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PFS RestrictedXhamen-Dor (The Star Seed)

Legacy Content

Source Gods & Magic pg. 132 2.0
Xhamen-Dor, the living cancer, was born in the sewers beneath Carcosa, the alien city that is the home of Hastur. Somehow, this Great Old One was transported to Golarion within a comet, crashing into the bottom of a lake during the devastation of Earthfall. Physically, it manifests as a twisting and vaguely serpentine-shaped mass of bone, hair, and fungus.

The Inmost Blot, as Xhamen-Dor is also known, exists to conquer worlds by infecting the living with itself. Its victims, the seeded, enact its will and seek to spread its influence until the entire world is just an extension of Xhamen-Dor itself. Then, once only the seeded remain, Xhamen-Dor uses the last of the planet’s energy to return to Carcosa, which in turn absorbs the world Xhamen-Dor has brought to it, allowing Carcosa to slowly grow.

Category Outer Gods and Great Old Ones
Edicts Spread fungal growths, subtly infect others with knowledge of Xhamen-Dor
Anathema None
Follower Alignments NE, CE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Constitution or Wisdom
Divine Font harm
Divine Sanctification can choose unholy [Nethys Note: Generated per Remaster Compatibility FAQ]
Divine Skill Nature
Favored Weapon spear
Domains change, decay, dreams, nature
Cleric Spells 1st: summon plant or fungus, 3rd: wall of thorns, 7th: warp mind