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Source GM Core pg. 180
Category Outer Sphere Planes
Divinities dwarven pantheon, Easivra, empyreal lords, Erastil, Iomedae, Shizuru, Torag, Tsukiyo
Native Inhabitants archons, shades (the elect)
The great mountain of Heaven is the realm of structured benevolence made manifest. Organized into seven tiers, the mountain’s solid appearance is actually malleable, making way for a vast assemblage of varied environments to accommodate both its own celestials and the souls who migrate there. Devoted to defending the innocent and crusading against the wicked, Heaven’s archons marshal into vast armies, commanded by their empyreal lords. Angels collaborate with the archon legions but typically act in more direct service to Heaven’s resident deities, with Iomedae, Erastil, and Torag the most prominent among them.

Shades known as the elect manifest at the mountain’s base, and their subsequent climb up the seemingly endless, unreachable heights is both a literal and figurative journey. Progress is about personal growth and spiritual purification as the shades grow more and more attuned to the plane. Likewise, progress from one layer to the next is often impossible without permission from the archons or spiritual alignment with Heaven itself. Most visitors arrive at the city of Heaven’s Shore, a place open to both traders and to pilgrims of good intent. Access beyond its heavily guarded walls is difficult, to say nothing of scaling the mountain. At its pinnacle is the Garden, Heaven’s ultimate layer. Unattended and empty, the Garden is a beautiful, transcendent mystery even to its resident deities and the source of the plane’s call of self-perfection to its shades.