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PFS StandardDraconic BarrageFocus 1

Source Gods & Magic pg. 119 2.0
Domain wyrmkin
Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal
Duration 1 minute
You shape energy into one incorporeal tiny dragon (or serpentine creature) that flits around you. The specific dragon is random; roll 1d6 on the table below for each dragon evoked to determine which type of dragon you create. While the spell persists, you can command one of your dragons to spit a missile of energy at a creature within 60 feet by using a single action, which has the concentrate trait. This is a ranged Strike that uses your spell attack bonus and deals 1d6 damage plus your spellcasting ability modifier, with the damage type depending on the dragon. A dragon’s breath Strike uses and contributes to your multiple attack penalty. Once a dragon has used its breath Strike, it winks out of existence; when you have no dragons remaining, the spell ends.

Draconic Barrage

D6DragonBreath Strike Type
1Copper or blackAcid
2Silver or whiteCold
3Bronze or blueElectricity
4Brass, gold, or redFire
6Your choice of dragonAs the dragon

    Heightened (+1) You shape 1 additional dragon, and the Strike damage increases by 1d6.