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This Spell may contain spoilers from the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Uncommon Curse Hex Transmutation Witch 
Source Pathfinder #169: Kindled Magic pg. 75
Lesson lesson of calamity
Cast [one-action] somatic
Range 60 feet; Targets 1 creature
Saving Throw Reflex; Duration sustained up to 1 minute
With a twist of a finger, you send a creature careening on a haphazard trajectory. The target must attempt a Reflex save.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target takes a –2 status penalty to Athletics and Acrobatics checks.
Failure As success, and each time the target Strides, it uses the first 5 feet of movement of the Stride to move 5 feet in a random direction (this is forced movement). This has no effect on a creature with only 5 feet of movement.
Critical Failure As failure, except you control the direction of the target's first 5 feet of movement of the Stride.