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Astral PlanePlane

Subjective Gravity Timeless 
Source GM Core pg. 177
Category Transitive Planes
Divinities Alseta, Apsu
Native Inhabitants shades (untethered), shining children
The Silver Sea surrounds the planes of the Inner Sphere, separating them from those of the Outer Sphere. The Astral Plane provides the backdrop against which the River of Souls flows from the Universe, ushering departed spirits toward the Boneyard for final judgment. Far from an empty void, the Astral’s silver substance churns with currents and storms from the metaphysical heat of the Plane of Fire, and where it touches the chaos of the Maelstrom, the resulting eddies interact with the memories of the dead to produce fleeting simulacra and even demiplanes.

The River of Souls draws the attention of soul-hunting daemons and opportunistic night hags like sharks drawn to the scent of blood. Led by psychopomps, a cross section of nearly every type of celestial and monitor in existence, along with some fiends, defends the proper flow of souls against such predators. Running opposite the River of Souls is the flow of raw quintessence spun off from the so-called Antipode, channeled by aeons back toward the Creation’s Forge.

Travelers within the Astral find the plane untouched by the passage of time, a property exploited by many mortals fearing old age. Time, however, isn’t easily escaped, and upon exiting the Astral Plane, a creature finds this debt catching up to them, potentially aging to dust in moments.