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PFS StandardMirror Refuge [two-actions] Feat 9

Legacy Content

Conjuration Extradimensional Occult Reflection 
Source Dark Archive pg. 121
Frequency once per day
Prerequisites Mirror-Risen
Requirements You're within 5 feet of a mirrored surface.

Your origin in the space behind mirrors enables you to use a mirror as a hideaway, like the spell meld into stone. You meld into an adjacent mirror. You can hear but not see outside this space, and creatures outside can't see or hear you. You can cast spells while within the mirror, but no effects can cross the mirror. Your Mirror Refuge lasts for 10 minutes unless the mirror is broken, which expels you and deals 10d6 damage to you. You can Dismiss the effect. You appear in a space adjacent to the mirror when the effect ends.



Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the conjuration school of magic, typically involving summoning, creation, teleportation, or moving things from place to place.


This effect or item creates an extradimensional space. An extradimensional effect placed inside another extradimensional space ceases to function until it is removed.


This magic comes from the occult tradition, calling upon bizarre and ephemeral mysteries. Anything with this trait is magical.


A creature with this trait has the reflection versatile heritage. Reflections are beings who are copies of living people, whether through cloning, planar duplication, or another mechanism. An ability with this trait can be used or selected only by reflections.