Source Core Rulebook pg. 631 4.0
This magic comes from the divine tradition, drawing power from deities or similar sources. Anything with this trait is magical.


Change Shape, Drain Life, Iron Command, Telekinetic Assault


Sword of Anathema


Aligned Oil, Ancestral Embrace, Anointed Waterskin, Armor of the Holy Warrior, Azarim, Balisse Feather, Blessed Ampoule, Busine of Divine Reinforcement, Candle of Invocation, Cane of the Maelstrom, Cassock of Devotion, Celestial Armor, Celestial Peach, Crying Angel Pendant, Dawnlight, Daylight Vapor, Death Knell Powder, Demon Armor, Fearweed, Forgefather's Seal, Fu Water, Grim Ring, Guardian Shield, Guiding Star, Holy Avenger, Holy Prayer Beads, Holy Steam Ball, Holy Water, Hundred-Moth Caress, Hunger Oil, Hunter's Brooch, Jax, Knight Captain's Lance, Kortos Diamond, Lady's Chalice, Liar's Demise, Life Salt, Lifeblight Residue, Martyr's Shield, Oath of the Devoted, Passage Pane, Phylactery of Faithfulness, Piereta, Radiant Lance, Redsand Hourglass, Repulsion Resin, Serithtial, Shot of the First Vault, Sight-Theft Grit, Skinsaw Mask, Soulspark Candle, Spectral Nightshade, Spell-Eating Pitch, Starless Scope, Tallowheart Mass, Thurible of Revelation, Torag's Silver Anvil, Unholy Water


Align Armament, Bat Form, Battle Prayer, Bless Shield, Bodysnatcher, Breath of Hungry Death, Calaca's Showstopper, Celestial Wings, Channel Smite, Coffin Bound, Corrupted Shield, Daywalker, Desiccating Inhalation, Devil in Plain Sight, Divine Aegis, Divine Disharmony, Divine Evolution, Dominion Aura, Eat Fortune, Everdistant Defense, Festering Wound, Fiendish Wings, Final Form, Flame Jump, Forge-Blessed Shot, Form of the Bat, Frightful Moan, Ghost Wrangler, Glean Lore, Graveshift, Guardian Ghosts, Haunt Ingenuity, Holy Light, Liberate Soul, Lifesense, Mummy's Despair, Olethros's Decree, Oracular Warning, Pact of Infernal Prowess, Pact of the Final Breath, Radiate Glory, Reveal Hidden Self, Sacred Defense, Safeguard Soul, Scapegoat Parallel Self, Secret Eater, Semblance of Life, Spiral Sworn, Spirits' Interference, Spiritual Sense, Storm Shroud, Terrain Form, Their Master's Call, Tomb-Watcher's Glare, Towering Presence, Turn to Mist, Wrath of the First Ghoul

Focus Spells

Battlefield Persistence


Crystal Pin, Planar Tear, Storm Discharge, Unstable Fiendfire Cage


Divine Warden Of Brigh