Source Core Rulebook pg. 637 4.0
Something of uncommon rarity requires special training or comes from a particular culture or part of the world. Some character choices give access to uncommon options, and the GM can choose to allow access for anyone. Less is known about uncommon creatures than common creatures. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creature is increased by 2.


Destructive Vengeance, Iron Command, Mesmerizing Performance , Selfish Shield


Aasimar, Aphorite, Azarketi, Catfolk, Changeling, Dhampir, Duskwalker, Fetchling, Ganzi, Gnoll, Grippli, Hobgoblin, Ifrit, Kitsune, Kobold, Leshy, Lizardfolk, Nagaji, Orc, Oread, Ratfolk, Suli, Sylph, Tengu, Tiefling, Undine, Vanara


Hellknight Plate


Able Carter, Alkenstar Outlaw, Alkenstar Sojourner, Almas Clerk, Banished Brighite, Broken Tusk Recruiter, Circuit Judge, Construction Occultist, Corpse Stitcher, Dreamer of the Verdant Moon, Ex-Mendevian Crusader, Food Trader, Framed in Ferrous Quarter, Friend of Greensteeples, Gloriana's Fixer, Gold Falls Regular, Goldhand Arms Dealer, Guest of Sedeq Lodge, Inexplicably Expelled, Legacy of the Hammer, Mammoth Herder, Megafauna Hunter, Money Counter, Muesello's Student, Northland Forager, Press-Ganged (G&G), Propaganda Promoter, Ratted-Out Gun Runner, Sandswept Survivor, Second Chance Champion, Sheriff, Snubbed Out Stoolie, Songsinger in Training, Wanted Witness


Curse of Potent Poison


Blightburn Sickness, Swamp Guts


Abadar's Flawless Scale, Ablative Armor Plating, Ablative Shield Plating, Acid Spitter, Acrobat's Staff, Adamantine, Adamantine Armor, Adamantine Shield, Adamantine Weapon, Aeon Stone, Air Cartridge Firing System, Alchemist's Damper, Alignment Ampoule, Alkenstar Ice Wine, Alluring Scarf, Aluum Charm, Amaranthine Pavise, Anchor Spear, Anchoring, Ankylostar, Anointing Oil, Antimagic, Apricot of Bestial Might, Aquarium Lamp, Arctic Vigor, Astrolabe, Aurifying Salts, Avalanche of Stones Snare, Awakened Metal Shot, Bag of Cats, Bane, Banner of the Restful, Barding Saddle, Barricade Stone, Beckoning Cat Amulet, Belt of the Five Kings, Big Rock Bullet, Binding Snare, Bioluminescence Bomb, Bitter, Black Powder, Black Smear Poison, Blade Launcher, Blast Boots, Blast Lance, Blast Suit, Blaze, Blessed Ampoule, Blessed Tattoo, Blightburn Ward, Blindpepper Bolt, Blindpepper Bomb, Blindpepper Tube, Bloodbane, Bloodletting Kukri, Bloodthirsty, Blue Dragonfly Poison, Body Recovery Kit, Bomb Launcher, Bomber's Saddle, Bonmuan Swapping Stone, Book of Translation, Bookthief Brew, Boom Snare, Bottled Screams, Bottomless Stein, Boulderhead Bock, Bountiful Cauldron, Breath Blaster, Breech Ejectors, Brewer's Regret, Brilliant Rapier, Brooch of Inspiration, Brooch of Shielding, Bubbling Scale, Bullhook, Burning Badger Guts Snare, Burnished Plating, Busine of Divine Reinforcement, Called (Accessory Rune), Camp Shroud, Campaign Stable, Candle of Invocation, Candle of Truth, Cape of the Mountebank, Capsaicin Tonic, Carrion Cask, Cartographer's Kit, Cauterizing Torch, Cave Worm Repellent, Chain of the Stilled Spirit, Chameleon Suit, Channel Protection Amulet, Chatterer of Follies, Chime of Opening, Chopping Evisceration Snare, Cinderclaw Gauntlet, Clandestine Cloak, Clockwork Monkey, Clockwork Bookshelf, Clockwork Box Packer, Clockwork Chirper, Clockwork Cloak, Clockwork Dial, Clockwork Disguise, Clockwork Diving Suit, Clockwork Goggles, Clockwork Megaphone, Clockwork Spider Bomb, Coded Signal, Coin of Comfort, Cold Comfort, Cold Iron Blanch, Comealong, Communication Bangle, Conrasu Coin, Containment Contraption, Conundrum Spectacles, Cordelia's Construct Key, Corpse Compass, Corpsecaller Round, Corpseward Pendant, Counterfeit Item, Crimson Brand, Crown of Insight, Crown of the Companion, Crown of the Fire Eater, Crushing, Cryomister, Crystal Ball, Cunning, Cursebreak Bulwark, Curtain Call Cloak, Cytillesh, Dagger of Eternal Sleep, Dancing, Darkwood, Darkwood Armor, Darkwood Shield, Darkwood Weapon, Dawnlight, Day Goggles, Daylight Vapor, Deadweight Snare, Deafening Music Box, Death Knell Powder, Deathless, Deathless Light, Deck of Illusions, Deck of Mischief, Deflecting Branch, Demon Dust, Deployable Cover, Depth Gauge, Detect Anathema Fulu, Detector Stone, Deteriorating Dust, Diluted Hype, Dinosaur Boots, Disintegration Bolt, Disrupting, Diviner's Nose Chain, Doctrine of Blissful Eternity, Dog-Bone Knife, Dragon Rune Bracelet, Dragonfly Potion, Dragonhide, Dragonhide Armor, Dragonhide Shield, Dragonplate, Dragon's Blood Pudding, Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Crest, Dragon's Eye Charm, Dragonslayer's Shield, Drake Rifle, Dread, Dreadsmoke Thurible, Dream Pollen Snare, Dreaming Round, Dreamstone, Drum of Upheaval, Duelist's Beacon, Dupe's Gold Nugget, Dust of Corpse Animation, Dust of Disappearance, Dust Pods, Dwarven Daisy, Dweomerweave Robe, Earthsight Box, Ebon Marionette, Effervescent Decoction, Elixir of Rejuvenation, Elven Chain, Ember Dust, Emergency Disguise, Encompassing Lockpick, Energizing, Energy Mutagen, Energy Robe, Enfilading Arrow, Enveloping Light, Envenomed Snare, Eroding Bullet, Ethereal, Etheric Essence Disruptor, Ethersight Ring, Everyneed Pack, Experimental Clothing, Exploration Lens, Explosive Mine, Extendible Pincer, Extraction Cauldron, Fairy Bullet, False Death, False Manacles, False Witness, False-Bottomed Mug, Familiar Satchel, Fang Snare, Fanged, Fearweed, Fingerprinting Kit, Fire and Iceberg, Fire Box, Firearm Cleaning Kit, Fire-Jump Ring, Flame Drake Snare, Flare Beacon, Flaying Knife, Fleshgem, Floating Shield, Floorbell, Folding Boat, Folding Drums, Follypops, Force Shield, Forge Warden, Forgetful Drops, Forgetful Ink, Fortifying Pebble, Four-Ways Dogslicer, Frenzy Oil, Frog Chair, Frost Worm Snare, Fulminating Spear, Fulu Compendium, Gadget Skates, Ganjay Book, Garrote Bolt, Gecko Pads, Genealogy Mask, Ghastly Cauldron, Ghostly Portal Paint, Ghoul Hide, Gingerbread House, Glaive of the Artist, Glass Cutter, Glittering Scarab, Glittering Snare, Gloaming Arc, Gloves of Storing, Glue Bullet, Gluttonous Spear, Golden Branding Iron, Golden Legion Epaulet, Golden Silencer, Golden Spur, Golden-Cased Bullet, Golem Stylus, Goo Grenade, Gorgon's Breath, Goz Mask, Grappling Arrow, Grappling Bolt, Grappling Gun, Grasping Snare, Grasping Tree, Grave Token, Green Gut, Grim Ring, Grinning Pugwampi, Grolna, Growth Gun, Guardian Shield, Gunner's Bandolier, Gunner's Saddle, Gyroscopic Stabilizer, Handcuffs, Harmonic Hauberk, Harpoon Bolt, Hauling, Headbands of Translocation, Heartstone, Heated Cloak, Herd Mask, Hoax-Hunter's Kit, Hobbling Snare, Hollowed Hilt, Holy Avenger, Holy Prayer Beads, Holy Steam Ball, Hoof Stakes Snare, Hopeful, Hosteling Statuette, Hunger Oil, Ice Slick Snare, Immaculate Holsters, Immovable Tripod, Impact Foam Chassis, Impenetrable Scale, Implacable, Impossible Cake, Inspiring Spotlight, Instant Fortress, Instant Spy, Invisibility Potion, Invisible Net, Irritating Thorn Snare, Isolation Draught, Jawbreaker Shield, Jerkin of Liberation, Junk Bomb, Juxtaposition Ammunition, Keen, Kin-Warding, Knapsack of Halflingkind, Knight Captain's Lance, Knight's Maintenance Kit, Knight's Standard, Knight's Tabard, Knockout Dram, Kraken's Guard, Lady's Chalice, Lady's Knife, Lady's Spiral, Large Bore Modifications, Lastwall Soup, Lawbringer's Lasso, Leopard's Armor, Lethargy Poison, Liar's Demise, Liar's Gun, Lifeblight Residue, Lion Badge, Liquid Gold, Lodestone Pellet, Looter's Lethargy, Lover's Knot, Lucky Draw Bandolier, Lucky Kitchen Witch, Lucky Rabbit's Foot, Mage Bane, Magnifying Glass of Elucidation, Malleable Clay, Malleable Mixture, Manacles of Persuasion, Mana-Rattler Liniment, Marvelous Calliope, Mask of Mercy, Mask of the Cursed Eye, Material Essence Disruptor, Mattock of the Titans, Membership Cords, Memory Palace, Mending Lattice, Merchant's Guile, Merciful Charm, Metalmist Sphere, Meteor Shot, Metronomic Hammer, Midday Lantern, Mirror of Sleeping Vigil, Mirror Robe, Mirror-Ball Snare, Misdirecting Haversack, Miter of Communion, Mithral, Mithral Armor, Mithral Shield, Mithral Weapon, Mnemonic Acid, Moon Radish Soup, Moonlit Ink, Mud Bomb, Mudlily, Mudrock Snare, Mutagenic Renovator, Necklace of Knives, Nethysian Bulwark, Nightbreeze Machine, Nightmare Cudgel, Noisemaker Snare, North Wind's Night Verse, Oblivion Essence, Oil of Animation, Oil of Keen Edges, Oil of Object Animation, Oily Button, Oozepick, Open Mind, Oxygen Ooze, Pacifying, Pactmaster's Grace, Paired, Palanquin of Night, Panacea, Paper Shredder, Parade Armor, Parchment of Secrets, Pathfinder's Coin, Pathfinder's Pouch, Peachwood, Peachwood Talisman, Peachwood Weapon, Pernicious Spore Bomb, Peshspine Grenade, Petrification Cannon, Phantom Shroud, Philosopher's Stone, Pickpocket's Tailoring, Pillow Shield, Plate Armor of the Deep, Plated Duster, Pocket Gala, Pocket Watch, Poisoner's Staff, Political Favor, Popdust, Portable Altar, Portable Gaming Hall, Portable Weapon Mount, Potion of Disguise, Potion of Tongues, Presentable, Pressure Bomb, Prismatic Plate, Private Workshop, Psychic Brigandine, Psychopomp Mask, Puff Dragon, Pummeling Snare, Putrescent Glob, Queasy Lantern, Quick Runner's Shirt, Quick Wig, Quickmelt Slick, Quickpatch Glue, Quill of Passage, Radiant Lance, Raining Knives Snare, Rampart Shield, Rat-Catcher Trident, Raven Band, Recording Rod, Reducer Round, Reflecting Shield, Reflexive Tattoo, Reinforced Surcoat, Rending Snare, Repulsion Resin, Rhino Hide Brooch, Rhino Shot, Rhinoceros Mask, Rhythm Bone, Ring of Counterspells, Ring of Discretion, Ring of Lies, Ring of Minor Arcana, Ring of Stoneshifting, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of the Tiger, Ring of the Weary Traveler, Ring of Wizardry, Ringmaster's Staff, Robe of Eyes, Robe of the Archmagi, Rock Ripper Snare, Rubbing Set, Rune of Sin, Runescribed Disk, Saints' Balm, Sarkorian God-Caller Garb, Scarab Cuirass, Scholarly Journal, Scour, Screech Shooter, Scroll Case of Simplicity, Scrollstaff, Sealing Chest, Searing Suture, Seeking Bracelets, Self-Immolating Note, Serrating, Server's Stew, Shade Hat, Shapespeak Mask, Shield Augmentation, Shield of the Unified Legion, Shield Sconce, Shining Shield, Shootist Bandolier, Shortbread Spy, Shrapnel Snare, Sibling's Coin, Sight-Theft Grit, Silencing Ammunition, Silent Bell, Silent Heart, Silhouette Cloak, Silkspinner's Shield, Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance, Singing Muse, Singularity Ammunition, Sinister Knight, Sixfingers Elixir, Skeletal Claw, Skeptic's Elixir, Skinsaw Mask, Skittering Mask, Skull Bomb, Sky Serpent Bolt, Skyrider Sword, Slime Whip, Slippery Ribbon, Smogger, Smoke Fan, Smoke Screen Snare, Snagging, Sneezing Powder, Snowshoes of the Long Trek, Society Portrait, Soft-Landing, South Wind's Scorch Song, Spangled Rider's Suit, Spectacles of Understanding, Spectral Nightshade, Spectral Opera Glasses, Spell-Bastion, Spellcasting, Spell-Eating Pitch, Spellender, Spell-Storing, Spider Chair, Spider Gun, Spiderfoot Brew, Spike Launcher, Spiritsight Crossbow, Spiritsight Ring, Splendid Floodlight, Spore Sap, Spring-Loaded Net Launcher, Staff of Enchantment, Staff of Final Rest, Staff of Impossible Visions, Staff of Sieges, Staff of the Black Desert, Staff of the Dreamlands, Stalker Bane Snare, Stalwart's Ring, Stanching, Star Grenade, Static Snare, Stepping Stone Shot, Stole of Civility, Stone Body Mutagen, Stone Circle, Stoneraiser Javelin, Stonethroat Ammunition, Stormbreaker Fulu, Stupor Poison, Sturdy Satchel, Sulfur Bomb, Sure-Step Crampons, Survey Map, Swarmeater's Clasp, Swarmform Collar, Swift Block Cabochon, Swiftmount Saddle, Talisman Cord, Tallow Bomb, Tar Rocket Snare, Tentacle Cannon, Thieves' Tools, Thousand-Blade Thesis, Thrice-Fried Mudwings, Throwing Shield, Thunder Helm, Timepiece, Tin Cobra, Tlil Mask, Toadskin Salve, Torag's Silver Anvil, Torrent Snare, Traitor's Ring, Transposition Ammunition, Traveler's Cloak, Truth Potion, Tusk and Fang Chain, Twigjack Sack, Twilight Lantern, Twining Chains, Tyrant's Writ, Umbral Wings, Undead Compendium, Undead Detection Dye, Undead Scourge, Underwater Firing Mechanism, Unsullied Blood, Vampiric Scythe, Vaultbreaker's Harness, Vengeful Arm, Venomed Tongue, Vermin Repellent Agent, Vexing Vapor, Victory Plate, Vine of Roses, Violet Venom, Voyager's Pack, Vultures Wing, Waffle Iron, Wand of Fey Flames, Wand of Noisome Acid, Wand of Spiritual Warfare, Wand of Teeming Ghosts, Wand of Thundering Echoes, War Blood Mutagen, War Saddle, Warcaller's Chime, Warding Tattoo, Wardrobe Stone, Warrior's Training Ring, Water Bomb, Water Purifier, Waterproof Journal, Waverider Barding, Wax Key Blank, Wayfinder, Weeping Midnight, Wet Shock Snare, Whip of Compliance, Whisper Briolette, Whistle of Calling, Wig of Holding, Wind-Catcher, Winder's Ring, Wind-Up Cart, Winterstep Elixir, Wizard's Tower, Wondrous Figurine, Wordreaper, Wovenwood Shield, Wrenchgear, Writ of Authenticity, Yellow Musk Vial


Adaptive Vision, Adroit Manipulation, Advanced Order Training, Agile Shield Grip, Aldori Duelist Dedication, Alkenstar Agent Dedication, All of the Animal, All the Time in the World, Alter Ego Dedication, Ambushing Knockdown, Angel of Vindication, Animal Trainer Dedication, Annihilating Swing, Apex Companion, Arcane Tattoos, Astonishing Explosion, Aura of Despair, Aura of Unbreakable Virtue, Aura Sight, Automatic Writing, Avenge in Glory, Axial Recall, Backup Disguise, Banishing Blow, Beast Dynamo Howl, Beast Gunner Dedication, Beast Speaker, Bellflower Dedication, Bend Space, Blast Resistance, Bloodline Metamorphosis, Boneyard's Call, Borrow Memories, Bright Lion Dedication, Bullet Dancer Dedication, Bullying Staff, Butterfly Blade Dedication, Cathartic Mage Dedication, Cavalier's Banner, Chemical Purification, Chromotherapy, Clan Pistol, Climate Adaptation, Cloud Walk, Coffin Bound, Command Corpse, Conceited Mindset, Connect the Dots, Connections, Consecrate Spell, Coordinated Distraction, Corpse Tender Dedication, Corpse Tender's Font, Corpse-Killer's Defiance, Corrupted Shield, Courteous Comeback, Crafter's Instinct, Criminal Connections, Cruelty, Crystal Healing, Cut the Bonds, Dance of Intercession, Deadly Poison Weapon, Defensive Needles, Defiance Unto Death, Deflecting Cloud, Demolitionist, Demolitionist Dedication, Demonblood Frenzy, Demon's Hair, Denier of Destruction, Deny Support, Detonating Spell, Devil's Advocate, Devoted Guardian, Different Worlds, Divine Emissary, Dominating Gaze, Dongun Education, Dragon Disciple Dedication, Dragon Grip, Drive Back, Drow Shootist Dedication, Easily Dismissed, Eclipsed Vitality, Edgewatch Detective Dedication, Eerie Proclamation, Efficient Alchemy (Paragon), Effortless Reach, Eldritch Researcher Dedication, Electric Counter, Emblazon Divinity, Embodied Dreadnought Subjectivity, Embodied Legionary Subjectivity, Endurance of the Rooted Tree, Enduring Debilitation, Entwined Energy Ki, Everdistant Defense, Everstand Stance, Everstand Strike, Explosive Expert, Explosive Savant, Extradimensional Stash, Eye of the Arclords, Fane's Escape, Fane's Fourberie, Farabellus Flip, Fiendish Form, Fiendish Mount, Fire Savvy, Firebrand Braggart Dedication, Firework Technician Dedication, Focused Juggler, Folk Dowsing, Folklorist Dedication, Forge-Blessed Shot, Forge-Day's Rest, Forgotten Presence, Game Hunter Dedication, Garden Path, Ghost Eater Dedication, Ghost Hunter Dedication, Ghost Wrangler, Golden Body, Golden League Xun Dedication, Golem Dynamo, Golem Grafter Dedication, Gravelands Herbalist, Greater Cruelty, Gruesome Strike, Gunslinger Dedication, Halcyon Speaker Dedication, Hallowed Necromancer Dedication, Head of the Night Parade, Heart of the Kaiju, Hellknight Armiger Dedication, Hellknight Dedication, Hellknight Order Cross-Training, Hellknight Signifer Dedication, Holy Light, Homeward Bound, Imbue Mindlessness, Impassable Wall Stance, Impossible Gossip, Improved Command Corpse, Insistent Command, Inspiring Resilience, Instrument of Slaughter, Intuitive Cooperation, Inured to Alchemy, Inventor Dedication, Irezoko Tattoo, Iron Repercussions, Jalmeri Heavenseeker Dedication, Jellyfish Stance, Juggle, Juggler Dedication, Keep Up Appearances, Knight Reclaimant Dedication, Knight Vigilant, Knight's Retaliation, Knock Sense, Know Oneself, Kreighton's Cognitive Crossover, Lastwall Sentry Dedication, Lead the Pack, Levering Strike, Light of Revelation, Lightslayer Oath, Lion Blade Dedication, Litany of Depravity, Litany of Self-Interest, Living Monolith Dedication, Lobbed Attack, Macabre Virtuoso, Magaambyan Attendant Dedication, Magic Warrior Dedication, Mammoth Lord Dedication, Master of the Dead, Mature Trained Companion, Mighty Wings, Mimic Protections, Miraculous Intervention, Morphic Manipulation, Nantambu Chime-Ringer Dedication, Necromancer's Visage, Necromantic Deflection, Oatia Skysage Dedication, Ongoing Selfishness, Oozemorph Dedication, Opportune Throw, Order Training, Overwatch Dedication, Pact of Draconic Fury, Pact of Eldritch Eyes, Pact of Fey Glamour, Pact of Infernal Prowess, Pact of the Final Breath, Pactbinder Dedication, Pain Tolerance, Pale Horse, Pathfinder Agent Dedication, Pesh Skin, Pierce the Light, Pistol Phenom Dedication, Pivot Strike, Plot the Future, Plum Deluge, Powder Punch Stance, Practiced Guidance, Prayer-Touched Weapon, Predict Weather, Preventative Treatment, Provocator Dedication, Purifying Breeze, Push Back the Dead!, Pyrophilic Recovery, Quah Bond, Quick Juggler, Ravening's Desperation, Read Psychometric Resonance, Read the Land, Reclaim Spell, Red Mantis Assassin Dedication, Reflecting Riposte, Reflexive Catch, Rejuvenation Token, Relentless Stalker, Reliable Squire, Resilient Mind, Retaliatory Cleansing, Ringmaster's Introduction, Ritual Researcher, Ritualist Dedication, Ruby Resurrection, Runescarred Dedication, Saoc Astrology, Scapegoat Parallel Self, Scarecrow, Scrollmaster Dedication, Scrounger Dedication, Scrutinizing Gaze, Secret Speech, Sense Good, Sense Ki, Sense Thoughts, Sepulchral Sublimation, Sever Space, Shadowcaster Dedication, Shape of the Cloud Dragon, Shaped Contaminant, Shared Sight, Shield Wall, Shieldmarshal Dedication, Shift Spell, Sixth Pillar Dedication, Skeleton Commander, Skeptic's Defense, Skirt the Light, Slice and Swipe, Smite Good, Smoke Sight, Song of the Fallen, Soulforger Dedication, Sow Rumor, Spark Fist, Specialized Companion, Spell Gem, Spellmaster Dedication, Spellshot Dedication, Spirit Speaker, Splendid Companion, Staff Acrobat Dedication, Staff Sweep, Staggering Fire, Stalwart Standard, Stasian Smash, Steal Essence, Stella's Stab and Snag, Sterling Dynamo Dedication, Stonegate, Student of Perfection Dedication, Subtle Shank, Suli Amir, Sun Blade, Superior Sight, Surface Culture, Swordmaster Dedication, Syu Tak-Nwa's Deadly Hair, Syu Tak-Nwa's Hexed Locks, Syu Tak-Nwa's Skillful Tresses, Tame Animal, Tenacious Blood Magic, Thaumaturge's Demesne, Thaumaturgic Ritualist, Tiller's Aid, Tiller's Drive, Time Dilation Cascade, Time Mage Dedication, Towering Growth, Trapsmith Dedication, Trick Driver Dedication, Truespeech, Tupilaq Carver, Turpin Rowe Lumberjack Dedication, Tweak Appearances, Unassuming Dedication, Undead Master Dedication, Underground Network, Undying Conviction, Unexpected Sharpshooter Dedication, United Assault, Vehicle Mechanic Dedication, Verdant Presence, Vicious Vengeance, Vigilante Dedication, Viking Shieldbearer, Viking Vindicator, Vitality-Manipulating Stance, Vivacious Afterimage, Wave the Flag, Whirlwind Stance, Whirlwind Toss, Whodunnit?, Wildborn Magic, Wilderness Spotter, Witch Warden, Worldsphere Gravity, Wronged Monk's Wrath, Zephyr Guard Dedication

Focus Spells

Aberrant Whispers, Abundant Step, Abyssal Wrath, Access Lore, Agile Feet, Allegro, Ancestral Defense, Ancestral Form, Ancestral Memories, Ancestral Touch, Angelic Halo, Angelic Wings, Animal Feature, Apex Companion, Appearance of Wealth, Arcane Countermeasure, Armor of Bones, Artistic Flourish, Ash Form, Ashen Wind, Astral Rain, Athletic Rush, Augment Summoning, Battlefield Persistence, Beastmaster Trance, Bit of Luck, Blind Ambition, Blinding Beauty, Blood Ward, Boost Eidolon, Brain Drain, Cackle, Call of the Grave, Call to Arms, Captivating Adoration, Cascade Countermeasure, Celestial Brand, Champion's Sacrifice, Charming Touch, Charming Words, Claim Undead, Cleansing Flames, Clinging Ice, Clinging Shadows Stance, Cloak of Shadow, Combustion, Commanding Lash, Competitive Edge, Confront Selves, Consuming Darkness, Contagious Idea, Counter Performance, Crushing Ground, Cry of Destruction, Curse of Death, Dance of Darkness, Dancing Blade, Darkened Eyes, Darklight, Dazzling Flash, Death's Call, Debilitating Dichotomy, Deceiver's Cloak, Delay Affliction, Delusional Pride, Destructive Aura, Diabolic Edict, Dim the Light, Dimensional Assault, Dimensional Steps, Dirge of Doom, Discern Secrets, Disperse into Air, Distortion Lens, Diviner's Sight, Downpour, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claws, Dragon Wings, Drain Life, Dread Aura, Dread Secret, Dreamer's Call, Efficient Apport, Eidolon's Wrath, Elemental Betrayal, Elemental Blast, Elemental Motion, Elemental Tempest, Elemental Toss, Embrace the Pit, Empty Body, Enduring Might, Energy Absorption, Enlarge Companion, Entropic Wheel, Ephemeral Tracking, Eradicate Undeath, Establish Ward, Evil Eye, Evolution Surge, Extend Boost, Extend Spell, Eyes of the Dead, Face in the Crowd, Faerie Dust, Familiar Form, Fatal Aria, Fearful Feast, Fey Disappearance, Fey Glamour, Fire Ray, Flame Barrier, Flaming Fusillade, For Love, For Lightning, Forbidden Thought, Force Bolt, Force Fang, Forced Quiet, Foresee the Path, Genie's Veil, Ghostly Shift, Glimpse the Truth, Glimpse Weakness, Glutton's Jaw, Goodberry, Grasping Grave, Gravity Weapon, Guided Introspection, Hallowed Ground, Hand of the Apprentice, Hasted Assault, Heal Animal, Heal Companion, Healer's Blessing, Heart's Desire, Hellfire Plume, Heroic Feat, Hero's Defiance, Hologram Cage, Horrific Visage, House of Imaginary Walls, Hunter's Luck, Hunter's Vision, Hurtling Stone, Hymn of Healing, Imaginary Weapon, Impaling Briars, Incendiary Ashes, Incendiary Aura, Inscrutable Mask, Inspire Competence, Inspire Courage, Inspire Defense, Inspire Heroics, Interstellar Void, Invisibility Cloak, Invoke the Crimson Oath, Jealous Hex, Ki Blast, Ki Form, Ki Rush, Ki Strike, Know the Enemy, Lay on Hands, Life Boost, Life Link, Life Siphon, Life-Giving Form, Lifelink Surge, Lift Nature's Caul, Light of Revelation, Lingering Composition, Litany against Sloth, Litany Against Wrath, Litany of Depravity, Litany of Righteousness, Litany of Self-Interest, Localized Quake, Loremaster's Etude, Lucky Break, Magic Hide, Magic Warrior Aspect, Magic Warrior Transformation, Magic's Vessel, Malicious Shadow, Malignant Sustenance, Manifold Lives, Mantis Form, Medusa's Wrath, Moonbeam, Moonlight Bridge, Mystic Beacon, Nature's Bounty, Needle of Vengeance, Nudge Fate, Nymph's Token, Ode to Ouroboros, Omnidirectional Scan, Ordained Purpose, Overstuff, Path of Least Resistance, Perfect Strike, Perfected Form, Perfected Mind, Personal Blizzard, Phase Familiar, Physical Boost, Pied Piping, Positive Luminance, Powerful Inhalation, Practice Makes Perfect, Precious Metals, Primal Summons, Protective Ward, Protector's Sacrifice, Protector's Sphere, Pulse of the City, Pulverizing Cascade, Pushing Gust, Quivering Palm, Ranger's Bramble, Read Fate, Rebuke Death, Redistribute Potential, Reinforce Eidolon, Rejuvenating Flames, Restorative Moment, Retributive Pain, Rising Surf, Runic Impression, Safeguard Secret, Savor the Sting, Scholarly Recollection, Sepulchral Mask, Shadow Illusion, Shadow Jump, Shadow's Web, Shambling Horror, Shared Nightmare, Shatter Mind, Shepherd of Souls, Shielding Strike, Shifting Form, Shooting Star, Shroud of Flame, Shroud of Night, Snare Hopping, Song of Marching, Song of Strength, Song of the Fallen, Soothing Ballad, Soothing Mist, Soothing Words, Soul Siphon, Speaking Sky, Spellmaster's Ward, Spinning Staff, Spirit Veil, Splash of Art, Split the Tongue, Spray of Stars, Steal Shadow, Steal the Sky, Stoke the Heart, Stone Lance, Storm Lord, Stormwind Flight, Stumbling Curse, Subjugate Undead, Sudden Shift, Sun Blade, Sun's Fury, Swamp of Sloth, Sweet Dream, Symphony of the Unfettered Heart, Take its Course, Telekinetic Rend, Tempest Form, Tempest Surge, Tempest Touch, Temporal Distortion, Tempt Fate, Tentacular Limbs, Terrain Transposition, Tesseract Tunnel, Thermal Stasis, Thunderburst, Thunderous Strike, Tidal Surge, Time Skip, Touch of Corruption, Touch of Obedience, Touch of the Moon, Touch of Undeath, Transcribe Moment, Traveler's Transit, Trickster's Twin, Triple Time, Unblinking Flame Aura, Unblinking Flame Emblem, Unblinking Flame Ignition, Unblinking Flame Revelation, Unbreaking Wave Advance, Unbreaking Wave Barrier, Unbreaking Wave Containment, Unbreaking Wave Vapor, Undeath's Blessing, Unfetter Eidolon, Unfolding Wind Blitz, Unfolding Wind Buffet, Unfolding Wind Crash, Unfolding Wind Rush, Unimpeded Stride, Unity, Untwisting Iron Augmentation, Untwisting Iron Buffer, Untwisting Iron Pillar, Untwisting Iron Roots, Unusual Anatomy, Updraft, Vector Screen, Veil of Confidence, Veil of Dreams, Vibrant Thorns, Vigilant Eye, Vision of Weakness, Waking Nightmare, Warped Terrain, Weapon Surge, Whirling Flames, Wholeness of Body, Wild Morph, Wild Shape, Wild Winds Stance, Wildfire, Wilding Word, Wind Jump, Wish-Twisted Form, Word of Freedom, Word of Truth, Wronged Monk's Wrath, You're Mine, Zeal for Battle


Agitated Carnivorous Plants, Auto-Turret, Avalanche Doors, Black Powder Bomb, Boulder Deadfall Trap, Castigate the Faithless, Choking Tethers, Compression Tunnel, Crush the Uninvited, Cuastic Shower, Electrified Gate, Flensing Chute, Ghost Crystal Cloud, Iron Dart Launcher, Krooth Summoning Rune, Locking Alarm, Loose Slab, Malevolent Mannequins, Mental Assault, Mukradi Summoning Runes, Obscured Pitfalls, Pendulum Blades, Phantom Soldiers, Planar Eviction Trap, Psychic Wave, Revisit Past Pains, Scalding Tar Lake, Second Kiss Engine, Serpent Ward, Shadow Hook, Shadow Lash, Shrieking Souls, Sickle Blades, Skewering Hall, Soul Stasis, Spider Summoning Rune, Spike Thrower, Spiraling Comets, Steam Vents, Stinger Ward Trap, Thunderstone Cascade Trap, Trapped Elevator, Urgathoa's Ire, Venom Pool


Abyssal, Adlet, Aklo, Alghollthu, Amurrun, Anadi, Anugobu, Aquan, Arboreal, Auran, Azlanti, Boggard, Calda, Caligni, Celestial, Cyclops, Daemonic, Destrachan, D'ziriak, Ekujae, Erutaki, Garundi, Girtablilu, Gnoll, Grippli, Hallit, Ignan, Infernal, Iruxi, Jistkan, Jyoti, Kelish, Kibwani, Kitsune, Lirgeni, Mwangi, Mzunu, Nagaji, Necril, Ocotan, Osiriani, Protean, Requian, Shadowtongue, Shoanti, Shoony, Skald, Sphinx, Strix, Tengu, Terran, Thassilonian, Tien, Utopian, Varisian, Varki, Vudrani, Xanmba, Ysoki


Aapoph Serpentfolk, Adachros, Adult Brine Dragon, Adult Cloud Dragon, Adult Crystal Dragon, Adult Forest Dragon, Adult Magma Dragon, Adult Sea Dragon, Adult Sky Dragon, Adult Sovereign Dragon, Adult Umbral Dragon, Adult Underworld Dragon, Aeolaeka (Stone Azata), Afziaka Brute, Afziaka Stalker, Ahuizotl, Ahvothian, Aigamuxa, Alchemical Golem, Alghollthu Master, Aluum Enforcer, Amelekana, Anadi Elder, Anadi Fateweaver, Anadi Hunter, Anadi Lurker, Anadi Sage, Anadi Seeker, Ancient Black Dragon, Ancient Blue Dragon, Ancient Brass Dragon, Ancient Bronze Dragon, Ancient Copper Dragon, Ancient Gold Dragon, Ancient Green Dragon, Ancient Red Dragon, Ancient Silver Dragon, Ancient White Dragon, Animate Dream, Anugobu Apprentice, Anugobu Wondercrafter, Arboreal Snag, Augnagar, Avarek, Azure Worm, Banshee, Baobhan Sith, Barnacle Ghoul, Bauble Beast, Berberoka, Betobeto-San, Bida, Blink Dog, Blodeuwedd, Bloodshroud, Bodak, Bog Strider, Bogey, Bogeyman, Bone Croupier, Bone Prophet, Bone Skipper Swarm, Brain Collector, Bregdi, Brush Thylacine, Bugaboo, Bul-Gae, Bythos, Cadaverous Rake, Cairn Linnorm, Cairn Wight, Caligni Caller, Caligni Slayer, Calikang, Camarach, Carrion Golem, Cat Sith, Caulborn, Cavern Troll, Charghar, Chattering Jaws, Chernobue, Children Of Mhar, Chimera, Clay Golem, Clockwork Assassin, Clockwork Brewer, Clockwork Buccaneer, Clockwork Disposer, Clockwork Fabricator, Clockwork Handler, Clockwork Hunter, Clockwork Mage, Clockwork Puppeteer, Clockwork Soldier, Clockwork Spy, Coil Spy, Consonite Choir, Contemplative, Crag Linnorm, Cu Sith, Culdewen, Cyclops, Cythnigot, Dalos, Dark Naga, Darkmantle, Death Coach, Deathless Hierophant of Urgathoa, Deepwater Dhuthorex, Denizen of Leng, Dero Magister, Desa-Desa, Devourer, Divine Warden Of Brigh, Divine Warden Of Nethys, Djinni, Doorwarden, Doppelganger, Dracolisk, Dragon's Blood Puffball, Dragonscarred Dead, Drainberry Bush, Dramofir, Dread Dhuthorex, Dread Wisp, Drenchdead, Dreshkan, Dromornis, Drow Hunter, Drow Shootist, Drow Warden, Dryad Queen, Duende, Dullahan, Dust Mephit, Dweomercat, Dybbuk, Efreeti, Elemental Vessel, Water, Emperor Bird, Eunemvro, Excorion, Faceless Butcher, Faerie Dragon, Faithless Ecclesiarach, Fallen Champion, Feral Skull Swarm, Fjord Linnorm, Flesh Golem, Flickerwisp, Floating Femur, Forge-Spurned, Formian Queen, Froghemoth, Frost Troll, Fuming Sludge, Gashadokuro, Gathlain Wanderer, Gbahali, Ghostly Mob, Ghoul Antipaladin, Ghoul Razorclaw, Giant Aukashungi, Giant Bone Skipper, Giant Hippocampus, Giant Silverfish, Gibtanius, Gibtas Bounder, Gibtas Spawn Swarm, Gimmerling, Glass Golem, Gluttonworm, Gnagrif, Golgopo, Gorgon, Gosreg, Grappling Spirit, Grauladon, Grave Hag, Graveknight Captain, Graveknight Champion, Graveknight Warmaster, Graveshell, Great Cyclops, Greater Barghest, Grick, Grioth Scout, Grootslang, Groplit, Guardian Naga, Guecubu, Guloval, Gumiho, Hadrinnex, Hantu Belian, Hantu Denai, Harmona, Harrow Doll, Hellbound Attorney, Hellcrown, Herecite of Zevgavizeb, Herexen, Hesperid Queen, Hive Mother, Hodag, Huldra, Hunter Wight, Hyakume, Ice Golem, Ice Linnorm, Ice Mephit, Ice Mummy, Ichor Slinger, I'iko Dragon, Immolis, Incutilis, Intellect Devourer, Iridescent Elephant, Iron Golem, Isqulug, Izfiitar, Jorogumo, Kareq, Karumzek, Karumzek Swarm, Kasesh, Khefak Scuttler, Kilia Mwibo, Kobold Tunnelrunner, Kongamato, Korred, Kraken, Kun, Kurnugian Jackal, Kurobozu, Lagofir, Lampad Queen, Last Guard, Leng Ghoul, Leng Spider, Leydroth, Living Sap, Loblobi, Lophiithu, Lovelorn, Lunar Naga, Lusca, Maliadi, Mamlambo, Manticore Paaridar, Mari Lwyd, Marid, Megaloceros, Megalodon, Mi-Go, Mix Couatl, Mokele-Mbembe, Moon Hag, Moonflower, Morlock Cultist, Morlock Engineer, Mulventok, Mummy Prophet of Set, Muse Phantom, Naiad Queen, Najra Lizard, Necrohulk Flailer, Necrohulk Smasher, Necromunculus, Nemhaith, Nenchuuj, Neothelid, Nightgaunt, Nosferatu Malefactor, Nosferatu Thrall, Nyogoth, Obrousian, Obsidian Golem, Ocluai, Ogre Hurler, Omox, Onryo, Ooze Mephit, Owb, Penqual, Phalanx Of Phalanges, Phantom Beast, Phantom Knight, Planetar, Polong, Popobawa, Poracha, Prairie Drake, Precentor, Prowler Wight, Pukwudgie, Pyrogeist, Quetz Couatl, Quickling, Radiant Warden, Raktavarna, Reaper Skull Puffball, Remorhaz, Rhu-Chalik, Roiling Incant, Roper, Roru, Rotbomber, Rune Giant, Rust Hag, Rust Ooze, Sanzuwu, Sasquatch, Saurian Warmonger, Saurian Worldwatcher, Scalathrax, Scalliwing, Scrabbling Ribcage, Screaming Sulfur, Scrit, Sea Serpent, Seetangeist, Seething Spirit, Serpentfolk Granitescale, Serpentfolk Venom Caller, Seugathi Reality Warper, Seugathi Servant, Shabti Slayer, Shabti Votary, Shaitan, Shanrigol Behemoth, Shantak, Shatterling, Shoal Linnorm, Shobhad Enforcer, Shobhad Sniper, Shock Zombie, Shoggti, Shoki, Shulsaga, Siege Shard, Silverfish Swarm, Skinstitch, Skull Fairy, Skulltaker, Sluagh Reaper, Smog Wraith, Sordesdaemon, Soul Eater, Spellscar Fext, Spellskein, Spirit Naga, Ssumzili, Steam Mephit, Sthira, Stone Golem, Stone Lion, Stone Lion Cub, Straugh, Strix Kinmate, Sturzstromer, Stygira, Sunburst Corpse, Svartalfar Killer, Taiga Linnorm, Tar Ooze, Tar Zombie Mammoth, Tar Zombie Predator, Tar Zombie Snatcher, Tarn Linnorm, Tattoo Guardian, Temagyr, Teraphant, Terwa Chosen, Terwa Prodigy, Terwa Star Reader, Thasteron Khefak, Theater Phantasm, Thoqqua, Thulgant, Thunderbird, Thylacine, Tikbalang, Tixitog, Tombstone Troll, Tor Linnorm, Two-Headed Troll, Tzitzimitl, Umasi, Umonlee, Urglid (Grave Demon), Vampire Mastermind, Vanara Disciple, Vaultbreaker Ooze, Vavakia, Vetalarana Manipulator, Virulak Villager, Viskithrel, Vrolikai, Vrykolakas Ancient, Waldgeist, Warsworn, Wayang Whisperblade, Wendigo, Werebear, Weykoward, Witchfire, Witchwyrd, Wood Golem, Worm That Walks Cultist, Xill, Xilvirek, Xulgath Deepmouth, Xulgath Stoneliege, Yaganty, Yamaraj, Yeti, Young Brine Dragon, Young Cloud Dragon, Young Crystal Dragon, Young Forest Dragon, Young Linnorm, Young Magma Dragon, Young Sea Dragon, Young Sky Dragon, Young Sovereign Dragon, Young Umbral Dragon, Young Underworld Dragon, Zealborn, Zombie Lord, Zyss Serpentfolk


Abyssal Pact, Angelic Messenger, Animate Object, Arcane Weaving, Astral Projection, Atone, Awaken Animal, Awaken Object, Bacchanalia, Blight, Call Spirit, Commune, Commune with Nature, Concealment's Curtain, Consecrate, Contact Friends, Control Weather, Create Skinstitch, Create Undead, Daemonic Pact, Div Pact, Dread Ambience, Elemental Sentinel, Freedom, Garden of Death, Geas, Guardian's Aegis, Heartbond, Heroes' Feast, Ideal Mimicry, Imprisonment, Infernal Pact, Inveigle, Legend Lore, Lucky Month, Mindscape Door, Mystic Carriage, Oblivious Expulsion, Owb Pact, Planar Ally, Planar Binding, Plant Growth, Portrait of Spite, Primal Call, Purify Soul Path, Reincarnate, Rest Eternal, Resurrect, Supreme Connection, Teleportation Circle, Terminate Bloodline, The World's a Stage, Unseen Custodians, Vital Singularity, Ward Domain


Airburst, Ancient Dust, Astral Labyrinth, Aura of the Unremarkable, Bind Soul, Blackfinger's Blades, Blightburn Blast, Blind Eye, Blood Duplicate, Blood Feast, Bone Spray, Boneshaker, Bound in Death, Bralani Referendum, Breath of Drought, Call the Blood, Caster's Imposition, Celestial Accord, Circle of Protection, Clawsong, Cloak of Light, Clownish Curse, Consecrate Flesh, Control Sand, Crusade, Curse of the Spirit Orchestra, Dancing Shield, Daydreamer's Curse, Deluge, Desperate Repair, Detect Alignment, Detect Poison, Detect Scrying, Devour Life, Dimensional Lock, Dirge of Remembrance, Discern Lies, Discern Location, Disjunction, Dividing Trench, Dominate, Drop Dead, Ectoplasmic Expulsion, Elephant Form, Elysian Whimsy, Empathic Link, Enhance Senses, Entrancing Eyes, Erase Trail, Ethereal Jaunt, Exchange Image, Excise Lexicon, False Nature, False Vision, Far Sight, Favorable Review, Fear the Sun, Flense, Forced Mercy, Friendfetch, Gasping Marsh, Gate, Ghostly Tragedy, Girzanje's March, Glibness, Globe of Invulnerability, Grave Impressions, Gray Shadow, Gritty Wheeze, Hag's Fruit, Hallucinatory Terrain, Horrifying Blood Loss, Imp Sting, Impart Empathy, Impeccable Flow, Infectious Comedy, Inside Ropes, Join Pasts, Lashunta's Life Bubble, Leng Sting, Life Pact, Linnorm Sting, Locate, Lock Item, Magic Aura, Magic Mailbox, Magical Fetters, Magnificent Mansion, Mantle of Heaven's Slopes, Martyr's Intervention, Maze of Locked Doors, Mind Blank, Mind Games, Mind Probe, Mind Reading, Mirecloak, Modify Memory, Moonburst, Moonlight Ray, Movanic Glimmer, Necrotic Radiation, Nettleskin, Nondetection, Nudge the Odds, Pack Attack, Painted Scout, Passwall, Penumbral Disguise, Perseis's Precautions, Personal Rain Cloud, Pillar of Water, Pillars of Sand, Plane Shift, Possession, Power Word Blind, Power Word Kill, Power Word Stun, Private Sanctum, Procyal Philosophy, Protection, Prying Survey, Purifying Icicle, Pyrotechnics, Radiant Beam, Radiant Field, Radiant Heart of Devotion, Raise Dead, Rally Point, Ravening Maw, Ravenous Darkness, Read Omens, Remake, Return Beacon, Reverse Gravity, Rime Slick, Ritual Obstruction, Rope Trick, Sage's Curse, Scouring Pulse, Scouring Sand, Scrying, Sea Surge, Shadow Walk, Shadow Zombie, Sign of Conviction, Soulshelter Vessel, Spell Turning, Spiritual Anamnesis, Spiritual Attunement, Spiritual Torrent, Steal Voice, Stone Tell, Stormburst, Sudden Bolt, Sudden Recollection, Suffocate, Summon Healer Servitor, Swallow Light, Swampcall, Swarming Wasp Stings, Synchronize Steps, Talking Corpse, Teeth to Terror, Telepathic Bond, Teleport, Temporal Twin, Tongues, Torturous Trauma, Tree Stride, Umbral Mindtheft, Undermine Reality, Undetectable Alignment, Unseasonable Squall, Upheaval, Verdant Sprout, Verminous Lure, Vicious Jealousy, Wall of Radiance, Wall of Shadow, Wall of Virtue, Web of Influence, Wyvern Sting, Zero Gravity, Zone of Truth


Adaptable Paddleboat, Apparatus of the Octopus, Armored Carriage, Automated Cycle, Bathysphere, Cliff Crawler, Clockwork Hopper, Clockwork Wagon, Clunkerjunker, Firefly, Firework Pogo, Glider, Sand Barge, Sand Diver, Sand Racer, Shark Diver, Siege Tower, Sky Chariot, Heavy, Sky Chariot, Light, Sky Chariot, Medium, Snail Coach, Strider, Velocipede


Air repeater, Aklys, Alchemical Crossbow, Aldori Dueling Sword, Arquebus, Asp Coil, Axe Musket, Backpack Ballista, Backpack Ballista Bolts, Backpack Catapult, Backpack Catapult Stones, Battle Lute, Big Boom Gun, Black Powder Knuckle Dusters, Bladed Diabolo, Bladed Gauntlet, Bladed Hoop, Bladed Scarf, Blunderbuss, Boarding Axe, Boarding Pike, Bola, Butchering Axe, Butterfly Sword, Buugeng, Cane Pistol, Chakri, Clan Dagger, Clan Pistol, Claw Blade, Coat Pistol, Combat Grapnel, Dagger Pistol, Daikyu, Dandpatta, Dart Umbrella, Dogslicer, Donchak, Double-barreled Musket, Double-Barreled Pistol, Dragon Mouth Pistol, Dueling Pistol, Dueling Spear, Dwarven Scattergun, Dwarven War Axe, Elven Branched Spear, Elven Curve Blade, Explosive Dogslicer, Fangwire, Fighting Fan, Fighting Stick, Filcher's Fork, Fire Lance, Fire Poi, Firearm Ammunition (10 rounds), Firearm Ammunition (5 rounds), Flingflenser, Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flying Talon, Gill Hook, Gnome Amalgam Musket, Gnome Flickmace, Gnome Hooked Hammer, Gun Sword, Halfling Sling Staff, Hammer Gun, Hand Cannon, Harmona Gun, Hongali Hornbow, Hook Sword, Horsechopper, Injection Spear, Jezail, Juggling Club, Kalis, Kama, Karambit, Katana, Katar, Khakkara, Khopesh, Kukri, Kusarigama, Leiomano, Lion Scythe, Long Air Repeater, Mace Multipistol, Magazine (Air Repeater), Magazine (Long Air Repeater), Mambele, Mithral Tree, Naginata, Nightstick, Nine-Ring Sword, Nunchaku, Ogre Hook, Orc Knuckle Dagger, Orc Necksplitter, Pantograph Gauntlet, Pepperbox, Piercing Wind, Piranha Kiss, Poi, Polytool, Rapier Pistol, Repeating Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow Magazine, Repeating Hand Crossbow, Repeating Hand Crossbow Magazine, Repeating Heavy Crossbow, Repeating Heavy Crossbow Magazine, Rhoka Sword, Sai, Sawtooth Saber, Scorpion Whip, Shauth Blade, Shauth Lash, Shears, Shuriken, Sickle-Saber, Slide Pistol, Spiked Chain, Spiral Rapier, Spoon Gun, Stiletto Pen, Sun Shot, Sun Sling, Switchscythe, Tamchal Chakram, Taw Launcher, Tekko-kagi, Temple Sword, Tengu Gale Blade, Thorn Whip, Three Peaked Tree, Thunder Sling, Thundermace, Tonfa, Tri-Bladed Katar, Tricky Pick, Triggerbrand, Umbrella Injector, Urumi, Visap, Wakizashi, War Lance, Whip Claw, Wind and Fire Wheel, Wish Blade, Wish Knife, Zulfikar