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PFS StandardWater

Source Rage of Elements pg. 14

Impulse Feats

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Elemental BlastLevel 1

1d8 bludgeoning or cold, 30 feet

Impulse Junction (Single Gate)Level 1

After the impulse's other effects, you can move one creature targeted by the impulse or in its area 5 feet in any direction, or 10 feet if it's in a body of water. This can't move the creature into the air. You can choose only a creature that's willing to be moved, that failed its save against the impulse, or that you succeeded at an impulse attack roll against.

Gate JunctionLevel 5

Critical Blast The blast deals 2 splash damage per damage die of the blast, with the same damage type.
Elemental Resistance fire, water
Aura Junction The aura becomes saturated with humidity, and water moves as you please. Non-magical fires in the aura are extinguished, and creatures in the aura gain fire resistance equal to half your level.
Skill Junction Athletics, Underwater Marauder