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Elemental Spell List

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 203 1.1
The elementalist archetype uses this elemental spell list. It includes spells from all hardcover rulebooks up to this release.

You can discuss with the GM any spells from other sources you want to add to your list. As a general rule, spells with the air, earth, fire, or water trait belong on the list, including spells that add one of those traits depending on how they're cast, such as elemental zone. Spells that are general and appear on every tradition's spell list also make good candidates.

H spell has other effects when heightened
S spell is from an adventure path or adventure and may have spoilers
U spell is Uncommon
R spell is Rare
Q spell is Unique

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Elemental Cantrips

PFS StandardDeep BreathH: Take an incredibly deep breath.
PFS StandardDetect MagicH: Sense whether magic is nearby.
PFS StandardDetect MetalH: Sense whether metal is nearby.
PFS StandardDraw Moisture: Dry out an object and collect the water.
PFS StandardEat FireH: React to eat flame then belch the smoke out.
PFS StandardElemental CounterU: Use a countering element to protect against a spell.
PFS StandardGale BlastH: Damage and push adjacent creatures with air.
PFS StandardGlass ShieldH: Protect yourself with a glass shield.
PFS StandardHealing PlasterH: Transform mud into a healing plaster to treat wounds without healer's tools.
PFS StandardIlluminateH: Kindle all light sources around you.
PFS StandardLightH: Make an object glow.
PFS StandardMage HandH: Command a floating hand to move an object.
PFS StandardMessageH: Speak a message to a distant creature, who can reply.
PFS StandardNeedle DartsH: Turn a piece of metal into needles and shoot them at a foe.
PFS StandardPrestidigitation: Perform a minor magical trick.
PFS StandardProduce FlameH: Kindle small flames to attack close or at range.
PFS StandardRead AuraH: Detect if an object is magical, and determine the school of its magic.
PFS StandardRoot Reading: Learn about an area using root systems.
PFS StandardRousing SplashH: Splash a creature to invigorate it and wash away acid and fire.
PFS StandardScatter ScreeH: Evoke rocks to deal bludgeoning damage and make rocky difficult terrain.
PFS StandardShieldH: A shield of magical force blocks attacks and magic missiles.
PFS StandardSigilH: Leave a magical mark.
PFS StandardSlashing GustH: Cut creatures with ripples of air.
PFS StandardSpoutH: Batter creatures with a water blast that is larger if cast in a body of water.
PFS StandardTake Root: Reinforce a creature’s stance or grip with roots.
PFS StandardTimberH: Drop a tree on someone.
PFS StandardTremor SignsH: Send a sentence through stone.

Elemental 1st-Level Spells

PFS StandardAir Bubble: React to create air for a creature to breathe.
PFS LimitedAirburstHSU: A blast of wind wildly pushes everything nearby.
PFS LimitedAqueous BlastHRS: You evoke a mass of water into the air around your outstretched fist.
PFS StandardBreadcrumbsH: Make a trail behind a creature.
PFS LimitedBriny BoltH: You hurl a bolt of saltwater from your extended hand.
PFS StandardBuffeting WindsH: You release a quick burst of wind that batters your living opponents without causing them lasting harm, while also blowing undead away.
PFS StandardBuoyant BubblesH: Create bubbles that make a creature buoyant.
PFS StandardBurning HandsH: A small cone of flame rushes from your hands.
PFS StandardConductive Weapon: Charge a metal weapon with electricity.
PFS StandardCreate Water: Conjure 2 gallons of water.
PFS StandardDehydrateH: Make creatures parched, damaging and enfeebling them.
PFS StandardFlourishing FloraH: Grow a patch of cacti, flowers, fruits, or roots to hurt your enemies.
PFS StandardFold MetalH: Bend a metal object into a ball.
PFS StandardForgeHU: Developed before the introduction of the Iron Lagoon, this cantrip for superheating metal has also found valuable combat use.
PFS LimitedGritty WheezeHSU: You exhale desiccating grit and sand in a small cloud.
PFS StandardGust of Wind: Wind blows out fires and knocks back objects and creatures.
PFS StandardHydraulic PushH: Damage and push a creature with a blast of water.
PFS StandardInstant PotteryH: Create earthenware objects.
PFS StandardInterposing EarthH: React to make a barrier of earth.
PFS StandardMage ArmorH: Ward yourself with magical armor.
PFS StandardMagic Weapon: Make a weapon temporarily magical.
PFS StandardMendingH: Repair one non-magical item.
PFS StandardMud Pit: Conjure mud to slow movement.
PFS LimitedPersonal Rain CloudHSU: You conjure a 5-foot-wide rain cloud that follows the target wherever it goes.
PFS StandardPet Cache: Hide a familiar or animal companion in a pocket dimension.
PFS StandardProtector TreeH: Conjure a tree that takes damage instead of adjacent allies.
PFS StandardPummeling RubbleH: Hurl a cone of rocks to batter creatures.
PFS LimitedScorching BlastHRS: You evoke a mass of fire into the air around your outstretched fist.
PFS LimitedScouring SandHSU: You blast the area with grit that scours away soil and gets into creatures’ eyes.
PFS StandardShattering GemH: A large gem floats around the target in an erratic pattern.
PFS StandardShielded ArmH: Reinforce a creature’s arm with metal that lets it use its arm as a shield.
PFS StandardShockwaveH: You create a wave of energy that ripples through the earth.
PFS StandardSignal SkyrocketH: Send an exploding firework straight up into the sky.
PFS StandardSnowballH: You throw a magically propelled and chilled ball of dense snow.
PFS LimitedSwampcallHSU: You call upon the spirits of the soil to twist and churn, transforming the terrain in the targeted area into a sodden mess.
PFS StandardVentriloquismH: Throw your voice.
PFS StandardVerdant SproutH: Make a plant seed grow rapidly.
PFS StandardWall of ShrubsH: Create a wall of shrubs that provide cover.
PFS StandardWeaken EarthH: Reduce the durability of something made of earth.
PFS StandardWeave WoodH: Break plant fiber into strands and magically weave them.
PFS StandardWooden FistsH: Turn your hands into tree trunks.

Elemental 2nd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAsh CloudH: Summon a cloud of hot ash and smoke.
Blast of the BellowsH: You create a churning eddy of warm air that makes it difficult to fly within the area.
PFS StandardBlazing ArmoryH: Create a weapon made of fire.
PFS LimitedBlazing BladeHRS: A scimitar-shaped beam of fiery light springs from your free hand.
PFS LimitedBralani ReferendumHSU: You enforce fair play with punishing zephyrs.
PFS LimitedBreath of DroughtHSU: You fill the area with an oppressive, arid swelter that overwhelms creatures with heat exhaustion.
PFS StandardBrine Dragon BileH: React to spit saltwater into a cut.
PFS StandardBurrow WardH: Prevent burrowing in earth near you.
PFS StandardCauterize Wounds: Seal bleeding wounds with flame.
PFS StandardClad in MetalH: Coat an item in a metal of your choice.
PFS StandardCleanse AirH: Make air safe.
PFS StandardDarkvisionH: See in the dark.
PFS StandardDispel Magic: End a spell or suppress an item's magic.
PFS StandardElemental ZoneH: Make one element more damaging within a zone.
PFS StandardEndure ElementsH: Protect a creature from severe cold or heat.
PFS StandardExpeditious ExcavationH: You remove loose dirt, dust, gravel, sand, and the like from the area.
PFS StandardExploding EarthH: Throw an exploding ball of earth.
PFS StandardFaerie Fire: Colorful light prevents creatures from being concealed or invisible.
PFS StandardFalsify HeatH: Make a creature’s body heat seem different.
PFS StandardFinal SacrificeH: Channel energy to blow up your minion.
PFS StandardFireproofH: Protect an object against catching fire.
PFS StandardFlame WispH: Fire wisps damage those you strike, and more grow if you cast fire spells.
PFS StandardFlaming SphereH: A ball of fire rolls about at your command.
PFS StandardGentle BreezeH: Create a soothing wind that heals and reduces heat.
PFS StandardGentle ReposeH: A corpse doesn't decay and can't become undead.
PFS StandardHeat MetalH: Make metal red hot.
PFS StandardHelpful Wood Spirits: Make a gaggle of wood spirits carry out a small task.
PFS StandardIgnite FireworksH: Throw exploding fireworks.
PFS StandardInstant Armor: Set a contingency to return your armor to you.
PFS StandardMagnetic Attraction: Pull items with magnetism, even disarming metal weapons.
PFS StandardMagnetic RepulsionH: Push metal away, defending against metal weapons and armored foes.
PFS StandardObscuring Mist: Conceal creatures in a cloud of mist.
PFS StandardPave GroundH: Even out the ground in a line.
PFS StandardPropulsive Breeze: React to extend a Stride or Leap.
PFS StandardQuenchH: Put out fires and hurt fire creatures.
PFS StandardResist EnergyH: Protect a creature from one type of energy damage.
PFS StandardRubble StepH: Have an ally leave rubble as it moves.
PFS StandardScorching RayH: Fire one to three rays of heat and flame at different foes.
PFS LimitedSea SurgeSU: You slap or stomp on a nearby solid or liquid surface, sending a surge of water rushing away from you.
PFS StandardSplinter VolleyH: Fling sharp splinters at one or more enemies.
PFS StandardSummon ElementalH: Conjure an elemental to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardThermal RemedyH: Adjust ingredients in food and drink for health benefits.
PFS StandardTremorsenseH: Sense vibrations in the ground.
PFS StandardVoice on the BreezeH: Whisper a message far away.
PFS StandardWaterproofH: Protect an object against becoming wet.

Elemental 3rd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAqueous Orb: Roll a ball of water to put out fires and engulf creatures.
PFS StandardBlastbackH: React to emit a shockwave when you land after a fall.
PFS StandardBlazing DiveH: Fly up, then dive in an explosion of superheated air.
PFS StandardCave FangsH: Make flowstone spikes bite creatures and impede movement.
PFS StandardCloud Dragon's Cloak: React to hide a creature in mist.
PFS StandardCoral Scourge: Fill a creature’s joints with stiffening coral growths.
PFS StandardCrashing WaveH: Smash a cone of water against foes.
Cyclone RondoHR: Playing or singing melodies discovered by the ancient Shory, you call up a whirlwind
PFS StandardDive and BreachH: Teleport with splashes of water.
PFS StandardDividing TrenchHU: You dig an earthen trench across the surrounding terrain, which must be soil, clay, sand, or other soft earth, but not flooring or stone.
PFS StandardElemental AbsorptionH: Resist elemental effects and then release the energy against a foe.
PFS StandardElemental Annihilation WaveH: Draw in elemental energy to unleash a cone of burning destruction.
PFS StandardFireballH: An explosion of fire in an area burns creatures.
PFS LimitedGlass SandHSU: You throw a handful of sand that transforms into jagged shards of glass.
PFS LimitedHeatvisionHU: Let a creature see heat.
PFS StandardLevitate: Float an object or creature a few feet of the ground.
PFS StandardLotus WalkH: Bloom water plants that let you and others walk on water.
PFS StandardMagnetic AccelerationH: Magnetically launch an item to attack a foe.
PFS StandardMeld into Stone: Meld into a block of stone.
PFS StandardNoxious MetalsH: Coat creatures in toxic metal.
PFS StandardPillar of Water: Create a column of water creatures can swim through.
PFS LimitedPyrotechnicsSU: You turn a fire into either a burst of blinding fireworks or a thick cloud of choking smoke
PFS StandardSafe PassageH: Make an area safe to move through.
PFS StandardSand FormH: Turn a creature’s body and gear into sand.
PFS StandardScrying RipplesH: Scry from one body of water into another.
PFS StandardSearing LightH: A ray of burning light deals extra damage to undead and counteracts darkness.
PFS StandardShifting SandH: You cause the surface to heave.
PFS StandardSoothing Blossoms: Flowers assist recovery from persistent damage and afflictions.
PFS StandardTempest Cloak: Protect a creature with swirling winds.
PFS LimitedUnseasonable SquallSU: You issue a blast of sudden wind that ripples outward from the center of the burst.
PFS StandardWall of Water: Create a wall of water, forcing foes to swim through.
PFS StandardWall of Wind: Create a wall of gusting winds that hinders movement and ranged attacks.
PFS StandardWooden DoubleH: React to leave a wooden double of yourself to take a hit for you.

Elemental 4th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAir Walk: Walk on air as though it were solid ground.
PFS StandardAirliftH: Fly creatures, and items to a new location.
PFS StandardCinder SwarmH: Create insects made of fire.
PFS StandardDraw the LightningH: Call down lightning into you or a weapon.
PFS StandardElemental GiftH: Infuse an ally with one of the four elements.
PFS StandardElemental SenseH: Gain a sense related to an element you choose.
PFS StandardFire ShieldH: Flames protect you from cold and harm those that touch you.
PFS StandardFlyH: Cause the target creature to gain a fly Speed.
PFS StandardGlass FormH: Turn a creature’s body into living glass.
PFS StandardGrasp of the DeepH: Make a creature feel like it’s being crushed underwater.
PFS StandardGrasping EarthH: Create hands of rock from the ground to grab creatures.
PFS StandardHoly CascadeH: Turn a vial of holy water into an explosion of blessed water.
PFS StandardHydraulic TorrentH: Force creatures back with a damaging line of water.
PFS StandardLife-Draining RootsH: Roots hurt creatures in a line and transfer their vitality to you.
PFS StandardMercurial StrideH: Turn to quicksilver and move through creatures.
PFS StandardMisty MemoryU: Replay a scene from the past through the medium of water.
PFS StandardMurderous VineH: Grab a creature with a vine.
PFS StandardPetal StormH: A storm of razor-sharp petals slash creatures in the area.
PFS StandardPhoenix WardH: Protect yourself from dying from fire.
PFS StandardRigid FormH: Protect against polymorph effects.
PFS StandardRust CloudH: Make a cloud of rusty flecks that cuts creatures and rusts metal.
PFS StandardShape Stone: Reshape a cube of stone.
PFS StandardSliding BlocksH: Make cubes of stone and repeatedly move them around.
PFS StandardSolid Fog: Conjure heavy fog that obscures sight and is hard to move through.
PFS StandardSoothing SpringH: Create a rejuvenating hot spring that heals the wounded and tired.
PFS StandardSpike StonesH: Grow sharp spikes out of the ground.
PFS StandardStifling StillnessH: Make air hard to breathe and traverse.
PFS StandardStoneskinH: Harden a creature's skin into durable stone.
PFS StandardWall of FireH: Create a blazing wall burns creatures that pass through.
PFS StandardYmeri's MarkH: Curse a creature with the Queen of the Inferno’s mark to track it or make it explode.
PFS StandardZephyr SlipH: React to fly away from a creature.

Elemental 5th-Level Spells

PFS StandardBanishmentH: Send a creature back to its home plane.
PFS StandardBlazing FissureH: Rip a crack of magma in the earth.
PFS StandardControl Water: Raise or lower water in a large area.
PFS StandardElemental BreathH: Breathe out elemental energy.
PFS StandardElemental FormH: Turn into an elemental.
PFS StandardEngrave MemoryU: Store memories in a stone.
PFS StandardEntwined RootsH: Protect creatures with durable roots that can catch ranged weapons.
PFS LimitedFire's PathwayHU: Teleport from fire to fire.
PFS StandardFlame DancerH: Encircle a creature in flames to inflame its strikes and give it an intimidating dance.
PFS StandardFlame StrikeH: Call divine fire from the sky.
PFS StandardFlames of Ego: Light up a creature and make it fascinated with itself.
PFS StandardFlowing Strike: Flow on a wave and attack on the way.
PFS StandardFreezing RainH: Chill and slow creatures with cold rain.
PFS StandardGeyserH: Blast foes upward with superheated water, causing them to fall and leaving concealing fog.
PFS LimitedIncendiary FogRS: You summon a cloud of flammable black dust.
PFS LimitedLashunta's Life BubbleHSU: You create a replenishing protective bubble of fresh, temperate air around the target.
PFS StandardMantle of the Magma Heart: Morph yourself with fire, which you can change during the spell.
PFS RestrictedMantle of the Melting Heart: Morph your body with metal, which you can change during the spell.
PFS StandardMantle of the Unwavering Heart: Morph your body with wood, which you can change during the spell.
PFS StandardPasswallHU: Form an earthen tunnel through a wall.
PFS LimitedPillars of SandHSU: Create pillars of sand.
PFS StandardPressure Zone: Reduce air pressure to deafen and debilitate.
PFS StandardSummon GiantH: Conjure a giant to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardTemporary Glyph: Quickly scribe a short-lived glyph to blast foes.
PFS StandardTransmute Rock and MudH: Turn an area of rock into mud or vice versa.
PFS StandardWall of IceH: Sculpt a foot-thick wall of ice that blocks sight and can chill creatures.
PFS StandardWall of StoneH: Shape a wall of stone.
PFS StandardWisdom of the WindsU: Ask air spirits for guidance.

Elemental 6th-Level Spells

PFS StandardArrow SalvoH: Fling massive arrows that can damage and knock down foes.
PFS StandardElemental Confluence: Summon a confluence of elementals of all four elements.
PFS StandardField of RazorsH: Fill an area with a tangle of razor wire.
PFS StandardFire SeedsH: Make four explosive acorns.
PFS StandardFlame VortexH: Invoke a moving tornado of fire and wind.
PFS StandardFrost Pillar: Freeze a creature in a pillar of ice.
PFS StandardLignify: Turn a creature to wood.
PFS StandardNature's ReprisalH: Anger plant life to slow and damage creatures.
PFS StandardPersonal Ocean: Surround yourself in a bubble of water.
PFS StandardPhantom OrchestraH: An invisible orchestra damages with bursts of sound.
PFS StandardStone TellU: Speak to spirits within natural stone.
PFS StandardStone to Flesh: Turn a creature turned to stone back to flesh.
PFS StandardTeleportHU: Transport you and willing creatures a great distance.
PFS StandardTrue Seeing: See through illusions and transmutations.
PFS StandardVitrifying BlastH: Glass shards cut creatures and turn them glass-like.
PFS StandardWall of MetalH: Shape a wall made of a particular metal.

Elemental 7th-Level Spells

PFS StandardBeheading Buzz SawH: Lop heads off with a flying buzz saw.
PFS LimitedControl SandHSU: Manipulate sand around you.
PFS StandardDancing Fountain: Tap a splendid fountain with majestic displays you command.
PFS StandardDimensional LockU: Prevent teleportation and planar travel.
PFS StandardEnergy AegisH: A creature gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
PFS StandardFiery BodyH: Turn your body into living flame.
PFS StandardFrigid FlurryH: Turn into slashing snowflakes and fly in a straight line.
PFS StandardHeaving EarthH: Make a shockwave that pushes creatures in the way and explodes when it reaches a target.
PFS StandardHungry DepthsH: Open a door to corrupted water that damages and consumes.
PFS StandardPlane ShiftU: Transport creatures to another plane of existence.
PFS StandardPollen PodsH: Cultivate trap-like pollen bulbs that explode.
PFS StandardShock to the SystemH: Lightning revives and revitalizes.
PFS StandardSunburstH: A globe of sunlight deals fire damage, hurts undead, and overcomes darkness.
PFS StandardUnfettered PackH: Let creatures avoid environmental hindrances.
PFS StandardVacuum: Inhale to steal breath from creatures around you.
PFS StandardVolcanic EruptionH: Cause massive lava sprays that burn creatures and encase them in rock.

Elemental 8th-Level Spells

PFS StandardBoil BloodH: Boil a foe's blood.
PFS StandardBurning BlossomsH: A tree fascinates enemies and burns creatures that stay beneath it.
PFS LimitedDelugeHSU: You unleash a catastrophic downpour in the area that vanishes an instant later.
PFS StandardEarthquakeH: Shake the ground with a devastating earthquake.
PFS StandardFerrous FormH: Turn your body into iron.
PFS StandardPunishing Winds: A cyclone inhibits fight and traps creatures.
PFS StandardRainbow Fumarole: Vent multicolored gases to burn and debilitate.
PFS StandardSummon Elemental Herald: Summon an incarnate elemental to create a natural disaster.
PFS StandardWhirlpoolH: Create a vortex of waves.
PFS StandardWhirlwindH: Create a moving tornado to damage creatures and raise them into the air.
PFS StandardWind Walk: Turn creatures into swift-moving clouds.

Elemental 9th-Level Spells

PFS LimitedLinnorm StingSU: You replicate the fiery venom of the tor linnorm and inflict an enemy with the dread dragon's debilitating bite.
PFS StandardMagnetic Dominion: Reposition metal creatures and creatures in metal armor.
PFS StandardMeteor SwarmH: Call down four blazing meteors that explode.
PFS StandardOne with the Land: Merge into a natural feature to control the nearby environment.
PFS StandardStorm of VengeanceH: Create a massive, dangerous storm.
PFS LimitedUpheavalSU: The ground in the area shudders and crumbles as huge pillars of stone erupt into the air, rending the terrain around them.

Elemental 10th-Level Spells

PFS StandardCataclysm: Call an instant, damaging cataclysm.
PFS StandardElement Embodied: Turn into a massive elemental.
PFS StandardGateU: Tear open a portal to another plane.
PFS StandardIndestructibility: Become briefly immune to everything.
PFS LimitedNullify: React to automatically counteract a spell and take backlash damage.
PFS StandardRemakeU: Recreate a destroyed object.