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PFS StandardElemental ZoneSpell 2

Legacy Content

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 104 1.1
Traditions arcane, primal
Spell List elemental
Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal
Range 120 feet; Area 20-foot radius burst
Duration 1 minute
Select an elemental trait: air, earth, fire, or water. Elemental zone gains the trait you chose. You imbue the area with the raw energy of that element, creating a zone that emits and amplifies magic of that type. The temperature might suddenly rise or fall, a storm cloud might form, and so on. Spells with the chosen elemental trait cast against creatures in the zone get a +2 status bonus to one damage type the spell deals based on the chosen trait: bludgeoning or electricity for air, bludgeoning for earth, fire for fire, and bludgeoning or cold for water. The caster chooses one type to add the bonus to if the spell deals more than one eligible type. This bonus is halved if the spell didn't use a spell slot (such as a cantrip, focus spell, or innate spell).

The zone has no effect on the spell if the spell doesn't deal any damage of an eligible type.

Elemental Spell Changes

Source Rage of Elements pg. 55
Add metal (electricity or slashing damage) and wood (bludgeoning or vitality damage) to the choices.

    Heightened (+2) The status bonus increases by 1.