Source Core Rulebook pg. 633 4.0
Light effects overcome non-magical darkness in the area, and can counteract magical darkness. You must usually target darkness magic with your light magic directly to counteract the darkness, but some light spells automatically attempt to counteract darkness.


Aquarium Lamp, Bioluminescence Bomb, Bottled Sunlight, Brilliant Rapier, Candlecap, Cape of Illumination, Draft of Stellar Radiance, Duelist's Beacon, Eclipse, Energizing Lattice, Everburning Torch, Ghost Lantern, Glimmering Missive, Glorious Plate, Golden Blade of Mzali, Inspiring Spotlight, Light Writer, Midday Lantern, Mind's Light Circlet, Moonlit Spellgun, Primordial Flame, Queasy Lantern, Radiant Lance, Reaper's Crescent, Shining Ammunition, Sighting Shot, Silver Crescent, Sprite Apple, Starfaring Cloak, Sun Dazzler, Sunrod, Twilight Lantern, Vine of Roses, Wand of Chromatic Burst, Wand of Dazzling Rays, Wand of Fey Flames, Wand of Refracting Rays


Cleansing Light, Crystal Luminescence, Dazzling Block, Eternal Torch, Holy Light, Ignite the Sun, Radiant Burst, Radiant Circuitry, Radiate Glory, Reflective Defense, Scintillating Spell

Focus Spells

Angelic Wings, Asterism, Dazzling Flash, Hologram Cage, Life-Giving Form, Light of Revelation, Moonbeam, Moonlight Bridge, Positive Luminance, Spray of Stars, Sun Blade, Touch of the Moon, Zenith Star


Hesperid, Hesperid Queen


Chromatic Armor, Chromatic Ray, Cloak of Light, Continual Flame, Dancing Lights, Dawnflower's Light, Faerie Fire, Flames of Ego, Inner Radiance Torrent, Light, Moonburst, Moonlight Ray, Prismatic Shield, Prismatic Sphere, Prismatic Spray, Prismatic Wall, Radiant Beam, Radiant Field, Radiant Heart of Devotion, Rainbow Fumarole, Reaper's Lantern, Scouring Pulse, Searing Light, Sunburst, Wall of Radiance, Wall of Virtue