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PFS StandardThe Silent Whisper

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 20
Every mind murmurs constantly, and the static from those nearby reverberates in your head like wind through leaves. What better focus for your magic then, than the very thoughts of those around you? Your versatile telepathic abilities let you soothe and communicate with your allies or control your enemies.

1st: mindlink; 2nd: touch of idiocy; 3rd: heroism; 4th: telepathy; 5th: synaptic pulse, sending; 7th: visions of danger; 8th: uncontrollable dance; 9th: telepathic demand
Standard Psi Cantrips daze and message
Unique Psi Cantrips surface: forbidden thought; deeper: shatter mind; deepest: contagious idea


You can daze from a great distance. The range increases to 120 feet. Your daze also gains the following amp.

Amp Your spell cracks the target's mental defenses, leaving it susceptible to further psychic attack. The spell's damage changes to 1d10. If the target fails its Will save, until the end of its next turn, it gains weakness 1 to mental damage and takes a –1 status penalty to Will saves. On a critical failure, the weakness is 3 (in addition to the target being stunned 1). The weakness applies before daze deals damage.
Amp Heightened (+2) The spell's damage increases by 2d10, and the weakness on a failure or critical failure increases by 1.


Your message is not so easily bound by obstacles. The spell can travel up to 120 feet to reach the target, bending around walls and obstacles; this means you don't need a straight line of effect or line of sight to cast message as long as you know the target's space and there is an unblocked path of 120 feet or less that can reach them. It also gains the following amp.

Amp Your telepathic message allows you to coordinate your actions while you pass on information. The target of the message can immediately spend its reaction to Step or Stride.
Amp Heightened (4th) The target of the message can choose to Shove, Strike, or Trip with its reaction instead.