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Source Book of the Dead pg. 72
A shadow creature is little more than a sentient shadow powered by negative energy. Shadows can easily travel to and from the Shadow Plane.
  • Add the undead trait.
  • Add the Necril language.
  • Add Stealth with a modifier equal to its highest skill modifier.
  • Add the following immunities: death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, precision, unconscious.
  • Add the following weaknesses, with a value based on the creature's level: force, ghost touch, positive.
  • If the creature can't fly, change its highest Speed to a fly Speed. Remove all other Speeds.
  • The damage of the creature's physical Strikes changes to negative damage, and those Strikes are magical.
  • Add darkness as an innate divine spell usable once per day.
  • Add the following abilities.
    Negative Healing
    Slink in Shadows The creature can Hide or end its Sneak in a creature's or object's shadow.

Shadow Adjustment

3 or lower3