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PFS StandardStumbling Stance [one-action] Feat 1

Legacy Content

Monk Stance 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 128 2.0
Archetype Martial Artist*
Prerequisites trained in Deception
* This archetype offers Stumbling Stance at a different level than displayed here.

You enter a seemingly unfocused stance that mimics the movements of the inebriated—bobbing, weaving, leaving false openings, and distracting your enemies from your true movements. While in this stance, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Deception checks to Feint. The only Strikes you can make are stumbling swing unarmed attacks. These deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage; are in the brawling group; and have the agile, backstabber, finesse, nonlethal, and unarmed traits. If an enemy hits you with a melee Strike while in this stance, it becomes flat-footed against the next stumbling swing Strike you make against it before the end of your next turn.

Archetype Use

This feat can be used for one or more Archetypes in addition to the listed Classes. When selected this way, the feat is not considered to have its class traits.

Stumbling Stance Leads To...

Stumbling Feint



A stance is a general combat strategy that you enter by using an action with the stance trait, and that you remain in for some time. A stance lasts until you get knocked out, until its requirements (if any) are violated, until the encounter ends, or until you enter a new stance, whichever comes first. After you use an action with the stance trait, you can’t use another one for 1 round. You can enter or be in a stance only in encounter mode.