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Occult Tradition

Source Core Rulebook pg. 299 4.0
The practitioners of occult traditions seek to understand the unexplainable, categorize the bizarre, and otherwise access the ephemeral in a systematic way. Bards are the most iconic occult spellcasters, collecting strange esoterica and using their performances to influence the mind or elevate the soul, and occult sorcerers strive to understand the mysterious power in their blood.

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Occult Cantrips

PFS StandardApproximate: Magically estimate the number of nearby objects.
PFS StandardBullhornH: Magnify your voice to be heard at a distance.
PFS StandardChill TouchH: Your touch hurts the living or disorients undead.
PFS StandardDancing Lights: Create four floating lights you can move.
PFS StandardDazeH: Damage a creature's mind and possibly stun it.
PFS StandardDetect MagicH: Sense whether magic is nearby.
PFS StandardDetect MetalH: Sense whether metal is nearby.
PFS StandardEat FireH: React to eat flame then belch the smoke out.
PFS StandardForbidding WardH: Protect an ally against one specific enemy.
PFS StandardGhost SoundH: Make false sounds.
PFS StandardGuidance: Divine guidance improves one roll.
PFS StandardHaunting HymnH: A powerful hymn harms and deafens.
PFS StandardIlluminateH: Kindle all light sources around you.
PFS StandardInfectious Enthusiasm: Encourage yourself and an ally to improve one roll apiece.
PFS LimitedInside RopesHSU: You pull a large handful of guts from your midsection.
PFS LimitedInvoke True NameR: You speak the true name of a creature to more surely affect it with your magic.
PFS LimitedJoin PastsHSU: Share thoughts and experiences with allies.
PFS StandardKnow DirectionH: Find true north.
PFS StandardLightH: Make an object glow.
PFS StandardMage HandH: Command a floating hand to move an object.
PFS StandardMessageH: Speak a message to a distant creature, who can reply.
PFS StandardMusical AccompanimentH: You're surrounded by orchestral music that shifts and changes to match your behavior.
PFS StandardNeedle DartsH: Turn a piece of metal into needles and shoot them at a foe.
PFS StandardPhase BoltH: Fire a spike of magic that can pass through shields and cover
PFS StandardPrestidigitation: Perform a minor magical trick.
PFS StandardProtect CompanionH: Shield your eidolon or minion from harm.
PFS StandardRead AuraH: Detect if an object is magical, and determine the school of its magic.
PFS StandardRead the Air: Pick up societal cues.
PFS StandardShieldH: A shield of magical force blocks attacks and magic missiles.
PFS StandardSigilH: Leave a magical mark.
PFS StandardSummon InstrumentH: Conjure a musical instrument.
PFS StandardTameH: Make a domesticated animal friendlier to you.
PFS StandardTelekinetic ProjectileH: Fling an object at a creature.
PFS StandardTime Sense: Know perfectly what time it is
PFS StandardTremor SignsH: Send a sentence through stone.
PFS StandardWarp Step: Contract space to cover more ground when you move
PFS StandardWash Your Luck: Ignore misfortune once.

Occult 1st-Level Spells

PFS StandardAgitateH: You send the target’s mind and body into overdrive, forcing it to become restless and hyperactive.
PFS StandardAlarmH: Be alerted if a creature enters a warded area.
PFS StandardAnimate DeadH: Animate an undead creature to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardAnimate RopeH: Command a rope to move and tie as you wish.
PFS StandardAnticipate PerilH: You grant the target brief foresight.
PFS LimitedAqueous BlastHRS: You evoke a mass of water into the air around your outstretched fist.
PFS StandardBane: Weaken enemies' attacks in an aura around you.
PFS StandardBiting WordsH: Hurl sonic taunts to hurt creatures.
PFS StandardBless: Strengthen allies' attacks in an aura around you.
PFS StandardBreadcrumbsH: Make a trail behind a creature.
PFS LimitedCelestial AccordSU: You intervene in a heated disagreement between two creatures, encouraging them to put aside their differences and find some common ground.
PFS StandardCharmH: A creature becomes more friendly to you.
PFS StandardColor Spray: Swirling colors dazzle or stun creatures.
PFS StandardCommandH: Bid a creature to approach, run, release something, lie prone, or stand up.
PFS StandardConcordant ChoirH: Damage foes with music.
PFS StandardDéjà Vu: Make a creature do the same thing again.
PFS StandardDetect AlignmentHU: See auras of a chosen alignment.
PFS StandardDraw IreH: Mentally sting a creature's mind to make it less capable of attacking creatures other than you.
PFS StandardEchoing WeaponH: Your attacks build up to release a sonic pulse.
PFS StandardEndureH: You invigorate the touched creature’s mind and urge it to press on.
PFS LimitedExchange ImageSU: Trade appearances with the target.
PFS StandardFashionistaH: The target's clothes are transformed into ostentatious attire that epitomizes high-end local fashion.
PFS StandardFearH: Frighten a creature, possibly making it flee.
PFS RestrictedFlashy DisappearanceU: You create a puff of colorful smoke that quickly disperses while you become temporarily invisible.
PFS StandardFloating Disk: A disk of energy follows you, carrying objects.
PFS StandardForced MercyHU: You soften the target's blows, ensuring they avoid vital areas and cause no lasting harm.
PFS LimitedFriendfetchSU: You shoot out ephemeral, telekinetic strands that drag each target directly toward you, stopping in the closest unoccupied space to you in this path.
PFS LimitedGlowing TrailH: Your movements leave a vague glowing path behind you, like a misty echo of your presence.
PFS StandardGravitational Pull: Pull one or more creatures towards you using gravity.
PFS StandardGrim TendrilsH: Creatures in a line take negative damage and bleed.
PFS StandardHelpful StepsH: You call forth a ladder or staircase to help you reach greater heights.
PFS StandardIll Omen: Curse a creature with misfortune.
PFS StandardIllusory DisguiseH: Make yourself look like a different creature.
PFS StandardIllusory ObjectH: Form a convincing illusion of an object.
PFS StandardImprint Message: Put a false psychic imprint on an object.
PFS LimitedInkshotHRS: A spray of viscous, toxic ink jets from your fingertip to strike a target creature in the face.
PFS StandardInvisible ItemH: Make an item disappear from view.
PFS StandardItem FacadeH: Disguise an item to look perfect or shoddy.
PFS StandardKinetic Ram: Use waves of force to push enemies back
Know LocationH: You create an invisible anchor at a location within range (even if it's outside your line of sight or line of effect), as long as you can identify the location by its appearance (or other identifying features).
PFS StandardLiberating Command: You call out a liberating cry, urging an ally to break free of an effect that holds them in place.
PFS StandardLockH: Make a lock hard to open.
PFS StandardLose the Path: React to impede and possibly divert a Stride.
PFS StandardMage ArmorH: Ward yourself with magical armor.
PFS StandardMagic AuraHU: Change how an item's magic appears to detecting spells.
PFS StandardMagic MissileH: Pelt creatures with unerring bolts of magical force.
PFS StandardMagic Weapon: Make a weapon temporarily magical.
PFS StandardMendingH: Repair one non-magical item.
PFS StandardMessage Rune: You record a message up to 5 minutes long and inscribe a special rune on any flat unattended surface within reach.
PFS StandardMindlink: Mentally impart 10 minutes' worth of information in an instant.
PFS StandardNudge the OddsHU: Cheat at gambling.
PFS StandardObject ReadingH: Get psychic impressions from an object.
PFS StandardOverselling FlourishU: You make a grand spectacle out of getting hit.
PFS StandardPenumbral Shroud: You envelop the target in a shroud of shadow.
PFS StandardPet Cache: Hide a familiar or animal companion in a pocket dimension.
PFS StandardPhantom PainH: Cause a creature ongoing pain that sickens it.
PFS StandardPocket LibraryH: Withdraw books from a pocket library for study.
PFS StandardProtectionU: Shield a creature against those of a chosen alignment.
PFS StandardQuick SortH: Automatically sort many objects.
PFS StandardRay of Enfeeblement: Sap a creature's strength.
PFS StandardRestyle: Make permanent style changes to clothing.
PFS StandardSanctuary: Protect a creature from being attacked.
PFS StandardSchadenfreude: React to your critical failure to distract foes with their exultation.
PFS LimitedScorching BlastHRS: You evoke a mass of fire into the air around your outstretched fist.
PFS StandardSeashell of Stolen Sound: Copy a sound in a magical seashell.
PFS StandardShare LoreH: You share your knowledge with the touched creatures.
PFS StandardSignal SkyrocketH: Send an exploding firework straight up into the sky.
PFS StandardSleepH: Cause creatures in a small area to fall asleep.
PFS StandardSootheH: Heal the target and bolster them against mental attacks.
PFS StandardSpirit LinkH: Continually transfer your health to someone else.
PFS StandardSummon FeyH: Conjure a fey to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSynchronizeH: Place sigils on your targets that flash at a prespecified time.
PFS StandardSynchronize StepsHU: You link the minds of two targets, enabling them to move in tandem.
PFS StandardThicket of Knives: Illusory copies of your weapon arm improve your ability to feint.
PFS StandardThoughtful GiftH: Teleport an item to an ally's grasp.
PFS StandardTrue Strike: Make your next attack especially accurate.
PFS StandardUnseen Servant: Create an invisible creature to help you.
PFS StandardVentriloquismH: Throw your voice.

Occult 2nd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAnimated AssaultH: Temporarily animate small objects to attack creatures in an area.
PFS StandardAnimus MineH: You implant a mental mine within your psyche that detonates against anyone attempting to manipulate your thoughts.
PFS StandardAugury: Predict whether a course of action brings good fortune.
PFS StandardBefitting AttireH: Make clothes fit the occasion.
Binding MuzzleH: A shimmering muzzle of pure magical force clamps the target's mouth shut.
PFS StandardBlistering InvectiveH: Light a creature on fire with the sheer viciousness of your words.
Blood DuplicateSU: This spell deals you 1 piercing damage as you shape a magical duplicate of the target from your blood; you can't cast this spell if you don't have blood.
PFS StandardBlood VendettaH: Cause a creature that attacks you to start bleeding.
PFS StandardBlur: Cause a target's form to become blurry and hard to hit.
PFS StandardCalm Emotions: Suppress strong emotions and hostility.
PFS StandardCharitable Urge: Make a creature give away an object in its possession.
PFS StandardComprehend LanguageH: A creature understands one language.
PFS StandardConfetti CloudU: You conjure a dense storm of swirling confetti.
PFS StandardContinual FlameH: A magical flame burns indefinitely.
PFS StandardCutting InsultHU: You utter an insult so offensive that it cuts your target to the quick.
PFS StandardDancing ShieldHU: You levitate the touched shield and orbit it around a nearby ally.
PFS StandardDarknessH: Suppress all light in an area.
PFS StandardDarkvisionH: See in the dark.
PFS StandardDeafness: Make a creature deaf.
PFS StandardDeath Knell: Finish off a creature who's near death.
PFS StandardDispel Magic: End a spell or suppress an item's magic.
PFS StandardEmpathic LinkHU: You forge a bond between yourself and the target, enabling you to feel each other's emotions.
PFS StandardEmpty PackH: Make objects inside a container invisible
PFS StandardFaerie Fire: Colorful light prevents creatures from being concealed or invisible.
PFS StandardFalse LifeH: Gain temporary HP.
PFS LimitedFear the SunHSU: You cause the creature's vision to become particularly sensitive.
PFS StandardFeast of AshesH: You curse the target with a hunger no food can sate.
PFS StandardFinal SacrificeH: Channel energy to blow up your minion.
PFS StandardGentle BreezeH: Create a soothing wind that heals and reduces heat.
PFS StandardGentle ReposeH: A corpse doesn't decay and can't become undead.
PFS StandardGhoulish Cravings: Infect a creature with ghoul fever.
PFS LimitedGrave ImpressionsHSU: You project a fragment of your senses into the corpse.
PFS StandardHideous Laughter: Fits of laughter make a creature unable to take all its actions.
PFS LimitedHorrifying Blood LossHSU: You curse the target, filling it with terror at the loss of its blood.
PFS StandardHumanoid FormH: Take the shape of a humanoid.
PFS StandardIllusory CreatureH: Form a convincing illusion of a creature.
PFS RestrictedIllusory ShroudU: You shroud the target in subtle illusions that make it difficult to detect.
PFS LimitedImp StingSU: You reproduce an imp's evil, poisonous sting, stabbing at an enemy and possibly affecting them with the devil's benumbing venom.
PFS LimitedImpart EmpathyHSU: You expand the target's ability to understand social cues that are normally beyond its comprehension.
PFS LimitedInner Radiance TorrentH: Gather spiritual energy to fire a storm of force bolts and beams.
PFS StandardInstant Armor: Set a contingency to return your armor to you.
PFS RestrictedInstant ParadeU: An illusory parade with dozens of participants and performers appears around you, following you as you move.
PFS StandardInvisibilityH: A creature can’t be seen until it attacks.
PFS StandardKnock: Make a door, lock, or container easier to open, and possibly open it immediately.
PFS StandardLoose Time's Arrow: Boost a group of creature's movement through time
PFS StandardLucky Number: Set a contingency to reroll a specific, randomly chosen d20 result.
PFS StandardMagic Mouth: Make an illusory mouth appear to speak a message.
PFS StandardMimic Undead: Pretend to be undead.
PFS LimitedMind GamesSU: You lock minds with the target, trying to mentally subdue them.
PFS StandardMirror Image: Illusory duplicates of you cause attacks to miss.
PFS StandardMisdirection: Cause one creature’s auras to appear to be another’s.
PFS LimitedPack AttackHSU: You and one other target gain an uncanny coordination that helps you take down foes.
PFS StandardParanoiaH: Make a creature believe everyone is a threat.
PFS LimitedPenumbral DisguiseHSU: You wrap the target in shadows, granting them a +1 status bonus to Stealth checks to Hide while in dim light or darkness.
PFS StandardPersistent Servant: Summon a long-term unseen servant for a single task.
PFS StandardPhantasmal Treasure: Tempt a creature with an illusory reward.
PFS StandardPhantom CrowdH: Create an illusory crowd that loudly agrees with you.
PFS StandardPhantom SteedH: Conjure a magical horse.
PFS LimitedRadiant FieldHSU: You create an area of bright light.
PFS StandardReaper's Lantern: A ghostly lantern diminishes healing for the living and weakens undead.
PFS StandardRemove FearH: Free a creature from its fright.
PFS StandardRemove ParalysisH: Free a creature from paralysis.
PFS StandardResist EnergyH: Protect a creature from one type of energy damage.
PFS StandardRestorationH: Reduce a condition or lessen a toxin.
PFS StandardRestore SensesH: Remove a blinding or deafening effect.
PFS StandardSee InvisibilityH: See invisible creatures and objects.
PFS LimitedShadow ZombieHSU: You cast a shadow over the target zombie, briefly turning it into shadowy vapor and controlling its movement.
PFS StandardShatterH: Shatter an object with a high-frequency sonic attack.
PFS StandardSilenceH: Mute all sound from a creature.
PFS StandardSonata Span: Manifest a path with a tune.
PFS StandardSound BurstH: Damage and deafen creatures with a powerful din.
PFS StandardSpectral Hand: Create a semicorporeal hand that touches creatures to target them with your spells.
PFS StandardSpirit SenseH: Find spirits and haunts.
PFS StandardSpiritual WeaponH: Materialize a deific weapon of force that appears and attacks repeatedly.
PFS StandardSpy's MarkH: By pressing your hand to a wall or other solid immobile surface, you cause the crossed-swords symbol of the Firebrands—or a different symbol of your choosing—to appear on the targeted surface.
PFS StandardStatusH: Keep track of a willing creature's location and well-being.
PFS StandardSummoner's Precaution: Set a contingency to avoid being knocked out alongside your eidolon.
PFS StandardSummoner's VisageH: Change your eidolon to cosmetically appear to be your identical twin.
PFS LimitedSwallow LightHSU: You draw magical light into your open mouth, consuming it and turning its essence into fuel for a gout of life-draining shadows.
PFS LimitedTeeth to TerrorHSU: The target believes its teeth are falling out, crawling along its face, stabbing into its body, and cramming themselves down its throat.
PFS StandardTelekinetic Maneuver: Disarm, Shove, or Trip a creature telekinetically.
PFS StandardThundering DominanceH: Make your companion or eidolon intimidating and let it emit a sonic roar.
PFS StandardTimely Tutor: Connect your eidolon or familiar to the Akashic Record to briefly grant it knowledge.
PFS StandardTouch of Idiocy: Dull a target's mind with a touch.
PFS StandardTremorsenseH: Sense vibrations in the ground.
PFS StandardUmbral Extraction: Attempt to steal a spell slot.
Umbral MindtheftSU: You prepare to steal a broad field of knowledge from another creature, siphoning it from their mind and storing it in a pocket of the Shadow Plane connected to your own mind.
PFS StandardUndetectable AlignmentU: Make a creature or object appear neutral to alignment detection.
PFS LimitedVicious JealousyHSU: The target is overcome by deep jealousy and resentment that twists its mind against other creatures.
PFS StandardVoice on the BreezeH: Whisper a message far away.
PFS StandardVomit SwarmH: Vermin erupt in a cone from your mouth, biting and stinging creatures.
PFS StandardWarrior's RegretH: Regrets overcome a foe when they harm others.
Worm's RepastHRS: Gnawing worms materialize within the flesh of the target creature.

Occult 3rd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAgonizing DespairH: Mentally damage and frighten a creature.
PFS StandardBehold the WeaveH: View the timelines to make one more likely to occur
PFS StandardBind Undead: Take control of a mindless undead.
PFS StandardBlindness: Strike a target blind.
PFS StandardBottomless StomachH: Store things in a creature's stomach.
PFS StandardBracing Tendrils: Force tendrils prevent unwanted movement
Caster's ImpositionHSU: A magical interference prevents the target from contributing to any form of cooperative spellcasting.
PFS StandardCircle of ProtectionHU: A creature emits an aura that protects those within against an alignment.
PFS StandardClaim Curse: Draw a creature's curse into you temporarily.
PFS StandardClairaudience: Hear through an invisible magical sensor.
PFS StandardCozy Cabin: Conjure a temporary cabin sheltered from the elements.
PFS StandardCup of DustH: You curse the target with a thirst no drink can quench.
PFS StandardCurse of Lost TimeH: Artificially erode or age a target.
Cyclone RondoHR: Playing or singing melodies discovered by the ancient Shory, you call up a whirlwind
PFS StandardDay's WeightH: Use time magic to fatigue a creature.
Deep SightH: Your eyes darken until they become entirely pitch black.
PFS StandardDistracting ChatterH: Distract a creature with auditory illusions.
PFS StandardDream MessageH: Send a message that arrives in a dream.
PFS StandardEnthrall: Your speech makes creatures fascinated with you.
Excise LexiconHSU: You reach into a creature's mind and extract its knowledge of a word.
PFS StandardFamiliar's Face: Implant your senses in your animal companion or familiar.
PFS LimitedFar SightSU: You can see distant objects as if they were closer.
Fate's TravelsH: You get a vision of the creature when it was alive, and its last 10 minutes of travel.
PFS StandardFocusing Hum: A pleasant hum helps resist distractions
PFS StandardGhostly Weapon: Make a weapon affect incorporeal creatures.
PFS StandardGlyph of Warding: Store a spell in a symbol to make a trap.
PFS StandardGravity Well: Pull all creatures towards the center of a sphere of altered gravity.
PFS StandardHasteH: Speed up a creature so it can attack or move more often.
PFS LimitedHeatvisionHU: Let a creature see heat.
PFS StandardHeroismH: Stoke a creature's inner heroism to make it more competent.
PFS StandardHypercognition: Recall massive amounts of information in an instant.
PFS StandardHypnotic Pattern: Shifting colors dazzle and fascinate creatures.
PFS StandardImpending DoomH: Make a foe witness its potential death and become distressed.
PFS LimitedInfectious EnnuiHRS: With a wave of your hand and a short invocation, you cause feelings of ennui and impending doom to well up in the mind of the targeted creature, who must attempt a Will save.
PFS StandardInvisibility SphereH: You and creatures near you become invisible as you explore.
PFS LimitedLashing RopeH: You cause a section of rope or a rope-like object to animate, slither to your square, and encircle you, wreathing you in twisting, lashing fibers.
PFS StandardLevitate: Float an object or creature a few feet of the ground.
PFS StandardLife PactHU: Using your life force or spirit as a conduit, you bind the targets in a mystical pact.
PFS StandardLocateHU: Learn the direction to an object.
PFS LimitedMagical FettersSU: Ghostly manacles launch from your outstretched hand and clasp around the target's limbs, impeding its movements.
PFS StandardMartyr's InterventionU: You shield a creature in dire need with your own life force, taking the harm upon yourself to save their life.
PFS StandardMind of Menace: Set a contingency to punish a foe's mental effect and protect yourself from it.
PFS StandardMind ReadingU: Read a creature's surface thoughts.
PFS StandardMoth's SupperH: Your breath becomes ominous moths that detect nearby bloodshed and restore your vitality
PFS StandardNondetectionU: Protect a creature or object from detection.
PFS RestrictedNothing Up My SleeveU: You create an extradimensional space within each of your sleeves.
PFS StandardOneiric Mire: Create illusory quicksand that tricks creatures into thinking they're stuck.
PFS StandardOoze FormH: Turn into an ooze battle form.
PFS StandardOrgansightH: See a foe's organs, and use your knowledge to deal precision damage.
PFS LimitedPainted ScoutHSU: You press your hand to the stone, causing hand-drawn scouts to spread out from your fingers.
PFS StandardParalyzeH: Freeze a creature in place.
PFS StandardPercussive ImpactHU: You lob a compressed ball of sound at a foe.
PFS StandardPerseis's PrecautionsU: Leaving nothing to chance, you weave divinatory precautions against an ambush, alerting the target to danger.
PFS StandardPhantom PrisonH: Trap a creature in illusory walls until it disbelieves.
PFS LimitedPyrotechnicsSU: You turn a fire into either a burst of blinding fireworks or a thick cloud of choking smoke
PFS StandardRally PointHU: Designate a point you can teleport back to with a thought
PFS StandardRoaring ApplauseH: Force the target to cheer and applaud you.
PFS StandardRouse SkeletonsH: Rouse a squadron of skeletons to claw your foes.
PFS StandardScrying RipplesH: Scry from one body of water into another.
PFS StandardSculpt SoundH: Quiet or alter the sound from a creature or object.
PFS StandardSea of ThoughtH: Liquid thoughts form a morass that slows movement
PFS StandardSecret Page: Alter the appearance of a page.
PFS StandardShadow ProjectileH: React when an ally makes a ranged attack to create a shadow double of the attack, distracting and damaging the foe.
PFS StandardShadow Spy: A bird made of shadows and soil keeps watch over an area
PFS LimitedShift Blame: Trick someone into thinking someone else is to blame for your attack or blunder.
PFS StandardSlowH: Make a creature slower, reducing its actions.
PFS StandardSparkleskinU: You coat a creature's body in a layer of brilliantly sparkling glitter.
PFS LimitedSudden RecollectionU: Plant information in a creature's subconscious to be revealed on a trigger you choose.
PFS StandardTemporal TwinU: Call a version of yourself from a recent timeline to repeat your actions
PFS StandardThreefold Aspect: Switch between versions of yourself at different ages.
PFS StandardTime Jump: Leap forward in time, moving swiftly.
PFS RestrictedTime Pocket: Send an object forward in time to arrive at a later date
PFS LimitedTranscribe ConflictHRS: You cause a sheet of paper to appear in your hand, and a moment later a detailed description of a combat you experienced within the last hour is recorded on that sheet of paper in a language that you know of your choice.
PFS StandardVampiric TouchH: Deal negative damage and gain temporary HP with a touch.
PFS LimitedWall of ShadowHSU: You form a wall of pure darkness in a straight line up to 60 feet long and 10 feet high.
PFS StandardWanderer's Guide: Find an ideal route to a location.
PFS StandardWeb of Eyes: Put scrying sensors on creatures, allowing them to share their vision with others.
PFS StandardWhirling ScarvesH: You surround yourself in a vortex of whirling colorful scarves of force that obfuscate you and disorient your foes.
PFS StandardWooden DoubleH: React to leave a wooden double of yourself to take a hit for you.
PFS StandardZone of TruthU: Designate an area where creatures are compelled to be truthful.

Occult 4th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAromatic LureHR: You override a target's olfactory senses, luring them to a specific location through tantalizing false scents.
PFS StandardBestial Curse: Make a humanoid take on features of a beast.
PFS StandardBlinkH: Flit between the planes, vanishing and reappearing.
PFS StandardBloodspray CurseH: Curse a foe with deeper wounds and bleeding.
PFS StandardBursting BloomHU: You cause a rose bush to sprout from the chest of a foe, bursting out of its body and wrapping it in thorned vines.
PFS LimitedCall the BloodHSU: With a word and gesture, you cause streams of blood to erupt from the target's mouth, nostrils, ears, or other facial openings and come rushing into your mouth.
PFS StandardChroma Leach: Sap the color and vitality from a living creature.
PFS StandardChromatic ArmorH: Glowing armor sheds light, dazzling foes and granting random resistances.
PFS StandardChromatic RayH: Ray of light causes effects based on its color.
PFS StandardClairvoyance: See through an invisible magical sensor.
PFS LimitedClownish CurseSU: You afflict the target with a curse that causes it to emit ridiculous noises as it moves.
PFS LimitedCompel True NameR: You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
PFS StandardConfusionH: Befuddle a creature, making it act randomly.
PFS StandardCountless Eyes: Cause magical eyes to appear all over a creature's body.
PFS LimitedDawnflower's LightHRS: The object glows with soft golden light that lays bare the truth, reveals hidden objects, and shines supernatural light on false orders.
PFS LimitedDaydreamer's CurseSU: You impose a curse upon the target that renders it easily distracted and unable to focus its thoughts on tasks that demand insight or discernment.
PFS StandardDetect CreatorR: You examine the remains or spiritual residue of a destroyed undead creature to locate that undead's creator, perhaps a necromancer or vampire.
PFS StandardDetect ScryingHU: Find out if scrying effects are in the area.
PFS StandardDimension DoorH: Teleport yourself up to 120 feet.
PFS StandardDimensional Anchor: Keep a creature from teleporting or traveling to other planes.
Dirge of RemembranceHSU: You sing a funereal dirge to force restless spirits to fully manifest in the Material Plane.
PFS StandardDiscern LiesU: Expertly detect lies and falsehoods.
PFS StandardDull Ambition: Curse a creature with an unfortunate lack of ambition.
PFS StandardEnervationH: Drain a creature's vigor.
PFS StandardEnhance SensesHU: You enhance the target's senses.
PFS StandardFalse NatureU: Rewrite perception and memory to make one object appear to be another
PFS LimitedFavorable ReviewHSU: You enchant a creature to ensure they have only good things to say about your show.
PFS StandardFey Form: Turn into a fey battle form.
PFS StandardFlyH: Cause the target creature to gain a fly Speed.
Forgotten LinesHRS: Restore destroyed or censored text.
PFS StandardGaseous Form: Turn a willing creature into a flying cloud.
PFS RestrictedGhostly TragedyU: Have spirits reenact a violent event.
PFS LimitedGirzanje's MarchHSU: You sing a prayer for war, inspiring valor in allies who hear your song.
PFS StandardGlibnessU: Lie with impunity.
PFS StandardGlobe of InvulnerabilityU: Magical sphere counteracts spells that would enter it.
PFS StandardHallucinatory TerrainHU: A natural environment appears to be another kind of terrain.
PFS StandardImplement of DestructionH: A single weapon fills an enemy's mind with existential dread
PFS StandardInfectious Melody: An infectious tune makes creatures sing along.
Internal InsurrectionRS: You afflict the target with the supernatural disease known as internal insurrection, causing portions of their body to rebel against the whole, leading to painful agonies and, in time, death.
PFS StandardInvisibility CurtainH: Wall makes creatures on one side invisible to the other side.
PFS StandardMagic MailboxU: Interdimensionally link two containers.
PFS StandardMercurial StrideH: Turn to quicksilver and move through creatures.
PFS StandardMirror's Misfortune: Split into two copies. Destroying the fake curses the attacker.
PFS StandardModify MemoryHU: Change or implant memories.
PFS StandardMorass of Ages: Temporal eddies make each step feel like an eternity
Necrotic RadiationHSU: You imbue the touched object or space with slow-acting necrotic radiation.
PFS StandardNightmare: Plague a creature's dreams with disturbing nightmares.
PFS StandardOcular Overload: Set a contingency to interfere with the vision of a creature attacking you.
PFS StandardOutcast's Curse: Curse a creature to be off-putting and grating.
PFS StandardPainful VibrationsH: Damage, deafen, and sicken a foe with sonic vibrations.
PFS StandardPernicious PoltergeistH: Call forth a poltergeist to make mischief.
PFS StandardPhantasmal KillerH: Place a fearsome image in a creature's mind to scare and possibly kill it.
PFS LimitedPhantasmal ProtagonistHRS: You create a phantasmal incarnation of a significant character from a novel, historical work, or religious parable.
PFS StandardPrivate SanctumU: Black fog prevents sensing, scrying, and mind-reading on anyone within.
Procyal PhilosophySU: The racoon-like visage of a sagacious procyal appears, dispensing helpful advice.
PFS StandardRavenous Portal: Door turns into a mimic when others try to open it.
PFS StandardRead OmensU: Get a piece of advice about an upcoming event.
PFS StandardRebounding BarrierHR: You swiftly raise a reflective barrier, reducing physical damage and rebounding it onto your attacker.
PFS StandardRemove Curse: Counteract a curse afflicting a creature.
PFS StandardReplicateH: Create an illusory duplicate of a creature.
PFS StandardResilient Sphere: Create a sphere of force that blocks anything that would come through.
PFS StandardRope TrickU: Animate a rope that rises to an extradimensional hiding place.
PFS LimitedSage's CurseSU: You afflict the target with a curse that fills its mind with distracting and hyperspecialized minutiae, causing it to second-guess even simple facts.
PFS StandardSanguine MistH: Create a cloud of life-draining fog that siphons vitality into you.
PFS StandardSeal FateH: Curse a creature to be harmed by a certain type of damage.
PFS StandardSoft Landing: Create a magical field that catches falling creatures and objects
PFS StandardSpell Immunity: Name a spell to negate its effects on you.
PFS LimitedSpiritual AnamnesisSU: Overwhelm a target with memories of a past life.
PFS StandardSpiritual AttunementHU: Attune to an aligned plane to protect yourself and harm creatures opposed to that plane.
Steal VoiceSU: You steal a creature's voice, rendering them mute.
PFS StandardSuggestionH: Suggest a course of action a creature must follow.
PFS StandardTalking CorpseU: Have a corpse answer three questions.
PFS StandardTelepathyH: Communicate telepathically with any creatures near you.
PFS StandardTortoise and the Hare: Quicken an ally and slow a foe.
PFS StandardUmbral Graft: Attempt to steal an active spell.
PFS StandardVampiric MaidenH: A ghostly iron maiden harms a creature and transfers its vitality to you.
PFS StandardVariable GravityH: Adjust gravity's grip between high, low, and normal gravity.
PFS StandardVeilH: Disguise many creatures as other creatures.
PFS LimitedVision of BeautyHRS: You create a phantasmal image of the most beautiful creature imaginable to the target at a location somewhere within the spell's range.
PFS StandardWinning Streak: Quicken a target and make its critical hits spread the quickness.

Occult 5th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAberrant FormH: Transform into an aberration battle form.
PFS StandardAbyssal Plague: Inflict a draining curse.
PFS LimitedBandit's DoomH: Set up a ward to protect an item.
PFS StandardBanishmentH: Send a creature back to its home plane.
PFS StandardBelittling BoastHU: You boast about your skills or combat prowess, bolstering your own abilities and belittling your opponents.
PFS StandardBlack Tentacles: Tentacles in an area grab creatures.
Blind EyeSU: You enchant a single object, preventing it from being used for magical observation.
PFS StandardBlinding FoamHU: You spray a colorful, caustic foam into the target's eyes, which clings to their face.
PFS StandardBlink ChargeH: Teleport and attack with magical force.
PFS StandardBlisterH: Grow large blisters on a creature and pop them to spray acid.
PFS LimitedBlood FeastHSU: Your head splits vertically into an enormous maw, which feasts upon the target's blood.
PFS StandardChromatic WallH: A wall of light offers a unique protection based on its color.
PFS StandardCloak of Colors: Bright colors dazzle creatures near the target, and attacks cause blinding flashes of light.
PFS StandardCrushing DespairH: Make a creature sob uncontrollably.
PFS StandardDeath Ward: Protect a creature against negative energy.
PFS LimitedDreaming Potential: The target retrains in its dreams.
PFS LimitedEctoplasmic ExpulsionSU: You call upon tendrils of ephemeral ectoplasm to pass through the target and carry away a harmful psychic affliction.
PFS StandardEtheric ShardsH: Fill an area with glittering blades of force
PFS StandardFalse VisionU: Trick a scrying spell.
PFS StandardFlame DancerH: Encircle a creature in flames to inflame its strikes and give it an intimidating dance.
PFS StandardFlames of Ego: Light up a creature and make it fascinated with itself.
PFS StandardForceful HandH: Create a hand of force that can interpose to defend you or attack if heightened.
PFS LimitedGlimmer of Charm: Briefly improve the attitude of nearby creatures with a charming aura.
PFS StandardHallucinationH: A creature believes one thing is another, can’t detect something, or sees something that’s not really there.
PFS StandardIllusory SceneH: Create an imaginary scene containing multiple creatures and objects.
PFS StandardInevitable DisasterH: Twist fate to damage a foe in the near future.
PFS LimitedInfectious ComedySU: You tell a magical joke and infect a target with laughter that spreads to those nearby.
PFS StandardInvoke SpiritsH: Call a group of ghostly apparitions to attack your foes.
PFS StandardMariner's Curse: Infect a creature with the curse of the rolling sea.
PFS StandardMind ProbeU: Uncover knowledge and memories in a creature's mind.
PFS LimitedMirecloakSU: You wrap the targeted creatures in thin, sickly green shrouds that sap information from attackers.
PFS StandardMirror MalefactorsH: Mirrors surround a target, and the reflections attack them repeatedly.
PFS StandardPortrait of the Artist: Appear to have the features and skills of a famous artist.
PFS StandardPrying Eye: An invisible eye transmits what it sees to you.
PFS StandardQuicken Time: Accelerate time in a nearby area
PFS StandardRallying BannerU: You create an illusory banner representing a revolution, social movement, or organization such as the Firebrands.
Ravening MawHSU: You evoke Zevgavizeb’s unceasing hunger and inflict it upon your target.
PFS StandardRepelling PulseH: Telekinetically knock creatures back and damage them with force.
Return BeaconHSU: You create a unique planar beacon somewhere within the spell's range that remains in place.
PFS StandardRewinding StepH: Anchor your location in time so you can quickly return.
PFS StandardRip the SpiritH: Tear at a living creature's spirit with negative energy to damage and drain it.
Ritual ObstructionSU: You establish a zone of magical feedback that makes it impossible to succeed at rituals of this spell's level or lower in the area.
PFS StandardScouring PulseHU: You inundate the area with concentrated positive energy, which scours away the stain of undeath.
PFS StandardSecret Chest: Hide a container on the Ethereal Plane.
PFS StandardSending: Send a mental message to a creature anywhere on the planet and get a reply.
PFS StandardShadow BlastH: Shape a cone of shadow to deal damage of a type you choose.
PFS StandardShadow Siphon: React to lessen the damage from an enemy's spell by making it partially illusion.
PFS StandardShadow WalkU: Travel rapidly via the Shadow Plane.
PFS LimitedSoulshelter VesselHSU: You connect the spirit of the target creature with the target object, giving their spirit a durable vessel that protects and empowers their body.
Spiritual TorrentHSU: You release your spiritual essence in a torrential blast of energy, dealing 10d6 damage.
PFS StandardStagnate Time: Decelerate time in a nearby area
PFS StandardStrange Geometry: Confoundingly warp spatial geometry, making passage difficult and destinations unpredictable.
PFS StandardSubconscious SuggestionH: Plant a mental suggestion that must be followed when a trigger occurs.
PFS StandardSummon EntityH: Conjure an aberration to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSynaptic Pulse: Slow creatures with a mental blast.
PFS StandardSynesthesiaH: Rewire a creature's senses.
PFS StandardTelekinetic Haul: Move a large object.
PFS StandardTelepathic BondU: Link minds with willing creatures to communicate telepathically at great distances.
PFS StandardTemporary Glyph: Quickly scribe a short-lived glyph to blast foes.
PFS StandardTonguesHU: Let a creature understand and speak all languages.
PFS StandardWall of Flesh: Spawn a wall of living flesh.
PFS StandardWisdom of the WindsU: Ask air spirits for guidance.

Occult 6th-Level Spells

Aura of the UnremarkableSU: You and allies in the area appear to be completely innocuous to other creatures within the spell's area, regardless of the actions you're committing.
PFS StandardAwaken EntropyH: Age creatures and objects to dust
PFS StandardBlanket of Stars: A cloak of darkness hides you in the dark and dazzles those who get too close.
PFS StandardBlinding Fury: Curse a creature that attacks you, making its victims become invisible to it.
Bound in DeathHSU: You tether another creature's spirit to your own, shunting part of the damage dealt to you onto one of your foes.
PFS StandardCast into TimeH: Make a creature fall through time, damaging and sickening it.
PFS LimitedCatch Your NameR: You learn a private name (but not the true name) of the creature who spoke your name, as well as their precise location, unless they succeed at a Will save to negate the effect.
PFS StandardChromatic Image: Colorful mirror images damage foes who destroy them.
PFS StandardCollective TranspositionH: Teleport up to two creatures to new positions near you.
PFS StandardDominateHU: A creature must obey your orders.
PFS StandardFeeblemind: Stupefy a creature permanently.
Hag's FruitSU: You imbue a single piece of fruit with a curse that leaves its victims in a magical sleep.
Heinous FutureU: You hold up fractured mirror to the target, and in that mirror it sees a thing that may yet come to pass.
PFS StandardLure DreamR: You reach out to the dream realm, beckoning an animate dream to your side.
PFS StandardMislead: Turn invisible and create a duplicate of yourself who acts like you.
PFS StandardPhantasmal CalamityH: Damage a creature mentally with visions of an apocalypse.
PFS StandardPhantom OrchestraH: An invisible orchestra damages with bursts of sound.
PFS StandardPoltergeist's FuryH: Become the center of a storm of telekinetic fury
Ravenous DarknessSU: You create a shroud of magical darkness that feeds on those inside it.
PFS StandardRepulsion: Prevent creatures from approaching you.
PFS StandardScintillating SafeguardH: Reactively protect multiple creatures from harm with a magic barrier.
PFS StandardScryingU: Spy on a creature.
PFS StandardSpellwrack: Curse a creature to be harmed when a spell is cast on it and lower the duration of its spells.
PFS StandardSpirit BlastH: Damage a creature's spiritual essence.
PFS StandardSuspended RetributionH: See disaster in the future that strikes when the target takes a specific action
PFS StandardTeleportHU: Transport you and willing creatures a great distance.
PFS LimitedTemporal WardHRS: You ward a target doorway or container with a temporal trap that rewinds the personal timeline of creatures trying to open it.
PFS StandardTrue Seeing: See through illusions and transmutations.
PFS StandardUnexpected Transposition: React to switch places with a creature.
PFS StandardVampiric ExsanguinationH: Draw blood and life force from creatures in a cone.
PFS StandardVibrant Pattern: Make a pattern of lights that dazzles and blinds.
PFS StandardWall of ForceH: Create an invisible and durable wall of magical force.
PFS LimitedWord of RevisionHRS: As all good writers know, you shouldn't kill off your protagonist before their story is complete.
PFS StandardZealous ConvictionH: Instill unshakable conviction and zeal in willing creatures.
PFS StandardZero GravityU: Remove gravity in an area.

Occult 7th-Level Spells

Blightburn BlastSU: Inflict a creature with blightburn sickness.
PFS LimitedCurse of the Spirit OrchestraSU: You summon an invisible, insubstantial group of extraplanar musicians who follow the target and play distracting music to hinder its actions.
PFS StandardDimensional LockU: Prevent teleportation and planar travel.
PFS StandardDuplicate FoeH: Create a temporary duplicate of an enemy that fights for you.
PFS StandardEnergy AegisH: A creature gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
PFS StandardEthereal JauntHU: Use the Ethereal Plane to move through objects and into the air.
PFS StandardForce Cage: Form a prison of pure magical force.
PFS StandardInexhaustible Cynicism: Make creatures paranoid and cynical.
PFS LimitedLeng StingSU: You use the power of nightmares to magically replicate the venomous attack of the aberrant and cunning Leng spiders.
PFS StandardMagnificent MansionU: Conjure a secure dwelling in a demiplane.
PFS StandardMask of TerrorH: A creature’s fearsome illusory appearance frightens observers.
Maze of Locked DoorsSU: The target of your spell is drawn into a long, twisting, extradimensional hallway.
PFS StandardMomentary Recovery: Take some simple actions in the same instant that you teleport
PFS StandardPlane ShiftU: Transport creatures to another plane of existence.
PFS StandardPossessionHU: Send your mind and soul into another creature’s body.
PFS StandardPrismatic ArmorH: Multicolored armor dazzles foes and protects against many damage types.
PFS StandardPrismatic Spray: Shoot rainbow beams that have various effects on creatures in a cone.
PFS StandardProject ImageH: Make an illusion of yourself you can cast spells through.
PFS StandardRetrocognitionH: Sense impressions of past events at your location.
PFS LimitedReturn to EssenceHRS: You unravel the magic of a spell that affects a container, door, or lock, converting it into energy you can repurpose to power your own spells.
PFS StandardReverse GravityU: Flip the gravitational pull in an area.
PFS StandardShadow RaidH: A swarm of illusory shadows damages foes in the area and provides concealment.
PFS StandardShock to the SystemH: Lightning revives and revitalizes.
PFS StandardTelekinetic BombardmentH: Hurl large objects with your mind
PFS StandardTempest of Shades: Summon an incarnate tornado of undead shades to drain and frighten foes.
PFS LimitedTime Beacon: You create a beacon in time, intending to return to it if things go wrong.
PFS StandardTrue Target: You delve into the possible futures of the next few seconds to understand all the ways your foe might avoid harm.
PFS StandardVisions of DangerH: Create a vision of horrid, swarming creatures that causes mental damage.
PFS StandardWarp Mind: Confuse a creature, possibly permanently.

Occult 8th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAntimagic FieldR: Magic doesn't function in an area around you.
PFS StandardCanticle of Everlasting Grief: Mournful dirge frightens and mentally damages a foe, preventing its bonuses.
PFS LimitedDevour LifeHSU: You attempt to utterly consume the target's life force.
PFS StandardDisappearance: Make a creature invisible, silent, and undetectable by any and all senses.
PFS StandardDiscern LocationU: Discover a target's exact location within unlimited range.
PFS StandardDream Council: Communicate through a shared dream.
PFS StandardFalling Sky: Telekinetically smash flying creatures to the ground
PFS StandardHypnopompic TerrorsR: You send a wave of nightmarish visions crashing over your targets, leaving them paralyzed by fear.
PFS StandardMaze: Trap a creature in an extradimensional maze.
PFS StandardMind BlankU: Protect a creature from mental magic and some divinations.
PFS StandardPrismatic Wall: Form a protective wall with seven chromatic layers.
PFS LimitedPrying SurveyHSU: You create eight invisible, floating eyes, each about 3 inches in diameter, that scan the area around you, transmitting rough impressions of the environment.
PFS StandardScintillating Pattern: Cause an array of color that dazzles, confuses, and stuns.
PFS StandardSpirit SongH: Sing an eldritch song that damages any creature that has a spirit.
PFS StandardSpiritual Epidemic: Weaken a target with a communicable curse.
PFS StandardSummon IriiR: Summon a guardian from the Dimension of Time to enforce either immutability or possibility
PFS StandardUncontrollable Dance: Overcome a target with an all-consuming urge to dance.
PFS LimitedUndermine RealitySU: You lash a target with tendrils of shadow that steal some of its substance, making it quasi-real.
PFS StandardUnrelenting Observation: You and other creatures use scrying to track a subject exactly.

Occult 9th-Level Spells

PFS LimitedAstral LabyrinthHSU: You connect the entire area with an invisible maze of astral energy that interferes with dimensional and mental magic.
PFS StandardBilocation: Exist in two places at once
PFS StandardBind SoulU: Imprison a dead creature's soul.
Call FluxwraithR: You break a mirror and cast the shards into the air.
Divinity LeechRS: You disrupt the connection between a divine caster or deific servitor and their deity, blocking their use of divine power.
PFS StandardForesight: Sense when a creature is in danger and react to protect it with good fortune.
PFS StandardOverwhelming Presence: Take on the majesty of a god.
Prismatic ShieldRS: Shield-sized shards of multicolored light manifest in the air around you, each rotating quickly to intercept attacks.
PFS StandardPrismatic Sphere: Form a protective sphere composed of seven chromatic layers.
PFS StandardProliferating Eyes: You implant a contagious, scrying eye that spreads to others by touch.
PFS StandardResplendent Mansion: Conjure a mansion that lasts for a day.
PFS StandardSummon Ancient FleshforgedR: You summon an ancient Fleshforged, one of Nex's personal weaponized monstrosities unleashed in the first wars against Geb.
PFS StandardTelepathic Demand: Send a mental message that impels a creature toward a course of action.
UndertakerRS: You point your finger toward the target and whisper an epitaph that promises to grace their gravestone in the near future.
PFS StandardUnfathomable Song: Song debilitates creatures in weird ways.
PFS StandardUnspeakable Shadow: Transform a creature's shadow into a frightening monster and make them flee or fight it.
PFS StandardVoracious GestaltH: Create a spirit gestalt that eats souls and grows stronger.
PFS StandardWail of the Banshee: Scream, dealing damage and draining creatures.
PFS StandardWeird: Frighten, deal mental damage, and possibly kill large numbers of creatures.

Occult 10th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAlter Reality: Warp reality to duplicate occult spells.
PFS StandardFabricated Truth: Make creatures believe something is fact.
PFS StandardFated Confrontation: Isolate two fated opponents and let them twist each other's fate.
PFS StandardGateU: Tear open a portal to another plane.
PFS StandardIndestructibility: Become briefly immune to everything.
PFS LimitedNullify: React to automatically counteract a spell and take backlash damage.
PFS StandardRemakeU: Recreate a destroyed object.
PFS StandardShadow Army: Duplicate yourself to have your shadows fight enemies as you hide amongst them.
PFS StandardTime Stop: Briefly stop time for everything but you.