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Chapter 6: Equipment / Carrying and Using Items

Wielding Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 272 4.0
Some abilities require you to wield an item, typically a weapon. You're wielding an item any time you're holding it in the number of hands needed to use it effectively. When wielding an item, you're not just carrying it around—you're ready to use it. Other abilities might require you to be wearing the item, to be holding it, or simply to have it.

Table 6-2: Changing Equipment

Draw or put away a worn item, or pick up an item11 or 2Interact
Pass an item to or take an item from a willing creature 21 or 2Interact
Drop an item to the ground1 or 2Release
Detach a shield or item strapped to you1Interact
Change your grip by removing a hand from an item2Release
Change your grip by adding a hand to an item2Interact
Retrieve an item from a backpack 3, sack, or similar container2Interact
1 If you retrieve a two-handed item with only one hand, you still need to change your grip before you can wield or use it.
2 A creature must have a hand free for someone to pass an item to them, and they might then need to change their grip if they receive an item requiring two hands to wield or use.
3 Retrieving an item stowed in your own backpack requires first taking off the backpack with a separate Interact action.