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Reading an Eidolon Entry

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 58 1.1
An eidolon entry contains the following information, followed by a description of the eidolon's initial ability and abilities gained from the eidolon symbiosis and eidolon transcendence class features.

Tradition This is the eidolon's corresponding magical tradition, which determines the type of magic you can cast.
Traits All eidolons have the eidolon trait, and each type of eidolon has additional traits. They all appear in this entry.
Alignment You choose your eidolon's alignment, abiding by any alignment restrictions listed here. Your eidolon's alignment has no impact on your own.
Home Plane This is the eidolon's home plane, where it goes when unmanifested. This can help you determine the effects of abilities dependent on a creature's home plane, such as banishment.
Size This is the eidolon's starting Size.
Suggested Attacks This entry suggests forms that the eidolon's attacks might take (see Unarmed Attacks above).
Eidolon Array Choose from one of two arrays for your eidolon. This choice sets its ability scores, as well as the form of its defenses, as represented by an item bonus to AC and its Dexterity cap. For instance, a demon eidolon can have the wrecker array, with a higher Strength and item bonus to AC, or be a tempter, with a higher Charisma and Dexterity cap. The appearance of the eidolon's protection can be anything you choose that fits the eidolon: armor, scales, tough hide, a mystical aura of deflection, and so on. Though each eidolon has two arrays in this book, it's possible for other varieties to appear elsewhere.
Skills These are the skills that the eidolon has taught you, or that you learned as part of linking with your eidolon. You are trained in these skills, and the eidolon shares this proficiency as normal for its skills.
Senses This entry, if present, lists your eidolon's special senses. If this entry is not present, the eidolon has senses like a human's.
Language This is the eidolon's starting language. You know this language, in addition to the other languages you know normally. Your eidolon doesn't gain any additional languages based on its Intelligence modifier, but it can speak all the same languages you can.
Speed This entry lists your eidolon's Speeds.
Eidolon Abilities The eidolon starts with an initial ability, gains the symbiosis ability when you gain the eidolon symbiosis class feature, and gains the transcendence ability when you gain the eidolon transcendence class feature.