Source Core Rulebook pg. 637 4.0
A hazard or item with this trait is constructed to hinder interlopers.


Acid Spitter, Alarm Snare, Appetizing Flavor Snare, Avalanche of Stones Snare, Battering Snare, Binding Snare, Biting Snare, Bleeding Spines Snare, Bomb Snare, Boom Snare, Burning Badger Guts Snare, Caltrop Snare, Chopping Evisceration Snare, Clinging Ooze Snare, Clockwork Monkey, Clockwork Chirper, Deadweight Snare, Death Coil, Detonating Gears Snare, Dream Pollen Snare, Dust Pods, Engulfing Snare, Envenomed Snare, Expulsion Snare, Fang Snare, Fire Box, Fire-Douse Snare, Flame Drake Snare, Flare Snare, Flying Blade Wheel Snare, Frost Worm Snare, Glittering Snare, Grasping Snare, Grasping Tree, Grease Snare, Hail of Arrows Snare, Hampering Snare, Hobbling Snare, Hoof Stakes Snare, Ice Slick Snare, Instant Evisceration Snare, Irritating Thorn Snare, Marking Snare, Mirror-Ball Snare, Mudrock Snare, Nauseating Snare, Noisemaker Snare, Omnidirectional Spear Snare, Piercing Whistle Snare, Poison Barbs Snare, Puff Dragon, Pummeling Snare, Raining Knives Snare, Rending Snare, Rock Ripper Snare, Rusting Snare, Scything Blade Snare, Setup Snare, Shrapnel Snare, Signaling Snare, Smoke Screen Snare, Snagging Hook Snare, Spike Snare, Spirit Snare, Stalker Bane Snare, Static Snare, Striking Snare, Stunning Snare, Tar Rocket Snare, Thunder Snare, Tin Cobra, Torrent Snare, Trip Snare, Warning Snare, Wet Shock Snare


Acid Strongbox Trap, Acidic Needle Launcher, Armageddon Orb, Auto-Turret, Avalanche Doors, Axiomatic Polymorph Trap, Banshee's Symphony, Black Powder Bomb, Boiling Fountains, Bottomless Pit, Boulder Deadfall Trap, Breath of Despair, Breeg's Traps, Button Mash, Buzzing Latch Rune, Camouflaged Spiked Pit, Canopy Drop, Castigate the Faithless, Catacomb Cave, Caustic Dart Trap, Caustic Vapor, Centipede Carcasses Trap, Charge of the Spear Legion, Choking Tethers, Clockwork Dancers, Clone Mirrors, Collapsing Bridge, Collapsing Floor, Color Spray Trap, Compression Tunnel, Confounding Portal, Constricting Hall, Convergence Lattice, Cordon Alarm, Corpse Disposal, Corrupted Draft, Crush the Uninvited, Crushing Gate Trap, Cuastic Shower, Dahak's Shell, Dahak's Skull, Darkside Mirror, Dart Barrage, Dart Launcher, Dart Launcher, Deadly Workshop, Deathly Dream, Death's Slumber Ward, Dimensional Darkside Mirror, Disorienting Illusions, Distortion Mirror, Dragon Pillar, Dream Pollen, Dream-Poisoned Door, Dropping Web Trap, Drowning Pit, Eldritch Echoes, Electric Latch Rune, Electrified Gate, Electrified Water Ward, Entangling Shredder Trap, Entrapping Chair, Envenomed Thorns Trap, Exhaling Portal, Exploding Statue, Exploding Stove, Explosive Crystal Spheres, Explosive Furniture Trap, Explosive Steam Trap, Falling Bridge, Falling Debris, Falling Portcullis, Falling Portcullis Trap, Falling Stars, False Door Trap, False Floor, False Step Floor, Fireball Rune, Flensing Chute, Floating Flamethrower, Flooding Room, Flying Guillotine, Formian Sting Trench, Freezing Floor, Freezing Floor Tiles, Frozen Moment, Gas Trap, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Warding, Gravehall Trap, Guardian Mural, Hail of Razor Stones, Hallowed Wheel, Hallucination Powder Trap, Hammer of Forbiddance, Hidden Chute, Hidden Pit, Hidden Pressure Plate, Imperious Darkside Mirror, Insistent Privacy Fence, Iron Dart Launcher, Iron Maiden Trap, Keystone Repulsion, Keystone Trap, Krooth Summoning Rune, Lava Flume Tubes, Life Magnet, Life-Draining Thunder, Locking Alarm, Lodestone Trap, Loose Slab, Luminous Ward, Lyzerium Bottle, Masks of Aroden's Guises, Maze of Mirrors, Memory Hole, Mental Assault, Mental Scream Trap, Mirror Door, Mukradi Summoning Runes, Nightmare Portal, Night's Breath Trap, Orb Blast Trap, Paradox Engine, Paranoia Well, Pendulum Blades, Pendulum Pit, Phantasmagoric Fog Trap, Pharaoh's Ward, Planar Eviction Trap, Planar Rift, Plunger Chute, Poisoned Dart Gallery, Poisoned Lock, Poisoned Secret Door Trap, Polymorph Trap, Praise of Yog-Sothoth, Precarious Thunderstone Trap, Psychic Wave, Punishing Altar, Purple Dye Trap, Quarry Sluiceway, Reflected Desires, Repeater Crossbow Trap, Reservoir Trap, Rigged Cubby, Rigged Ramen Cart, Rockfall Ceiling, Scholar's Bane, Scythe Blades, Second Chance, Second Kiss Engine, Seismic Spears Trap, Serpent Ward, Shadow Guards, Shadow Hook, Shadow Lash, Shadow Maze, Shattering Rune, Shrinking Hall, Shuffling Hall, Sickle Blades, Sigil of Deepest Fears, Skewering Hall, Slamming Door, Slamming Gate, Soporific Lecture, Soul Draining Cage, Soul Stasis, Soul-Draining Spirit Collectors, Spear Launcher, Spider Summoning Rune, Spike Thrower, Spiked Barricade Trap, Spiked Doorframe, Spinning Blade Pillar, Spiraling Comets, Spitter Pods, Stabbing Sentinels, Steam Vents, Stinger Ward Trap, Stink-Sap Trap, Stygian Fires, Subduing Gas Chamber, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Telekinetic Swarm Trap, Teleport Trap, Test of Agility, Test of Endurance, Test of Strength, Test of Tactics, Thalassophobic Pool, The Cleansing Hall, The Enmity Cycle, The Last Crucible, The Putrid Rise, Thief's Trap, Thunderstone Cascade Trap, Time Rift, Toppling Shelves, Toxic Furnace, Trapped Elevator, Trapped Lathe, Trapped Portcullis, Tree of Dreadful Dreams, Unfinished Portalrender, Unstable Fiendfire Cage, Urgathoa's Ire, Valmar's Pit Trap, Violet Mister, Vision of Dahak, Vorpal Executioner, Web Lurker Deadfall, Web Lurker Noose, Wheel of Misery, Witch-Priests' Curse, Wooden Bullets Trap, Wrath of the Destroyer