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Lorthact (The Unraveler) [LE]

Source Shadows at Sundown pg. 63
Once, Lorthact was a darling of the powers of Hell, an infernal duke beholden to no single archdevil and rumored to have the favor of the god Asmodeus himself. But Lorthact was not satisfied in his station—like so many devils— and concocted a plan to reverse roles with Eiseth, one of Hell's Queens of the Night. Lorthact hoped to gain control of the erinyes armies of Hell and a substantial portion of Dis, while Eiseth would take the role of his consort.

Eiseth uncovered the plot, and Lorthact found himself the target of her legendary fury. His allies and patrons abandoned him, unwilling to bring Eiseth's wrath upon themselves, and Lorthact fled Hell entirely. He leapt from plane to plane, unable to find refuge until at last he slipped Eiseth's pursuit by hiding as a mortal in the city of Korvosa.

Lorthact's cult is incredibly small. Even in his reduced state, he can still grant spells to his few remaining clerics. His symbol is a staff wrapped in scrolls.

Category Other Gods
Edicts learn arcane secrets, take from others what you cannot make yourself, rule from the shadows
Anathema reveal your actual identity, share power with the weak
Follower Alignments LE, NE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Font harm
Divine Skill Arcana
Favored Weapon staff
Domains magic, time, trickery, tyranny
Cleric Spells 1st: magic missile, 3rd: slow, 6th: feeblemind