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Messenger's RingItem 9+

Enchantment Invested Magical 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 613 4.0
Usage worn; Bulk
This silver signet ring changes to match the insignia of a lord or organization you serve (or your own face, if you serve no one else). It grants you a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy checks and lets you cast message as an arcane innate spell at will.

Activate 1 minute (envision) Frequency once per day; Effect The ring casts animal messenger to your specification. The animal is a magical creature that springs from the ring, and its appearance suits the iconography or heraldry of the lord or organization represented by the ring.

PFS StandardMessenger's RingItem 9

Source Core Rulebook pg. 613 4.0
Price 700 gp

PFS StandardMessenger's Ring (Greater)Item 17

Source Core Rulebook pg. 613 4.0
Price 13,500 gp
The ring grants a +3 bonus and can be activated in an additional way.

Activate [three-actions] command Frequency once per hour; Effect The ring casts sending to your specifications.