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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure / Wands

Casting Spells from a Wand

Source Core Rulebook pg. 597 3.0
A wand contains a spell that can be cast once per day. Casting a spell from a wand requires holding the wand in one hand and activating the item with a Cast a Spell activity using the normal number of actions for the spell.

To cast a spell from a wand, it must be on your spell list. Because you’re the one casting the spell, use your spell attack roll and spell DC. The spell is of your tradition.

A spell cast from a wand doesn’t require physical material components, but you must replace any material component normally required to cast the spell with a somatic component. If the spell requires a focus, you must still have that focus to cast the spell from a wand, and if the spell has a cost, you must still pay that cost to cast the spell from a wand.

Overcharging a Wand

Source Core Rulebook pg. 597 3.0
After the spell is cast from the wand for the day, you can cast it one more time—overcharging the wand at the risk of destroying it. Cast the Spell again, then roll a DC 10 flat check. On a success, the wand is broken. On a failure, the wand is destroyed. If anyone tries to overcharge a wand when it's already been overcharged that day, the wand is automatically destroyed (even if it had been repaired) and no spell is cast.