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Primal Tradition

Source Core Rulebook pg. 299 4.0
An instinctual connection to and faith in the world, the cycle of day and night, the turning of the seasons, and the natural selection of predator and prey drive the primal tradition. Druids are the most iconic primal spellcasters, calling upon the magic of nature through deep faith and a connection to the plants and animals around them, and primal sorcerers call upon their fey or beast blood to harness the same natural energies.

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Primal Cantrips

PFS StandardAcid Splash (evo)H: You splash a glob of acid that splatters your target and nearby creatures.
PFS StandardApproximate (div): Magically estimate the number of nearby objects.
PFS StandardDancing Lights (evo): Create four floating lights you can move.
PFS StandardDetect Magic (div)H: Sense whether magic is nearby.
PFS StandardDisrupt Undead (nec)H: Damage undead with positive energy.
PFS StandardElectric Arc (evo)H: Zap one or two creatures with lightning.
PFS StandardGale Blast (evo)H: Damage and push adjacent creatures with air.
PFS StandardGouging Claw (tra)H: Morph your limb into a claw and attack with it.
PFS StandardGuidance (div): Divine guidance improves one roll.
PFS StandardHealing Plaster (tra)H: Transform mud into a healing plaster to treat wounds without healer's tools.
PFS LimitedInside Ropes (con)HSU: You pull a large handful of guts from your midsection.
PFS LimitedInvoke True Name (enc)R: You speak the true name of a creature to more surely affect it with your magic.
PFS StandardKnow Direction (div)H: Find true north.
PFS StandardLight (evo)H: Make an object glow.
PFS StandardPrestidigitation (evo): Perform a minor magical trick.
PFS StandardProduce Flame (evo)H: Kindle small flames to attack close or at range.
PFS StandardProtect Companion (abj)H: Shield your eidolon or minion from harm.
PFS StandardPuff of Poison (evo)H: Exhale toxins to poison a foe.
PFS StandardRay of Frost (evo)H: Damage a creature with cold.
PFS StandardRead Aura (div)H: Detect if an object is magical, and determine the school of its magic.
PFS StandardScatter Scree (evo)H: Evoke rocks to deal bludgeoning damage and make rocky difficult terrain.
PFS StandardSigil (tra)H: Leave a magical mark.
PFS StandardSpout (evo)H: Batter creatures with a water blast that is larger if cast in a body of water.
PFS StandardStabilize (nec): Stabilize a dying creature.
PFS StandardTame (enc)H: Make a domesticated animal friendlier to you.
PFS StandardTanglefoot (con)H: Conjure a vine to entangle a creature.

Primal 1st-Level Spells

PFS StandardAcidic Burst (evo)H: You create a shell of acid around yourself that immediately bursts outward.
PFS StandardAir Bubble (con): React to create air for a creature to breathe.
PFS LimitedAirburst (evo)HSU: A blast of wind wildly pushes everything nearby.
PFS StandardAlarm (abj)H: Be alerted if a creature enters a warded area.
PFS StandardAnimal Allies (con)H: Summon animals to briefly attack adjacent foes.
PFS StandardAnt Haul (tra): Target can carry more.
PFS LimitedAqueous Blast (evo)HRS: You evoke a mass of water into the air around your outstretched fist.
PFS StandardBreadcrumbs (abj)H: Make a trail behind a creature.
PFS LimitedBriny Bolt (evo)H: You hurl a bolt of saltwater from your extended hand.
PFS StandardBuffeting Winds (evo)H: You release a quick burst of wind that batters your living opponents without causing them lasting harm, while also blowing undead away.
PFS StandardBurning Hands (evo)H: A small cone of flame rushes from your hands.
PFS StandardCharm (enc)H: A creature becomes more friendly to you.
PFS StandardChilling Spray (evo)H: Icy shards fly out from you in a cone.
PFS StandardCreate Water (con): Conjure 2 gallons of water.
PFS StandardDetect Poison (div)HU: Determine whether an object or creature is poisonous or venomous.
PFS LimitedElysian Whimsy (enc)SU: You overwhelm the target with an unexpected and unpredictable desire if it fails a Will save.
PFS StandardFear (enc)H: Frighten a creature, possibly making it flee.
PFS StandardFeather Fall (abj): React to slow a creature’s fall.
PFS StandardFleet Step (tra): Make your Speed much faster.
PFS StandardGoblin Pox (nec): Infect a creature with goblin pox.
PFS StandardGrease (con): Coat a surface or object in slippery grease.
PFS LimitedGritty Wheeze (evo)HSU: You exhale desiccating grit and sand in a small cloud.
PFS StandardGust of Wind (evo): Wind blows out fires and knocks back objects and creatures.
PFS StandardHeal (nec)H: Positive energy heals the living or harms the undead, either a single creature or all in a burst.
PFS StandardHelpful Steps (con)H: You call forth a ladder or staircase to help you reach greater heights.
PFS StandardHorizon Thunder Sphere (evo)H: Gather energy and throw a ball of lightning.
PFS StandardHydraulic Push (evo)H: Damage and push a creature with a blast of water.
PFS LimitedInkshot (con)HRS: A spray of viscous, toxic ink jets from your fingertip to strike a target creature in the face.
PFS StandardJump (tra)H: Make an impressive leap.
PFS StandardJuvenile Companion (tra)H: Turn your companion into its juvenile form.
PFS StandardLongstrider (tra)H: Increase your Speed for an hour.
PFS StandardLose the Path (ill): React to impede and possibly divert a Stride.
PFS StandardMagic Fang (tra): Make a creature's unarmed attacks magical temporarily.
PFS StandardMagic Stone (nec): Make ordinary stones into magical sling bullets that are especially dangerous to undead.
PFS StandardMending (tra)H: Repair one non-magical item.
PFS StandardMud Pit (con): Conjure mud to slow movement.
PFS StandardNegate Aroma (abj)H: Suppress a creature’s scent.
PFS LimitedNettleskin (tra)HSU: Thorns sprout from your body; they pass through and don't damage any clothing or armor you wear.
PFS StandardNoxious Vapors (evo)H: Form a toxic cloud that poisons and sickens.
PFS StandardPass Without Trace (abj)H: Make your tracks hard to find.
PFS LimitedPersonal Rain Cloud (evo)HSU: You conjure a 5-foot-wide rain cloud that follows the target wherever it goes.
PFS StandardPest Form (tra)H: Turn into a nonthreatening animal.
PFS StandardPet Cache (con): Hide a familiar or animal companion in a pocket dimension.
PFS StandardProtector Tree (con)H: Conjure a tree that takes damage instead of adjacent allies.
PFS StandardPummeling Rubble (evo)H: Hurl a cone of rocks to batter creatures.
PFS StandardPurify Food and Drink (nec): Make beverages and meals safe.
PFS StandardPurifying Icicle (evo)HU: You evoke life essence into the form of water and freeze it, then launch the icicle at a foe.
PFS LimitedPutrefy Food and Drink (nec)H: You cause otherwise edible food to rot and spoil instantly, and water and other liquids to become brackish and undrinkable.
PFS StandardQuick Sort (tra)H: Automatically sort many objects.
PFS StandardRestyle (tra): Make permanent style changes to clothing.
PFS LimitedScorching Blast (evo)HRS: You evoke a mass of fire into the air around your outstretched fist.
PFS LimitedScouring Sand (evo)HSU: You blast the area with grit that scours away soil and gets into creatures’ eyes.
PFS StandardSeashell of Stolen Sound (div): Copy a sound in a magical seashell.
PFS StandardShattering Gem (abj)H: A large gem floats around the target in an erratic pattern.
PFS StandardShillelagh (tra): Make a club or staff temporarily magical, and deal more damage to unnatural creatures.
PFS StandardShocking Grasp (evo)H: Zap a creature with electricity.
PFS StandardShockwave (evo)H: You create a wave of energy that ripples through the earth.
PFS StandardSnowball (evo)H: You throw a magically propelled and chilled ball of dense snow.
PFS StandardSpider Sting (nec): Damage a creature and afflict it with spider venom.
PFS StandardSummon Animal (con)H: Conjure an animal to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSummon Fey (con)H: Conjure a fey to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSummon Plant or Fungus (con)H: Conjure a plant or fungus to fight on your behalf.
PFS LimitedSwampcall (tra)HSU: You call upon the spirits of the soil to twist and churn, transforming the terrain in the targeted area into a sodden mess.
PFS StandardSynchronize (div)H: Place sigils on your targets that flash at a prespecified time.
PFS StandardTether (abj)H: You use magical chains, vines, or other tethers to bind your target to you.
PFS StandardVentriloquism (ill)H: Throw your voice.
PFS LimitedVerdant Sprout (con)HSU: You imbue a single ordinary, inexpensive plant seed with primal energy and throw it onto a surface, where it gradually sprouts into a Medium plant.
PFS LimitedVerminous Lure (tra)SU: Upon casting, the target emits a musk that's captivating to certain animals.

Primal 2nd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAcid Arrow (evo)H: Magical arrow deals acid damage persistently.
PFS LimitedAdvanced Scurvy (nec): Your touch afflicts the target with an advanced form of scurvy, a mariner's disease stemming from improper nutrition.
PFS StandardAnimal Form (tra)H: Turn into a dangerous animal.
PFS StandardAnimal Messenger (enc): Send a Tiny animal to deliver a message.
PFS StandardAsh Cloud (con)H: Summon a cloud of hot ash and smoke.
PFS StandardBarkskin (abj)H: Target's skin is covered in protective bark.
PFS LimitedBlazing Blade (con)HRS: A scimitar-shaped beam of fiery light springs from your free hand.
PFS LimitedBone Spray (nec)HSU: You fire a torrent of jagged bone shards from your hands.
PFS LimitedBoneshaker (nec)HSU: You reach out a hand and seize a creature's skeleton from afar, harming their body and potentially wrenching them by the bones to move them against their will.
PFS LimitedBralani Referendum (evo)HSU: You enforce fair play with punishing zephyrs.
PFS LimitedBreath of Drought (evo)HSU: You fill the area with an oppressive, arid swelter that overwhelms creatures with heat exhaustion.
PFS LimitedClawsong (tra)HSU: You sing a fierce prayer, low and growling, and awaken the ancient spirit of a Terwa beast to guide and strengthen the target's unarmed blows.
PFS StandardContinual Flame (evo)H: A magical flame burns indefinitely.
PFS StandardCreate Food (con)H: Conjure food that can feed multiple creatures.
PFS StandardDancing Shield (evo)HU: You levitate the touched shield and orbit it around a nearby ally.
PFS StandardDarkness (evo)H: Suppress all light in an area.
PFS StandardDarkvision (div)H: See in the dark.
PFS StandardDeafness (nec): Make a creature deaf.
PFS StandardDismantle (tra)H: Temporarily disassemble an object into its components.
PFS StandardDispel Magic (abj): End a spell or suppress an item's magic.
PFS StandardElemental Zone (evo)H: Make one element more damaging within a zone.
PFS StandardEndure Elements (abj)H: Protect a creature from severe cold or heat.
PFS StandardEnhance Victuals (tra)H: Improve food or drink and remove poisons.
PFS StandardEnlarge (tra)H: A creature grows in size.
PFS StandardEntangle (tra): Plants and fungi in an area grow to entangle and immobilize.
PFS StandardErase Trail (abj)HU: You drastically reduce all signs of one specific creature's passage from the area, including footprints, handprints, dirt, and minor changes caused to the surrounding environment, like the bending of grass.
PFS StandardExpeditious Excavation (tra)H: You remove loose dirt, dust, gravel, sand, and the like from the area.
PFS StandardExtract Poison (abj): Draw out poison from an object and make your next attack poisonous.
PFS StandardFaerie Fire (evo): Colorful light prevents creatures from being concealed or invisible.
PFS LimitedFear the Sun (tra)HSU: You cause the creature's vision to become particularly sensitive.
PFS StandardFeast of Ashes (nec)H: You curse the target with a hunger no food can sate.
PFS StandardFeral Shades (nec)H: A cone of hound-shaped shades tear creatures apart.
PFS StandardFinal Sacrifice (evo)H: Channel energy to blow up your minion.
PFS StandardFlame Wisp (evo)H: Fire wisps damage those you strike, and more grow if you cast fire spells.
PFS StandardFlaming Sphere (evo)H: A ball of fire rolls about at your command.
PFS StandardFungal Hyphae (nec)H: Thin hyphae grow from your feet and plunge into the earth.
PFS StandardFungal Infestation (con)H: Plant poisonous fungal growths in a creature.
PFS StandardGentle Repose (nec)H: A corpse doesn't decay and can't become undead.
PFS StandardGlitterdust (evo): Sparkling dust breaks invisibility and impedes vision.
PFS StandardGuiding Star (div): Constellations nudge the target to travel to a location you choose.
PFS StandardHeat Metal (evo)H: Make metal red hot.
PFS StandardHumanoid Form (tra)H: Take the shape of a humanoid.
PFS StandardIgnite Fireworks (evo)H: Throw exploding fireworks.
PFS LimitedImpart Empathy (enc)HSU: You expand the target's ability to understand social cues that are normally beyond its comprehension.
PFS StandardInstant Armor (con): Set a contingency to return your armor to you.
PFS StandardIron Gut (tra)H: Your mouth, esophagus, and stomach become incredibly elastic and tougher than metal.
PFS StandardLock Item (abj)HU: One object held by a creature becomes fused to that creature's hand and can't be put down.
PFS StandardLoose Time's Arrow (tra): Boost a group of creature's movement through time
PFS StandardMagnetic Attraction (evo): Pull items with magnetism, even disarming metal weapons.
PFS StandardMagnetic Repulsion (abj)H: Push metal away, defending against metal weapons and armored foes.
PFS StandardObscuring Mist (con): Conceal creatures in a cloud of mist.
PFS LimitedPack Attack (div)HSU: You and one other target gain an uncanny coordination that helps you take down foes.
PFS StandardPhantom Steed (con)H: Conjure a magical horse.
PFS StandardQuench (abj)H: Put out fires and hurt fire creatures.
PFS LimitedRadiant Field (evo)HSU: You create an area of bright light.
PFS StandardRapid Adaptation (tra): Adapt your companion or eidolon to your environment.
PFS StandardReaper's Lantern (nec): A ghostly lantern diminishes healing for the living and weakens undead.
PFS StandardRemove Fear (enc)H: Free a creature from its fright.
PFS StandardRemove Paralysis (nec)H: Free a creature from paralysis.
PFS StandardResist Energy (abj)H: Protect a creature from one type of energy damage.
PFS StandardRestoration (nec)H: Reduce a condition or lessen a toxin.
PFS StandardRestore Senses (nec)H: Remove a blinding or deafening effect.
PFS LimitedRime Slick (evo)HSU: You call down a chill wind.
PFS StandardScorching Ray (evo)H: Fire one to three rays of heat and flame at different foes.
PFS LimitedSea Surge (evo)SU: You slap or stomp on a nearby solid or liquid surface, sending a surge of water rushing away from you.
PFS StandardShape Wood (tra): Reshape unworked wood as you choose.
PFS StandardShatter (evo)H: Shatter an object with a high-frequency sonic attack.
PFS StandardShrink (tra)H: Reduce a willing creature to Tiny size.
PFS StandardSlough Skin (nec): You continually and harmlessly slough off the top layer of your skin while new skin regenerates immediately.
PFS StandardSpeak with Animals (div): Communicate with animals.
PFS StandardSpider Climb (tra)H: Give a creature a climb Speed.
PFS StandardStatus (div)H: Keep track of a willing creature's location and well-being.
PFS StandardSudden Blight (nec)H: Decay living creatures and plants.
PFS LimitedSudden Bolt (evo)HSU: You call down a small bolt of lightning on the target
PFS StandardSummon Elemental (con)H: Conjure an elemental to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSummoner's Precaution (nec): Set a contingency to avoid being knocked out alongside your eidolon.
PFS StandardSummoner's Visage (tra)H: Change your eidolon to cosmetically appear to be your identical twin.
PFS StandardThundering Dominance (enc)H: Make your companion or eidolon intimidating and let it emit a sonic roar.
PFS StandardTree Shape (tra): Turn into a tree.
PFS StandardVomit Swarm (evo)H: Vermin erupt in a cone from your mouth, biting and stinging creatures.
PFS StandardWater Breathing (tra)H: Allow creatures to breathe underwater.
PFS StandardWater Walk (tra)H: Buoy a creature so it can walk on water.
PFS StandardWeb (con)H: Form a web that keeps creatures from moving.
Worm's Repast (nec)HRS: Gnawing worms materialize within the flesh of the target creature.

Primal 3rd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAnimal Vision (div): Project your senses through an animal.
PFS StandardAqueous Orb (con): Roll a ball of water to put out fires and engulf creatures.
PFS StandardBlazing Dive (evo)H: Fly up, then dive in an explosion of superheated air.
PFS StandardBlindness (nec): Strike a target blind.
PFS StandardBottomless Stomach (con)H: Store things in a creature's stomach.
Caster's Imposition (abj)HSU: A magical interference prevents the target from contributing to any form of cooperative spellcasting.
PFS StandardCrashing Wave (evo)H: Smash a cone of water against foes.
PFS StandardCup of Dust (nec)H: You curse the target with a thirst no drink can quench.
PFS StandardCurse of Lost Time (tra)H: Artificially erode or age a target.
PFS StandardDay's Weight (tra)H: Use time magic to fatigue a creature.
PFS StandardDividing Trench (tra)HU: You dig an earthen trench across the surrounding terrain, which must be soil, clay, sand, or other soft earth, but not flooring or stone.
PFS StandardEarthbind (tra): Bring a flying creature to the ground.
PFS StandardElemental Absorption (abj)H: Resist elemental effects and then release the energy against a foe.
PFS StandardElemental Annihilation Wave (evo)H: Draw in elemental energy to unleash a cone of burning destruction.
PFS StandardEnvenom Companion (nec)H: Make your companion's attacks toxic.
PFS StandardFamiliar's Face (div): Implant your senses in your animal companion or familiar.
PFS LimitedFar Sight (div)SU: You can see distant objects as if they were closer.
PFS StandardFeet to Fins (tra)H: Turn a creature's feet into fins, enabling it swim but slowing it on land.
PFS StandardFireball (evo)H: An explosion of fire in an area burns creatures.
PFS LimitedGasping Marsh (evo)SU: With a rattling hiss, you create a quickly evaporating mist of invisible poisonous marsh gas to smother creatures in the area.
PFS StandardGlyph of Warding (abj): Store a spell in a symbol to make a trap.
PFS StandardHaste (tra)H: Speed up a creature so it can attack or move more often.
PFS StandardInsect Form (tra)H: Turn into a dangerous giant insect.
PFS StandardLife Connection (nec): Set a contingency to take damage for an ally.
PFS StandardLife Pact (nec)HU: Using your life force or spirit as a conduit, you bind the targets in a mystical pact.
PFS StandardLightning Bolt (evo)H: Lightning strikes all creatures in a line.
PFS StandardMad Monkeys (con): Monkey spirits make mischief.
PFS StandardMagnetic Acceleration (evo)H: Magnetically launch an item to attack a foe.
PFS StandardMartyr's Intervention (nec)U: You shield a creature in dire need with your own life force, taking the harm upon yourself to save their life.
PFS StandardMeld into Stone (tra): Meld into a block of stone.
PFS StandardMind of Menace (enc): Set a contingency to punish a foe's mental effect and protect yourself from it.
PFS LimitedMoonlight Ray (evo)HSU: You unleash a holy beam of freezing moonlight.
PFS StandardMoth's Supper (nec)H: Your breath becomes ominous moths that detect nearby bloodshed and restore your vitality
PFS StandardNeutralize Poison (nec): Cure a poison afflicting a creature.
PFS StandardNondetection (abj)U: Protect a creature or object from detection.
PFS StandardOneiric Mire (ill): Create illusory quicksand that tricks creatures into thinking they're stuck.
PFS StandardOrgansight (div)H: See a foe's organs, and use your knowledge to deal precision damage.
PFS LimitedPainted Scout (div)HSU: You press your hand to the stone, causing hand-drawn scouts to spread out from your fingers.
PFS LimitedPillar of Water (evo)SU: You create a large, self-contained cylinder of still fresh water
PFS StandardPositive Attunement (nec)H: Attune a creature to the Positive Energy Plane, healing a living creature or damaging an undead.
PFS StandardRemove Disease (nec): Cure a disease afflicting a creature.
PFS StandardSafe Passage (abj)H: Make an area safe to move through.
PFS StandardSearing Light (evo)H: A ray of burning light deals extra damage to undead and counteracts darkness.
PFS StandardShadow Spy (nec): A bird made of shadows and soil keeps watch over an area
PFS StandardShifting Sand (tra)H: You cause the surface to heave.
PFS StandardShow the Way (div)H: You and affected allies gain preternatural knowledge of the path ahead, allowing you to intuit the best way forward and avoid potential obstacles.
PFS StandardSlow (tra)H: Make a creature slower, reducing its actions.
PFS StandardSoothing Blossoms (con): Flowers assist recovery from persistent damage and afflictions.
PFS StandardStinking Cloud (con): Form a cloud that sickens creatures.
PFS StandardThreefold Aspect (tra): Switch between versions of yourself at different ages.
PFS LimitedUnseasonable Squall (evo)SU: You issue a blast of sudden wind that ripples outward from the center of the burst.
PFS LimitedWall of Radiance (evo)HSU: You form a wall of brilliant light that obscures creatures.
PFS StandardWall of Thorns (con)H: Grow a wall of brambles.
PFS StandardWall of Water (con): Create a wall of water, forcing foes to swim through.
PFS StandardWall of Wind (evo): Create a wall of gusting winds that hinders movement and ranged attacks.
PFS StandardWarding Aggression (abj): Strike an enemy to improve your defense against it, and extend the spell with further attacks.
PFS StandardWeb of Eyes (div): Put scrying sensors on creatures, allowing them to share their vision with others.

Primal 4th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAerial Form (tra)H: Turn into a flying combatant.
PFS StandardAir Walk (tra): Walk on air as though it were solid ground.
PFS StandardBestial Curse (tra): Make a humanoid take on features of a beast.
PFS StandardBloodspray Curse (nec)H: Curse a foe with deeper wounds and bleeding.
PFS StandardBursting Bloom (con)HU: You cause a rose bush to sprout from the chest of a foe, bursting out of its body and wrapping it in thorned vines.
PFS LimitedCall the Blood (nec)HSU: With a word and gesture, you cause streams of blood to erupt from the target's mouth, nostrils, ears, or other facial openings and come rushing into your mouth.
PFS LimitedCloak of Light (nec)HSU: You surround yourself in holy light that restores the living and rebuffs undead.
PFS LimitedCompel True Name (enc)R: You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
PFS StandardCoral Eruption (con)H: Create damaging areas of razor-sharp coral.
PFS StandardCountless Eyes (div): Cause magical eyes to appear all over a creature's body.
PFS StandardCreation (con)H: Make a temporary object.
PFS StandardDinosaur Form (tra)H: Turn into a dinosaur.
PFS StandardDraw the Lightning (evo)H: Call down lightning into you or a weapon.
PFS StandardElemental Gift (tra)H: Infuse an ally with one of the four elements.
PFS LimitedElephant Form (tra)HSU: You channel the primal forces of nature to transform into a Large battle form, specifically that of a powerful and terrifying elephant or similar creature, such as a mammoth, mastodon, or anancus.
PFS StandardEnhance Senses (div)HU: You enhance the target's senses.
PFS StandardFey Form (tra): Turn into a fey battle form.
PFS StandardFire Shield (evo)H: Flames protect you from cold and harm those that touch you.
PFS StandardFly (tra)H: Cause the target creature to gain a fly Speed.
PFS StandardFreedom of Movement (abj): A creature overcomes hindrances to its movement.
PFS StandardGaseous Form (tra): Turn a willing creature into a flying cloud.
PFS StandardHallucinatory Terrain (ill)HU: A natural environment appears to be another kind of terrain.
PFS StandardHydraulic Torrent (evo)H: Force creatures back with a damaging line of water.
PFS StandardIce Storm (evo)H: Call a storm cloud that pelts creatures with hail.
PFS LimitedMovanic Glimmer (enc)HSU: You give the target animal a glimmer of awareness, not truly awakening it but allowing it to better understand its surroundings.
PFS StandardMurderous Vine (con)H: Grab a creature with a vine.
PFS StandardOcular Overload (ill): Set a contingency to interfere with the vision of a creature attacking you.
PFS StandardPetal Storm (con)H: A storm of razor-sharp petals slash creatures in the area.
PFS StandardRadiant Beam (evo)HU: You fire a beam of blinding light from your outstretched hands.
Radiant Heart of Devotion (con)HSU: You speak a fervent prayer for the heavens to assist you and your righteous allies.
PFS StandardReflective Scales (abj)H: You grow a set of colored glowing scales or scaled armor that stores energy before releasing it in a final burst.
PFS StandardRusting Grasp (tra)H: Rapidly rust metal.
PFS StandardShape Stone (tra): Reshape a cube of stone.
PFS StandardSoft Landing (abj): Create a magical field that catches falling creatures and objects
PFS StandardSolid Fog (con): Conjure heavy fog that obscures sight and is hard to move through.
PFS StandardSoothing Spring (nec)H: Create a rejuvenating hot spring that heals the wounded and tired.
PFS StandardSpeak with Plants (div): Communicate with plants and plant creatures.
PFS StandardSpike Stones (con)H: Grow sharp spikes out of the ground.
PFS StandardStoneskin (abj)H: Harden a creature's skin into durable stone.
PFS LimitedSwarming Wasp Stings (nec)SU: You manifest a swarm of disembodied wasp stingers that stab creatures in the area, possibly poisoning them.
PFS StandardTortoise and the Hare (tra): Quicken an ally and slow a foe.
PFS StandardVital Beacon (nec)H: Radiate vitality that heals creatures that touch you.
PFS StandardWall of Fire (evo)H: Create a blazing wall burns creatures that pass through.
PFS StandardWeapon Storm (evo)H: Multiply a weapon you hold and attack many creatures with it.

Primal 5th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAcid Storm (evo)H: You evoke a storm of acid rain that pelts the area for the spell’s duration.
PFS StandardBanishment (abj)H: Send a creature back to its home plane.
PFS LimitedBlackfinger's Blades (tra)SU: You pray for swift and painful death to your enemies and find your and your allies' weapons blessed to deliver just that.
PFS StandardBlazing Fissure (evo)H: Rip a crack of magma in the earth.
PFS StandardBlessing of Defiance (abj): Boost one of an ally's defenses.
PFS StandardBlinding Foam (evo)HU: You spray a colorful, caustic foam into the target's eyes, which clings to their face.
PFS StandardBlister (nec)H: Grow large blisters on a creature and pop them to spray acid.
PFS StandardChameleon Coat (ill)H: Camouflage creatures to match their environment.
PFS StandardCloudkill (nec)H: Poison creatures in a cloud that moves away from you.
PFS StandardCone of Cold (evo)H: Bitter cold damages creatures in a cone.
PFS StandardControl Water (evo): Raise or lower water in a large area.
PFS StandardDeath Ward (abj): Protect a creature against negative energy.
PFS StandardDesperate Repair (tra)U: You hold a shield together with the power of your magic, forcing wood and steel to fuse back together.
PFS StandardElemental Form (tra)H: Turn into an elemental.
PFS StandardFlammable Fumes (con)H: Conjure poisonous fumes that can explode in flame.
PFS StandardFlowing Strike (evo): Flow on a wave and attack on the way.
PFS StandardGeyser (evo)H: Blast foes upward with superheated water, causing them to fall and leaving concealing fog.
PFS LimitedGlimmer of Charm (enc): Briefly improve the attitude of nearby creatures with a charming aura.
PFS StandardGrisly Growths (tra)H: A creature grows excess limbs and organs, sickening those who witness the transformation.
PFS StandardHealing Well (nec)H: Create a well that you and your allies can use to heal.
PFS StandardImpaling Spike (con)H: Skewer a creature with a cold iron spike.
PFS LimitedIncendiary Fog (con)RS: You summon a cloud of flammable black dust.
PFS LimitedLashunta's Life Bubble (abj)HSU: You create a replenishing protective bubble of fresh, temperate air around the target.
PFS StandardLightning Storm (evo)H: Create clouds and repeatedly call down lightning bolts.
PFS StandardMantle of the Frozen Heart (tra): Morph your body with ice, which you can change during the spell.
PFS StandardMantle of the Magma Heart (tra): Morph yourself with fire, which you can change during the spell.
PFS StandardMariner's Curse (nec): Infect a creature with the curse of the rolling sea.
PFS StandardMoon Frenzy (tra)H: Give willing creatures fangs and claws, and send them into a frenzy.
PFS StandardPasswall (con)HU: Form an earthen tunnel through a wall.
PFS LimitedPillars of Sand (con)HSU: Create pillars of sand.
PFS StandardPlant Form (tra)H: Turn into a dangerous plant creature.
Ravening Maw (nec)HSU: You evoke Zevgavizeb’s unceasing hunger and inflict it upon your target.
Ritual Obstruction (abj)SU: You establish a zone of magical feedback that makes it impossible to succeed at rituals of this spell's level or lower in the area.
PFS LimitedSoulshelter Vessel (nec)HSU: You connect the spirit of the target creature with the target object, giving their spirit a durable vessel that protects and empowers their body.
PFS LimitedStormburst (evo)HSU: Your voice projects like cracking thunder as you summon a localized storm, creating a fearsome surge of lightning and wind.
PFS StandardSummon Giant (con)H: Conjure a giant to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSummon Healing Servitor (nec)HU: You call forth a servitor forged from raw positive energy to heal and bolster your allies.
PFS StandardTemporary Glyph (abj): Quickly scribe a short-lived glyph to blast foes.
PFS StandardTransmute Rock and Mud (tra)H: Turn an area of rock into mud or vice versa.
PFS StandardTree Stride (con)HU: Teleport from tree to tree.
PFS StandardWall of Flesh (nec): Spawn a wall of living flesh.
PFS StandardWall of Ice (evo)H: Sculpt a foot-thick wall of ice that blocks sight and can chill creatures.
PFS StandardWall of Stone (con)H: Shape a wall of stone.
PFS LimitedWyvern Sting (nec)SU: You duplicate the venomous sting of a wyvern.

Primal 6th-Level Spells

PFS StandardBaleful Polymorph (tra): Transform a creature into a harmless animal.
PFS StandardBlanket of Stars (ill): A cloak of darkness hides you in the dark and dazzles those who get too close.
PFS StandardBlinding Fury (enc): Curse a creature that attacks you, making its victims become invisible to it.
PFS LimitedCatch Your Name (div)R: You learn a private name (but not the true name) of the creature who spoke your name, as well as their precise location, unless they succeed at a Will save to negate the effect.
PFS StandardChain Lightning (evo)H: Lightning jumps from creature to creature.
PFS StandardDragon Form (tra)H: Turn into a dragon.
PFS StandardElemental Confluence (con): Summon a confluence of elementals of all four elements.
PFS StandardField of Life (nec)H: Create a positive energy field that heals those within.
PFS StandardFire Seeds (evo)H: Make four explosive acorns.
PFS StandardFlame Vortex (evo)H: Invoke a moving tornado of fire and wind.
PFS StandardFlesh to Stone (tra): Turn a living creature into a stone statue.
Hag's Fruit (tra)SU: You imbue a single piece of fruit with a curse that leaves its victims in a magical sleep.
PFS StandardHalcyon Infusion (div)HR: You infuse magical energy into your target, opening up their mind to the pathways of magic and granting them the ability to use magic to affect the world around them.
PFS StandardNature's Reprisal (tra)H: Anger plant life to slow and damage creatures.
PFS StandardNecrotize (nec)H: Necrotize a foe's body, harming and randomly debilitating them.
PFS StandardPurple Worm Sting (nec): Damage a creature and infect it with purple worm venom.
PFS StandardRose's Thorns (con)HU: Rose bushes with razor-sharp thorns sprout from the ground in the area.
PFS StandardScintillating Safeguard (abj)H: Reactively protect multiple creatures from harm with a magic barrier.
PFS StandardStone Tell (evo)U: Speak to spirits within natural stone.
PFS StandardStone to Flesh (tra): Turn a creature turned to stone back to flesh.
PFS StandardTangling Creepers (con): Entangle creatures in a burst and concentrate to lash out with immobilizing vines.
PFS StandardTrue Seeing (div): See through illusions and transmutations.

Primal 7th-Level Spells

Blightburn Blast (evo)SU: Inflict a creature with blightburn sickness.
PFS LimitedControl Sand (evo)HSU: Manipulate sand around you.
PFS StandardCorrosive Body (tra)H: Turn your body into living acid.
PFS StandardCosmic Form (tra): Turn into a battle form based on the sun or moon.
PFS StandardEclipse Burst (nec)H: A globe of freezing darkness explodes in the area.
PFS StandardEnergy Aegis (abj)H: A creature gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
PFS StandardFiery Body (tra)H: Turn your body into living flame.
PFS StandardFinger of Death (nec)H: Point at a creature to deal negative damage and possibly kill it instantly.
PFS StandardFrigid Flurry (evo)H: Turn into slashing snowflakes and fly in a straight line.
PFS StandardMask of Terror (ill)H: A creature’s fearsome illusory appearance frightens observers.
PFS LimitedMoonburst (evo)HSU: A powerful globe of chilling moonlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures and objects in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.
PFS StandardPlane Shift (con)U: Transport creatures to another plane of existence.
PFS StandardRegenerate (nec)H: Cause a creature to heal over time, regrow organs, and reattach body parts.
PFS StandardSunburst (evo)H: A globe of sunlight deals fire damage, hurts undead, and overcomes darkness.
PFS StandardUnfettered Pack (abj)H: Let creatures avoid environmental hindrances.
PFS StandardVolcanic Eruption (evo)H: Cause massive lava sprays that burn creatures and encase them in rock.

Primal 8th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAll is One, One is All (nec)R: You meld the targets' matter and life force into one and then, in an instant, sift them back out into their component selves.
PFS StandardBoil Blood (evo)H: Boil a foe's blood.
PFS StandardBurning Blossoms (enc)H: A tree fascinates enemies and burns creatures that stay beneath it.
PFS StandardClone Companion (con): Create a duplicate animal companion that mirrors your companion's actions.
PFS LimitedDeluge (evo)HSU: You unleash a catastrophic downpour in the area that vanishes an instant later.
PFS StandardEarthquake (evo)H: Shake the ground with a devastating earthquake.
PFS StandardHorrid Wilting (nec)H: Pull moisture from creatures, damaging them.
PFS StandardMoment of Renewal (nec): Give a day's recovery in an instant.
PFS StandardMonstrosity Form (tra)H: Turn into a powerful monster.
PFS StandardPolar Ray (evo)H: Bitter cold damages and drains a creature.
PFS StandardPunishing Winds (evo): A cyclone inhibits fight and traps creatures.
PFS StandardWhirlwind (evo)H: Create a moving tornado to damage creatures and raise them into the air.
PFS StandardWind Walk (tra): Turn creatures into swift-moving clouds.

Primal 9th-Level Spells

PFS StandardDisjunction (abj)U: Deactivate or destroy a magic item.
PFS StandardImplosion (evo)H: Make a creature collapse in on itself.
PFS LimitedLinnorm Sting (nec)SU: You replicate the fiery venom of the tor linnorm and inflict an enemy with the dread dragon's debilitating bite.
PFS StandardMassacre (nec)H: Instantly kill multiple creatures.
PFS StandardMeteor Swarm (evo)H: Call down four blazing meteors that explode.
PFS StandardNature's Enmity (enc): Turn animals, plants, and weather against creatures of your choice.
PFS StandardOne with the Land (tra): Merge into a natural feature to control the nearby environment.
PFS StandardShapechange (tra): Transform into a form of your choice repeatedly.
PFS StandardStorm of Vengeance (evo)H: Create a massive, dangerous storm.
PFS LimitedUpheaval (con)SU: The ground in the area shudders and crumbles as huge pillars of stone erupt into the air, rending the terrain around them.

Primal 10th-Level Spells

PFS StandardCataclysm (evo): Call an instant, damaging cataclysm.
PFS LimitedDinosaur Fort (con)RS: You conjure a primeval fort with walls of sharpened wood adorned with dinosaur skin and teeth, up to 300 feet on a side.
PFS StandardElement Embodied (tra): Turn into a massive elemental.
PFS StandardFated Confrontation (div): Isolate two fated opponents and let them twist each other's fate.
PFS StandardIndestructibility (abj): Become briefly immune to everything.
PFS StandardNature Incarnate (tra): Turn into a massive avatar of nature.
PFS LimitedNullify (abj): React to automatically counteract a spell and take backlash damage.
PFS StandardPrimal Herd (tra): Transform willing creatures into mammoths.
PFS StandardPrimal Phenomenon (div): Request for nature to duplicate primal spells.
PFS StandardRemake (con)U: Recreate a destroyed object.
PFS StandardRevival (nec): Heal creatures in an area and return the dead to life temporarily.
PFS StandardSummon Kaiju (con)R: Summon an incarnate kaiju with effects depending on the specific kaiju.