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PFS StandardAcrobat Dedication Feat 2

Legacy Content

Archetype Dedication 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 155 2.0
Archetype Acrobat
Prerequisites trained in Acrobatics

You become an expert in Acrobatics. At 7th level, you become a master in Acrobatics, and at 15th level, you become legendary in Acrobatics. Whenever you critically succeed at an Acrobatics check to Tumble Through an enemy's space, you don't treat the enemy's space as difficult terrain.

Special You can't select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the acrobat archetype.

Acrobat Dedication Leads To...

Contortionist, Dodge Away, Graceful Leaper, Mockingbird's Disarm, Quick Spring, Show-Off, Tumbling Opportunist, Tumbling Strike



This feat belongs to an archetype.


You must select a feat with this trait to apply an archetype to your character.