagion, Clown Monarch, Clubhead Poison, Curare, Cytillesh Oil, Dancing Lamentation, Death Knell Powder, Eldritch Flare, False Hope, Giant Centipede Venom, Giant Scorpion Venom, Giant Wasp Venom, Graveroot, Hunting Spider Venom, Leadenleg, Lethargy Poison, Lifeblight Residue, Mage Bane, Necrobinding Serum, Oblivion Essence, Pale Fade, Pummel-Growth Toxin, Purple Worm Venom, Scarlet Mist, Shadow Essence, Sloughing Toxin, Smother Shroud, Spear Frog Poison, Spell-Eating Pitch, Stupor Poison, Unending Itch, Warpwobble Poison, Weeping Midnight, Wyvern Poison, Zerk