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PFS StandardCranial Detonation [free-action] Feat 18

Death Mindshift Psyche Psychic 
Source Dark Archive pg. 29
Frequency once per round
Trigger You successfully reduce one or more non-mindless enemies to 0 Hit Points with a spell.

As your overwhelming psyche fells a creature, you use its flickering consciousness to detonate psychic energy from the creature's head. Each enemy you reduced to 0 Hit Points dies and its head explodes. Each exploding head generates a shockwave in a 15-foot emanation around that enemy. Each creature in any of the emanations takes 10d6 bludgeoning damage with a basic Reflex save. If this damage reduces an enemy to 0 Hit Points, its head also explodes, potentially damaging more creatures and potentially causing more detonations. A given creature can take damage only once from a single use of Cranial Detonation.



An effect with the death trait kills you immediately if it reduces you to 0 HP. Some death effects can bring you closer to death or slay you outright without reducing you to 0 HP.


An action with this trait can always be altered to use the raw power of your mind. When you take this action, you can choose to replace any damage it deals with mental damage, give it the mental trait, and replace any save it requires with a Will save. The action loses any traits matching damage types it no longer deals.


Your psyche must be unleashed to use abilities that have the psyche trait, and they end automatically when your unleashed psyche subsides.