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PFS StandardWood

Source Rage of Elements pg. 14

Impulse Feats

Click here for a list of all Wood impulse feats.

Elemental BlastLevel 1

1d8 bludgeoning or vitality, 30 feet

Impulse Junction (Single Gate)Level 1

You gain temporary Hit Points equal to your level that last until the start of your next turn.

Gate JunctionLevel 5

Critical Blast If the target of the critical hit is adjacent to a surface, roots entangle it. The target is immobilized and must spend an Interact action to attempt a DC 10 Athletics check to pull itself free. The target doesn't become stuck if it is incorporeal, is liquid, or could otherwise escape without effort.
Elemental Resistance poison, wood
Aura Junction Life-giving blossoms spring up around you. Any ally that begins its turn in the aura gains 1 temporary Hit Point that lasts until the start of its next turn. This increases to 2 temporary Hit Points if you're 10th level or higher and to 3 temporary Hit Points if you're 15th level or higher.
Skill Junction Survival, Terrain Expertise