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Champion Focus Spells

Champion 1st-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardLay on Hands (nec)HU: Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch.
PFS StandardTouch of Corruption (nec)HU: You infuse the target with negative energy.

Champion 3rd-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardLitany Against Wrath (evo)HU: Your litany rails against the sin of wrath, punishing the target for attacking good creatures.

Champion 5th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardLitany against Sloth (evo)U: Your litany rails against the sin of sloth, interfering with the target’s ability to react.
PFS StandardLitany of Self-Interest (enc)HU: You give a speech that fills your target with a drive to improve themself to the exclusion of assisting others.

Champion 6th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardChampion's Sacrifice (abj)U: You form a link with an ally, allowing you to take harm in their stead.

Champion 7th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardLitany of Depravity (evo)HU: Your litany calls into question the morals your foe claims to hold dear.
PFS StandardLitany of Righteousness (evo)HU: Your litany denounces an evildoer, rendering it susceptible to the powers of good.

Champion 10th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardHero's Defiance (nec)U: You shout in defiance, filling you with a sudden burst of healing.