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Desecrator [Neutral Evil]

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 116 2.0
You always take what pleases you, no matter who it hurts, and you spread the influence of evil across all you touch. You gain the Selfish Shield champion's reaction and the touch of corruption devotion spell. After the tenets of evil, add this tenet.
  • Subvert or corrupt everything in your path that is pure and good, and sow doubt among those upholding such ideals.

Champion's Reaction

Selfish Shield [reaction]

Uncommon Champion 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 117 2.0
Trigger An enemy within 15 feet damages you.
Your self-interest keeps you safe. You gain resistance against the triggering damage equal to 2 + half your level, regardless of damage type.

In addition, your Strikes against the triggering creature deal 1 extra damage until the end of your next turn. You choose whether this extra damage is evil or negative each time you use this reaction. This extra damage increases to 2 at 9th level and 3 at 16th level.

Divine SmiteLevel 9

If your Charisma modifier is +2 or greater, your resistance against the triggering damage equals your Charisma modifier + half your level.

ExaltLevel 11

When you use Selfish Shield, each enemy within 15 feet of you takes a –1 status penalty to attack rolls against you until the start of your next turn.