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This Spell may contain spoilers from the Blood Lords Adventure Path

Uncommon Cantrip Conjuration 
Source Pathfinder #181: Zombie Feast pg. 79
Traditions divine, occult, primal
Cast somatic
Duration 10 minutes
You pull a large handful of guts from your midsection. Removing these guts doesn't harm you. You can use the guts as 50 feet of rope to help you Climb, and they help attach you to a wall. You move half as quickly as usual while climbing with your guts (minimum 5 feet), but you can attempt a DC 5 flat check whenever you critically fail to prevent a fall. Other creatures can use your guts to climb like a squishy rope, but the guts don't help anyone but you attach to a wall. If you let go of your guts or your guts are damaged, the spell ends.

    Heightened (3rd) You gain a +1 item bonus to Athletics checks to Climb while using your guts.