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PFS LimitedVicious JealousySpell 2

This Spell may contain spoilers from the Blood Lords Adventure Path

Uncommon Enchantment Mental 
Source Pathfinder #181: Zombie Feast pg. 80
Traditions arcane, divine, occult
Cast somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet; Targets 1 creature
Saving Throw Will; Duration sustained up to 1 minute
The target is overcome by deep jealousy and resentment that twists its mind against other creatures. It must attempt a Will save.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success For 1 round, the target no longer treats anyone as its allies. The spell then ends.
Failure The target no longer treats anyone as its allies. The target can't take the Aid reaction or any action that would directly benefit another creature, such as casting a beneficial spell on them, though it can still take actions that indirectly benefit other creatures, such as fighting the same foes.
Critical Failure As failure, and whenever the target starts its turn within reach of a creature it previously considered an ally, it must spend its first action on its turn to berate the creature or otherwise wave it away.

    Heightened (4th) You can target up to 10 creatures.