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Climb [one-action]

Source Player Core pg. 234
Requirements You have two hands free.
You attempt an Athletics check to move a maximum distance of 5 feet up, down, or across an incline. You're off-guard while climbing unless you have a climb Speed. The GM determines the DC based on the nature of the incline and environmental circumstances; you might get an automatic critical success on an incline that's trivial to climb. If your land Speed is 40 feet or higher, increase the maximum distance by 5 feet for every 20 feet of Speed above 20 feet.

Critical Success You move along the incline, increasing the maximum distance by 5 feet.
Success You move along the incline.
Critical Failure You fall. If you began the climb on stable ground, you fall and land prone.


When you fall more than 5 feet, you take falling damage when you land, which is bludgeoning damage equal to half the distance you fell. If you take any damage from a fall, you're knocked prone when you land. You can Grab an Edge as a reaction to reduce or eliminate the damage from some falls. More detailed rules for falling damage appear here.