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PFS StandardThorned Rose

Source Impossible Lands pg. 36
Your beautiful petals and seemingly smooth skin hide silent barbs to pierce the unwary. Your body is covered with wickedly sharp thorns to discourage those that might prey upon you. You gain the Wicked Thorns reaction.

Wicked Thorns [reaction]

Source Impossible Lands pg. 36
Frequency once per day
Trigger You're hit with an unarmed Strike or a Strike with a non-reach melee weapon.
Several of your thorns break off and hook into your attacker's body. You deal 1d8 piercing damage to the triggering creature. It attempts a basic Reflex save against the higher of your class DC or spell DC. On a critical failure, the creature also takes 1d4 persistent bleed damage as your thorns embed in its flesh.

At 3rd level, and every 2 levels thereafter, this damage increases by 1d8, and the persistent piercing damage increases by 1.

Feats Requiring Thorned Rose...

Murderous Thorns