Source Core Rulebook pg. 631 4.0
Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the enchantment school of magic, typically involving mind control, emotion alteration, and other mental effects.


Iron Command, Restore the Mind, Ring Bell


Consummate Liar, Coward's Roots, Droskar's Gloom, Enforced Hospitality, Lord's Arrogance, Moon Hag's Eye, Obnubilate Curse, Rage of the Excommunicant, Reviled of Nature, Sellsword's Folly, Sinful Tongue, Theft of Thought


Admonishing Band, Alluring Scarf, Aluum Charm, Amaranthine Pavise, Aroden's Hearthstone, Ashen, Bagpipes of Turmoil, Bangles of Crowns, Bastion of the Inheritor, Beguiling Crown, Belt of the Five Kings, Bewildering Spellgun, Bewitching Bloom, Book of Lost Days, Boots of Dancing, Breastplate of Command, Broken Tusk Pendant, Bullhook, Candle of Truth, Cape of Grand Entrances, Captivating Bauble, Captivating Score, Chatterer of Follies, Choker of Elocution, Circlet of Persuasion, Cloak of Feline Rest, Cloak of Repute, Coin of Comfort, Composer Staff, Courtier's Pillow Book, Crown of the Kobold King, Cursed Dreamstone, Dazing Coil, Demon Mask, Demon's Knot, Desolation Locket, Devil's Luck, Devil's Trident, Diplomat's Badge, Discord Fulu, Dragon Rune Bracelet, Dragonscale Amulet, Dread, Dread Blindfold, Dreaming Round, Dreamstone, Drover's Band, Ebon Marionette, Elysian Dew, Empathy Charm, Entertainer's Lute, Faerie Dragon Liqueur, Fear Gem, Fearsome, Feast of Hungry Ghosts, Fiddle of the Maestro, Forgotten Signet, Fortune's Favor, Fulcrum Lenses, Ghost Ampoule, Glaive of the Artist, Golden Legion Epaulet, Gorget of the Primal Roar, Grievous, Grim Trophy, Grinning Pugwampi, Guardian Aluum Charm, Guiding Cajon Drum, Heckling Tools, Hex Blaster, Hexing Jar, Holy Steam Ball, Hopeful, Horn of the Aoyin, Hunter's Arrowhead, Hunter's Dawn, Inspiring Spotlight, Inventor's Chair, Ivory Baton, Jade Bauble, Knight Captain's Lance, Lantern of Empty Light, Liar's Demise, Lover's Gloves, Maestro's Chair, Maestro's Instrument, Majordomo Torc, Mask of Allure, Matchmaker Fulu, Menacing, Merchant's Guile, Mesmerizing Opal, Messenger's Ring, Mindlance, Mindlock Shot, Mind's Light Circlet, Mirror of Sorshen, Nemesis Name, Old Tillimaquin, Orb of Dragonkind, Pacifying, Pact-Bound Pistol, Phantom Piano, Phistophilus Fiddle, Pipes of Compulsion, Polished Demon Horn, Presentable, Restful Sleep Fulu, Restful Tent, Retribution Axe, Right of Retribution, Ring of Bestial Friendship, Ring of Lies, Ring of Sneering Charity, Ring of Truth, Rose of Loves Lost, Rowan Rifle, Secret-Keeper's Mask, Shining Shield, Shrieking Skull, Sigil of the First Clan, Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance, Singing Shortbow, Singing Sword, Sleep Arrow, Snarling Badger, Socialite Staff, Spellbook of Redundant Enchantment, Spurned Lute, Staff of Enchantment, Staff of the Dreamlands, Stage Fright Missive, Standard of the Primeval Howl, Stole of Civility, Sunken Pistol, Taleteller's Ring, Terrifying Ammunition, The Betrayal, The Eclipse, The Fool, The Inquisitor, The Publican, Troubadour's Cap, Truth Potion, Unbreakable Heart, Uniter of Clans, Wand of Mental Purification, Wand of Paralytic Shock, Wand of Tormented Slumber, Wand of Wearying Dance, Whip of Compliance, Whisper of the First Lie, Words of Wisdom


Acknowledge Fan, Calaca's Showstopper, Command Attention, Dark Persona's Presence, Divine Disharmony, Drain Emotion, Dream Logic, Enchanting Arrow, Frightful Moan, Hypnotic Lure, Infiltrate Dream, Mental Static, Mesmerizing Gaze, Mind Shards, Mummy's Despair, Oneiric Influence, Second Chance Spell, Whispering Steps, Wrath of the First Ghoul

Focus Spells

Aberrant Whispers, Allegro, Ancestral Touch, Blind Ambition, Blinding Beauty, Brain Drain, Cackle, Call to Arms, Captivating Adoration, Charming Touch, Charming Words, Commanding Lash, Competitive Edge, Contagious Idea, Counter Performance, Delusional Pride, Diabolic Edict, Dirge of Doom, Dread Aura, Dreamer's Call, Evil Eye, Faerie Dust, Fatal Aria, Fey Disappearance, Forbidden Thought, Frenzied Revelry, Hollow Heart, Inspire Competence, Inspire Courage, Inspire Defense, Inspire Heroics, Lament, Lingering Composition, Litany of Self-Interest, Magic's Vessel, Needle of Vengeance, Nymph's Token, Ordained Purpose, Overflowing Sorrow, Pact Broker, Pied Piping, Roar of the Wyrm, Savor the Sting, Shaken Confidence, Shared Nightmare, Song of Marching, Song of Strength, Soothing Ballad, Soothing Words, Stoke the Heart, Sweet Dream, Touch of Obedience, Touch of the Moon, Triple Time, Veil of Confidence, Veil of Dreams, Waking Dream, Waking Nightmare, Wilding Word, Wind Whispers, Word of Freedom, You're Mine, Zeal for Battle


Reflected Desires

Item Curses



Bacchanalia, Dread Ambience, Geas, Ideal Mimicry, Inveigle, Oblivious Expulsion


Agitate, Agonizing Despair, Anathematic Reprisal, Animal Messenger, Aromatic Lure, Bane, Befuddle, Belittling Boast, Bless, Blinding Fury, Blistering Invective, Burning Blossoms, Calm Emotions, Canticle of Everlasting Grief, Celestial Accord, Charitable Urge, Charm, Clownish Curse, Command, Compel True Name, Confusion, Crisis of Faith, Crusade, Crushing Despair, Cutting Insult, Daydreamer's Curse, Daze, Déjà Vu, Divine Inspiration, Divinity Leech, Dominate, Draw Ire, Dream Message, Dreaming Potential, Dull Ambition, Elysian Whimsy, Endure, Enthrall, Entrancing Eyes, Fabricated Truth, Favorable Review, Fear, Feeblemind, Focusing Hum, Forced Mercy, Girzanje's March, Glibness, Glimmer of Charm, Heroism, Hideous Laughter, Horrifying Blood Loss, Impart Empathy, Implement of Destruction, Inexhaustible Cynicism, Infectious Comedy, Infectious Ennui, Infectious Enthusiasm, Infectious Melody, Invoke True Name, Liberating Command, Mind Games, Mind of Menace, Movanic Glimmer, Nature's Enmity, Outcast's Curse, Overwhelming Presence, Paralyze, Power Word Blind, Power Word Kill, Power Word Stun, Procyal Philosophy, Remove Fear, Roaring Applause, Sage's Curse, Schadenfreude, Shift Blame, Sleep, Soothe, Subconscious Suggestion, Sudden Recollection, Suggestion, Synaptic Pulse, Synchronize Steps, Tame, Telepathic Demand, Thundering Dominance, Touch of Idiocy, Uncontrollable Dance, Unfathomable Song, Vicious Jealousy, Warp Mind, Warrior's Regret, Zealous Conviction, Zone of Truth