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Source GM Core pg. 180
Category Outer Sphere Planes
Divinities archdevils, Asmodeus, Dahak, Erecura, General Susumu, infernal dukes, Minderhal, Yaezhing, Zursvaater, queens of the night
Native Inhabitants devils, hell hounds, shades (the damned)
Hell is the realm of devils, the multiversal seat of tyranny and malignant laws, and the divine domain of Asmodeus, the Prince of Darkness. Here, every act is authorized, calculated, recorded, and set like perfectly ordered clockwork within a vast machine driven on methodical suffering and greased with pain and purification. The nine inverted layers of Hell violently oppose the surrounding fabric of the Maelstrom, each layer shaped to reflect the nature of its ruling archdevil. Avernus’s volcanic wastes, ruled by Barbatos, are the marshaling place of Hell’s armies and where newly damned souls are shackled and shuffled off to their assigned torment. Dispater’s layer of Dis is a great iron city: brutal, beautiful, and terrible. The layer of Erebus is comprised of both the sewers of Dis and the vaults and treasuries of Hell, ruled by Mammon, a great genius loci embodied by the very wealth locked within Hell’s coffers. Ruled by Belial, the layer of Phlegethon hosts Hell’s forges, while Geryon’s watery realm of Stygia houses Hell’s libraries. Moloch’s smoldering, ash-draped forest realm of Malebolge is the training site of the infernal armies, and Baalzebul’s frozen layer of Cocytus torments the imprisoned, starving damned. Mephistopheles rules the layer of Caina, a realm of cages and torture suspended above a pit of hungry darkness, while at the very bottom of Hell’s infinite pit, Asmodeus rules unquestioned from his throne in Nessus.