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Release Date 6/28/2023
Product Line Lost Omens

Ancestry Heritages [1]

Forge-Blessed Dwarf

Animal Companions [3]

Augdunar, Draft Lizard, Goat

Archetypes [1]

Stalwart Defender

Backgrounds [3]

Fightbreaker, Highborn Snoop, Union Representative

Deities [8]

Angradd, Bolka, Dranngvit, Folgrit, Grundinnar, Kols, Magrim, Trudd

Equipment [53]

Affinity Stones, Ashen, Ashen (Greater), Black King, Blade of Fallen Stars, Bloodhammer Reserve, Bloodhammer Reserve (Black Label), Bloodhammer Reserve (Select), Bloodknuckles, Dark Pepper Powder, Everair Mask, Everair Mask (Greater), Everair Mask (Lesser), Everair Mask (Major), Everair Mask (Moderate), Furnace of Endings, Furnace of Endings (Greater), Furnace of Endings (Lesser), Furnace of Endings (Major), Gray Prince, Grindlegrub Steak, Grub Gloves, Grub Gloves (Greater), Grub Gloves (Lesser), Grub Gloves (Moderate), Highhelm Drill, Highhelm Drill (Mark I), Highhelm Drill (Mark II), Highhelm Drill (Mark III), Highhelm Stronghold Plate, Highhelm War Shield, Highhelm War Shield (Greater), Highhelm War Shield (Lesser), Highhelm War Shield (Moderate), Irondust Stew, Keep Stone, Keep Stone Armor, Keep Stone Armor (High-Grade), Keep Stone Chunk, Keep Stone Ingot, Keep Stone Object (High-Grade), Keep Stone Shield, Keep Stone Shield (High-Grade), Keep Stone Weapon, Keep Stone Weapon (High-Grade), Liar's Board, Magnet Coin, Scarlet Queen, Unexceptional, Words of Wisdom, Words of Wisdom (Greater), Words of Wisdom (Lesser), Words of Wisdom (Moderate)

Feats [19]

Clan Lore, Contract Negotiator, Cooperative Crafting, Cracked Mountain, Crushing Step, Gathering Moss, Gravel Guts, Master of Apprentice, Mountain Skin, Rivethun Disciple, Rivethun Spiritual Attunement, Rupture Stomp, Stalwart Defender Dedication, Stone Body, Tunnel Wall, Unshaken in Iron, Upset Balance, Vicious Critique, Whats That up Your Sleeve?

Monsters [6]

Augdunar, Draft Lizard, Grand Defender, Graul, Pagulin, The Bloodstorm

Relic Gifts [6]

Creative Spark, Elements of Creation, Forge Weld, Living Forge, Molten Crucible, Work Harden

Spells [1]