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Chapter 6: Equipment / Gear / Items and Sizes

Items of Different Sizes

Source Core Rulebook pg. 295 4.0
Creatures of sizes other than Small or Medium need items appropriate to their size. These items have different Bulk and possibly a different Price. Table 6–20 provides the Price and Bulk conversion for such items.

For example, a morningstar sized for a Medium creature has a Price of 1 gp and 1 Bulk, so one made for a Huge creature has a Price of 4 gp and 4 Bulk. One made for a Tiny creature still costs 1 gp (due to its intricacy) and has 1/2 Bulk, which rounds down to light Bulk.

Because the way that a creature treats Bulk and the Bulk of gear sized for it scale the same way, Tiny or Large (or larger) creatures can usually wear and carry about the same amount of appropriately sized gear as a Medium creature.

Higher-level magic items that cost significantly more than 8 times the cost of a mundane item can use their listed Price regardless of size. Precious materials, however, have a Price based on the Bulk of the item, so multiply the Bulk value as described on Table 6–20, then use the formula in the precious material’s entry to determine the item’s Price. See page 578 for more information.

Table 6-20: Differently Sized Objects

Creature SizePriceBulkLight BecomesNegligible Becomes
Small or Med.StandardStandardL
Largex2x21 BulkL
Hugex4x42 Bulk1 Bulk
Gargantuanx8x84 Bulk2 Bulk
* An item that would have its Bulk reduced below 1 has light Bulk.