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Portable Weapon MountItem 1+

Source Guns & Gears pg. 182
PFS Note Characters with access to firearms gain access to accessories that can be used with those weapons.

Bulk 1
Powerful firearms like the arquebus were originally used to defend fortifications or ships, mounted on casements or pintles to steady their aim and offset their recoil. More mobile means of stabilizing weapons with kickback were developed as firearms began to spread across the Inner Sea. The standard tripod takes an Interact action to deploy using one hand.

PFS StandardPortable Weapon Mount (Monopod)Item 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 182
Price 2 sp
Bulk 1
Monopods are lighter and can be deployed with a single hand using the same action as drawing the firearm. They still require an Interact action to retrieve. Monopods are less stable than a tripod, and firing a kickback weapon from a monopod without the necessary Strength reduces the penalty to a –1 circumstance penalty instead of removing it entirely.

PFS StandardPortable Weapon Mount (Tripod, Shielded)Item 3

Source Guns & Gears pg. 182
Price 50 gp
Bulk 5
A shielded tripod resembles a squat shield on a tripod. You can deploy and retrieve a shielded tripod with an Interact action, as normal, but while a shielded tripod is in your square, you can use the Take Cover action to gain standard cover behind the tripod's shield. You can't use this cover to Hide or Sneak, as normal for times when your cover still leaves your position obvious.