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PFS StandardHag

Legacy Content

Source Core Rulebook pg. 197 4.0
A hag long ago cursed your family, or you are a descendant of a hag or changeling, and their accursed corruption infests your blood and soul.

Spell List occult
Bloodline Skills Deception, Occultism
Granted Spells cantrip: daze, 1st: illusory disguise, 2nd: touch of idiocy, 3rd: blindness, 4th: outcast's curse, 5th: mariner's curse, 6th: baleful polymorph, 7th: warp mind, 8th: spiritual epidemic, 9th: nature's enmity
Bloodline Spells initial: jealous hex, advanced: horrific visage, greater: you're mine
Blood Magic Spiteful curses punish your foes. The first creature that deals damage to you before the end of your next turn takes 2 mental damage per spell level and must attempt a basic Will save.