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PFS StandardFindeladlara (The Guiding Hand) [CG]

Source Pathfinder #189: Dreamers of the Nameless Spires pg. 73, Gods & Magic pg. 128 2.0
Findeladlara is the ancient elven goddess of art and architecture, who teaches the value of preservation, art, buildings and, most importantly, life. She assumed the twilight portfolio to guide her most fervent worshippers to safety in the wake of Earthfall, after they remained on Golarion to build shelters in her name for the survivors of the cataclysm.

Category Elven Gods
Edicts Preserve art and architecture, bless and secure households, inspire and aid others with your works
Anathema Break laws of hospitality, knowingly allow a guest to bring harm to your family
Areas of Concern twilight and traditional art and architecture
Follower Alignments NG, CG, N, CN
Pantheons Elven Pantheon

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Intelligence or Charisma
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Crafting
Favored Weapon staff
Domains cities, creation, family, star
Cleric Spells 1st: illusory object, 4th: creation, 7th: magnificent mansion