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PFS StandardSupertaster Feat 7

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 209 2.0
Prerequisites master in Perception

You have refined your palate and have a discerning sense of taste that can detect abnormalities in the flavor and texture of food and beverages. When eating food or drinking a beverage, you automatically attempt to identify the ingredients, which might alert you to the presence of alterations or additives, such as poisons. The GM rolls a secret Perception check using the poison's level to determine the DC; on a success, you learn that the food or drink was poisoned, but not the specific poison used.

If you lick or taste something while Investigating or attempting to Recall Knowledge to identify something, if the taste would provide relevant additional information (at the GM's discretion), you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your check.



A type of feat that any character can select, regardless of ancestry and class, as long as they meet the prerequisites. You can select a feat with this trait when your class grants a general feat.