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Chapter 3: Archetypes

Alchemical Archetypes

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 150 2.0
Some archetypes give you abilities to use alchemy in a similar manner to an alchemist and say that you get the basic alchemy benefits. This means you get the Alchemical Crafting feat, infused reagents (a pool of reagents usable to make alchemical items), and advanced alchemy (allowing you to make alchemical items during your daily preparations without the normal cost or time expenditure). The individual archetype might impose special restrictions or benefits, or adjust the number of reagents you get or your advanced alchemy level. The rules for these are in the Alchemical Crafting feat, and rules for infused reagents and advanced alchemy are in the alchemist class section.

If you gain infused reagents from more than one source, you use the highest number of reagents to determine your pool rather than adding them together. For instance, at 2nd level an alchemist with a +4 Intelligence modifier would normally get six batches of infused reagents per day from the class, and a character with the Herbalist Dedication feat would normally get two batches. A character who is both an alchemist and an herbalist has six batches—the higher number from alchemist—but is able to use them for abilities in the class or the archetype. Your advanced alchemy level always depends on which ability you're using. In the example above, the herbalist's advanced alchemy level for their herbalist abilities is 1st, though it's 2nd for alchemist abilities.